The 3 Worst Jobs In The World

March 18, 2014

It’s a tough market out there for the job seeker. Few places are hiring, and the ones that are usually don’t pay what we’d like. The general consensus is that if you’re lucky enough to have a job, well, you’re lucky enough. For all of that, people still complain about their work every day. In fact, it’s probably the first thing you do when you get home in the evening. If you’re feeling down on your chosen career path, or if you’re just looking for a little pick-me-up by way of negative object lesson, here are the three worst jobs people are doing right now. And yes, they’re hiring.

Worst Jobs: Personal Assistant

Worst Jobs Personal Assistant

Source: Flickr

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Supernovae: One Of The World’s Most Energetic Occurrences

March 17, 2014
Colorful Supernovae Remnant

Source: Wikipedia

Few sights are more phenomenal than a supernova. These flashes of brilliant light mark the explosion of a dying star. Supernovae are so brilliant that they can radiate as much energy as the sun will in its entire life, and can easily outshine whole galaxies for brief periods of time. Eventually, over a period of weeks or months, the brilliant supernova will fade from the sky. The images shown here represent different stages in a supernova’s lifecycle.

Young Galactic Remnant

Source: SciTechDaily

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Berndnaut Smilde’s Incredible Indoor Clouds

March 17, 2014

Imagine working numerous hours to accumulate the perfect combination of both moisture and dust. Eventually, a faint white fog forms, and you snap a photo of the pale indoor cloud. Moments later, the formation is gone, and you’re left in an empty room. Although meticulous and drawn out, this is life for Berndnaut Smilde, the brilliant artist who is well known for his stunning indoor cloud formations.

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