10 Fast Food Fiascos

Fast Food Black Burgers

Source: Bustle

Sometimes fast food in all its greasy, sodium-laden goodness can seem like a blessing from the heavens, but the truth is that for just about every divine combo comes a less-than savory snack item. Some of these misfires could’ve possibly gained footing if they’d stayed around, but others were just too absurd to entertain. Remember, the same chain that brought us the glorious chicken McNugget also thought the Japanese “all black cheeseburger” was a move of marketing genius.

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Peak Walk Suspension Bridge Is First Of Its Kind

Peak Walk Bridge

Source: Daily Mail

A trip across the world’s first peak-to-peak suspension bridge is by no means for the faint of heart. Strung up to connect Glacier 3000 to the Scex Rouge, the Peak Walk by Tissot stands 9,800 feet above sea level. Located in the Swiss Alps, the 351 foot-long walkway gives visitors a view of 24 surrounding peaks, including the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Jungfrau mountains.

Check out the dizzying views from the 31-inch wide bridge in this video clip:

Suspension Bridge over Peaks

Source: IB Times

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Artist Makes Stunning Paintings With…Fire

While fire is most often associated with destruction, artist Steve Spazuk reveals that it also has the capacity to be incredibly productive.

Paris Catacombs: Tunnels Of Death In The City Of Light

Paris Catacombs Wall

Source: ASA 100

Millions of people travel to Paris every year. It has some of the most recognizable landmarks and tourist attractions in the world. However, few of them make the time to visit the city of light’s dark corners: the catacombs. Housing some of the largest ossuaries in the world, if you ever find yourself in Paris, make sure to visit the City of the Dead resting right beneath your feet.

Paris Catacombs Entrance

A rather unassuming entrance…Source: Wikipedia

So what is it? An ossuary is a site used as a final resting place for skeletal remains. Sometimes these can be just a box or a room or, as is the case with Paris, an entire underground lair. Down in the catacombs, you will find the skulls and other bones from over six million people.

Paris Catacombs Three Skulls

Just three random skulls. About six million more where they came from. Source: Blogspot

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