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Your World This Week, Volume XVIII

Syria Aleppo

Syrian troops have gone on the attack this month, taking advantage of Russian air strikes, writes the BBC. Image Source: Associated Foreign Press

70,000 Syrians Flee Government Offensive In Rebel-Held Areas, Activists Say

As the Syrian conflict forges onward — now with Russian air support — thousands more are fleeing.

Over the weekend, Dr. Zaidoun al-Zoabi, head of the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations, told the BBC that several villages he visited in Aleppo were empty.

The vacant villages come after a series of government offensives, aided by Russia, occurred in the past two weeks. Since the conflict’s start, Aleppo has generally been divided between rebel factions and government supporters, the BBC reported. As of late, however, ISIS members have made incursions into the once-commercial hub.

A mere 30 miles from the Syrian border with Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu warned that this offensive could cause “another wave of refugees,” the BBC noted.

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Man Dies Mid-Flight After Biting A Passenger

Plane Man Bites Man

A plane made an emergency landing in Cork after a man bit another man and had to be restrained. Image Source: Daily Mail

There’s a newspaper industry saying that goes, “‘Dog Bites Man’ isn’t news, but ‘Man Bites Dog’ is.” So what about when “man bites man?”

Aer Lingus Flight El 485 was en route to Dublin from Lisbon on Sunday night when a 24-year-old passenger “ran amok” and bit another passenger, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing and send the remaining passengers on their way to the Irish capital by bus, officials said.

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Graph Of The Day: The Speed Of Social Change In America

Pace Of Social Change

The graph above illustrates both how quickly both state and federal governments have legally adopted various social changes throughout American history. Image Source: Bloomberg

Social change is not only inevitable, it generally follows the same pattern. Throughout American history, first, a couple of enterprising states change their state law and policy. Then, either the courts or popular opinion across the nation causes other states to quickly follow suit until, finally, the federal law changes.

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