An Astonishing Map Of US Economic Activity

March 16, 2014

US Economic Activity Map

The economic activity New York City conducts in a day is what many other cities see in a year. The country’s biggest economic region and the world’s second largest city economy outside of Tokyo, as of 2010 the city had a gross metropolitan product of $1.28 trillion.

Chineasy, Breaking Down The Great Wall Of Language

March 16, 2014

Source: Chineasy

Whether we’re on vacation or venturing to far flung islands in search of adventure and cultural enlightenment, language barriers can put more of a damper on a trip than inclement weather. To many who use Latin-based alphabets in their daily linguistic exchanges, the Chinese language often presents itself as a formidable challenge. Recognizing that, one pioneering London-based language teacher is attempting to, as she puts it, break down the great wall of language that divides the East and West.


Source: Chineasy


Source: Chineasy

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The Science Of Spiciness

March 15, 2014

Rose Eveleth explains the history and science behind spicy foods, and why Sriracha sauce is heaven for some and gustatory hell for others.