What We Loved This Week, May 22 – 28

Surprisingly beautiful insect photography, Japan’s gorgeously bizarre costumery, charming vintage summer photos, Yellowstone’s rainbow hot spring, and Hong Kong’s tiny cage homes.

Rainbow Hot Spring Aerial

Charles O’Rear/Corbis via Smithsonian

Gorgeous Photos Of Yellowstone’s Famous Rainbow Hot Spring

Rainbow Hot Spring

Solent News/Splash News/Corbis via Smithsonian

Ferdinand Hayden, the man who named Yellowstone’s incredible Grand Prismatic Spring (“Rainbow Hot Springs”) once wrote:

Nothing ever conceived by human art could equal the peculiar vividness and delicacy of color of these remarkable prismatic springs. Life becomes a privilege and a blessing after one has seen and thoroughly felt these incomparable types of nature’s cunning skill.

And what exactly accounts for nature’s cunning skill; what makes these springs so colorful? Massive amounts of several kinds of heat-loving bacteria that interact with sunlight in various ways.

See and learn more at Smithsonian.

Hot Spring Yellowstone

JIM URQUHART/Reuters/Corbis via Smithsonian

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Indonesia Approves Chemical Castration, Death Penalty For Sex Offenders Targeting Children

Chemical Castration Indonesia Pedophiles

Indonesian policemen escort teenage suspects prior to their trial in Curup, Bengkulu province on May 10, 2016. Seven Indonesian teenagers were jailed on May 10 for the brutal murder and gang rape of a 14-year-old girl that sparked a national debate on sexual violence. DIVA MARHA/AFP/Getty Images

Indonesia just approved a severe new batch of punishments for sex offenders who target children, including chemical castration and death.

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