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History In The Making: SpaceX Just Completed The First Step Towards Colonizing Mars In Our Lifetime

NASA has been dealing with continued assaults on its budget for decades. With increased tightening of those purse strings (just this year, another $300 million were cut from its Earth science program alone, largely as a deliberate snub to its climate change investigations), the field of space exploration has opened up to private companies. Last night, one of those companies achieved a miracle.

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Photo Of The Day: The Very First Basketball Game Was Played 124 Years Ago Today

James Naismith Basketball Og

James Naismith with his basketball. Image Source: YouTube

Over the years, basketball has become an international phenomenon, with over 300 million people playing the sport worldwide. Its beginnings—124 years ago to this very day—were much more humble.

On December 21st, 1891, 18 men at the School for Christian Workers (today Springfield College in Massachusetts) gathered to play a game called basketball, invented by Dr. James Naismith after the school’s head asked Naismith to create an indoor game that would distract otherwise confined students during a rough New England winter.

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These Stunning Christmas Lights From Around The World Will Cheer Up Even The Biggest Grinch

Christmas carols have been blaring from stores 24/7 since the day after Thanksgiving, so it’s not surprising that some of us feel done with Christmas weeks before the big day actually arrives. But if you’re not ready to succumb to Scrooge-like misanthropy just yet, get yourself in the holiday spirit with these dazzling photos of Christmas lights from around the world:

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Germany Lights

A stunning glimpse of the weihnachtsmarkt (or "winter market") in Bochum, Germany. Image Source: Instagram

Carnaby Street In London

London's Carnaby Street, the world's number one fashion destination in the 1960s, still knows how to look good at Christmas. Image Source: Instagram

Christmas Lights Milan Mall

A predictably stylish display lights up the interior of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall in Milan. Image Source: Instagram

Romanian Xmas Tree

The Piata Sfatului—also known as Council Square—in Brasov, Romania. Image Source: Instagram

Dyker Heights

Brooklyn's Dyker Heights neighborhood is legendary for its over-the-top Christmas lights, and in recent years has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Image Source: Instagram

Dyker Heights Xmas Lights

Another Dyker Heights Christmas celebration spills into the front yard. Image Source: Instagram

Dyker Heights Brooklyn

Dyker Heights may be the Christmas lights capital of the world. Image Source: Instagram

More Dyker Heights

For Dyker Heights, this is a fairly restrained example of yuletide decorating. Image Source: Instagram

Glasgow Scotland GOMA

Glasgow, Scotland's Gallery of Modern Art (known locally as GOMA) outshines many of its exhibits each winter. Image Source: Instagram

Antwerp Xmas

An illuminated Christmas market in Antwerp, Belgium. Image Source: Instagram

Antwerp Belgium Xmas

Another beautiful sight to be found in Antwerp. Image Source: Instagram

Stockholm Lights

In Stockholm, Sweden, giant reindeer tower over the surrounding Christmas trees. Image Source: Instagram

Portland Tree

Even the rain-swept streets of Portland, Oregon look festive this time of year. Image Source: Instagram

Oxford Street Taxis

On London's Oxford Street, somehow even the taxis look festive. Image Source: Instagram

Oxford Street

Another angle of Oxford Street. Image Source: Instagram

Edinburgh At Christmas

Edinburgh, Scotland, all lit up for the holidays. Image Source: Instagram

Denmark Lights

Danish department store Salling knows what people really want for Christmas: Lots and lots (and lots) of lights. Image Source: Instagram

Geneva Lights

A festive light shower falls upon Geneva, Switzerland. Image Source: Instagram

Rome Christmas Lights

The lights on this street in Rome, Italy look stunning even before the sun fully sets. Image Source: Instagram

Tie Fighter Christmas

Even the dark side of the Force gets some love from the residents of Munnsville, NY. Image Source: Instagram

Radio City Music Hall

The home of the Rockettes, New York's Radio City Music Hall looks appropriately stunning. Image Source: Instagram

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