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This Ancient Chinese Stone Forest Will Take You By Surprise

There is an ancient forest in southern China where thousands of limestone rock formations press upward from the earth. Trees dot the stone landscape, adding bursts of greenery to an otherwise grey scene. Located about 50 miles from Kunming, the provincial capital of the Yunnan Province, China’s Stone Forest remains one of the country’s most visited locations–and it’s not hard to see why.

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Your World This Week, Volume X

Flooding In New Orleans The Day After Hurricane Katrina Struck The Area.

Flooding in New Orleans the day after hurricane Katrina struck the area. Image Source: Neon Sky Manage

Ten Years After Katrina, Is New Orleans On Its Way To Becoming Atlantis?

Ten years ago this month, Hurricane Katrina tore through one of the South’s premiere cities–New Orleans–killing thousands and racking up an astonishing $60 billion tab.

A decade later, what’s in store for the Gulf city? Could it be that the very infrastructure and storm protection systems the city is putting in motion are changing natural topography in such a way that renders the area even more vulnerable to future floods? Is it true that levees are actually sinking the city, to the point that it might one day disappear? It might seem counterintuitive, but that is what some experts are predicting. Read more at The Guardian.

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The Future Is Now: Cyborgs Among Us

real life cyborgs sullivan checkup

Source: Anne Ryan

Once upon a time, Cyborgs only existed in the imaginaries created by our favorite science fiction writers and directors. That can no longer be said today. Indeed, sophisticated part-human, part-machine configurations are no longer confined to the page or film reel: they’re here now.

While real-life “cyborgs” are admittedly rare, we can only anticipate that over time technological enhancements will become more commonplace. Without further ado, here are some of the “cyborgs” living today and those pioneering the movement.

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