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Then And Now: See What The World’s Most Densely Populated City Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Old Manila

Calle Escolta, Manila, Philippines in 1878. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here in the United States, we often use New York City as our paradigm of extraordinary population density. Indeed, the city proper and some surrounding municipalities hold nine of the top ten spots for most densely populated places in America, and the city itself contains over 27,000 people per square mile. But that’s just a quarter of the density of the most crowded city on Earth: Manila, Philippines.

However, Manila wasn’t always so densely packed. When the photo above was taken, in 1878, Calle Escolta (the street pictured above) was the primary commercial thoroughfare in not just all of old Manila, but in all of the Philippines.

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Newly Discovered Galaxies May Shed Light On Mysterious Gravitational Force Sucking Earth In

Hidden Galaxies

An annotated artist’s impression showing radio waves traveling from the new galaxies, then passing through the Milky Way and arriving at the Parkes radio telescope on Earth (not to scale). Image Source: International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

Hundreds of secret galaxies hiding in the Zone of Avoidance behind the Milky Way, all helping to reveal the mysteries of The Great Attractor, an enigmatic gravitational force with the pull of a million billion Suns. It sounds like the plot of an old fashioned Marvel comic book, but, according to a new breakthrough study, all of it — right down to the nomenclature — is pure fact.

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‘Til Death Do They Part: The Five Most Gruesome Serial Killer Couples

From killing for money to twisted abuse and psychopathy, each of these serial killer couples will make you sick to your stomach.

Serial Killers

As well as being illegal and morally repugnant, committing murder is risky. The chance of getting caught is high enough when only one person does it; adding a second perpetrator only heightens the potential for error, and thus the likelihood of imprisonment.

Since spouses in the United States and Canada can’t be forced to testify against one another, enlisting your betrothed might seem like a smart move, but as these infamous and horrifying serial killer couples show, things can and still do end badly…

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