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Everything You Need To Know About Surrogacy

Surrogacy India

Indian “baby factories” have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Source: Al Jazeera

Considering how perpetually en vogue it is to create and uphold laws about what women can and cannot do with their bodies, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in some parts of the world, surrogacy is illegal. In case you’re unfamiliar, surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby to term that is not intended to be her own. A woman who cannot have children may seek a willing surrogate into whom she might have her own eggs and her partner’s sperm implanted. Essentially, a surrogate functions as an incubator.

Based on the type of surrogacy and the terms of the agreement, though, the surrogate’s own eggs may be used in the pregnancy — which complicates the idea that the baby isn’t really hers. We explore the legal and political tangle that is surrogacy below:

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These Dancers Put Your Daily Routine To Shame

Dancers have been drawn, painted, and photographed for as long as they have been around. But just what do they look like when not moving for an audience?

David Perkins presents an answer. The photographer has been snapping shots of dancers for more than a decade, but somewhere along the line found that his job had become less of an opportunity and more like work. The inevitable expenses and hassles of finding studios, lighting, and hair and makeup artists for a shoot had taken their toll. That’s when Perkins decided to photograph dancers in their natural element.

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Photo Of The Day: Traditional Dress Code For Unmarried Hamar Woman

Hamar Portrait Ethiopia

Image Source: National Geographic

The Hamar people, a tribe inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia, are recognized for their traditional leaping ceremony (bull-jumping) and are considered to be “masters” of body decoration. Men and women take pride in not only scarification, a tribal ritual that involves creating scars which represent courage and loyalty, but dress and accessories.

The traditional dress code for unmarried Hamar women includes elegant cowrie-shell collars, seeded or glass-beaded necklaces, and decorated goatskin clothing. The attire also represents women’s parentage and dowry to potential suitors.

Banksy Blasts Hollywood, Disney In Latest Prank Installation, “Dismaland”

This isn’t Mickey’s park.

Dismaland, street artist Banksy’s most recent and most elaborate endeavor, contains everything you’d expect to find at an ordinary theme park—a ferris wheel, fair games, rides, and colorful attractions—and yet manages to circumvent any and all semblances of happiness.

Banksy’s theme park opened Saturday, August 22 at a seaside swimming resort in Weston-super-Mare, England. Guests start their Dismaland experience by walking through a security room designed by artist Bill Barminski. Featuring stark white walls and furniture outlined in thick black lines, the space simultaneously conjures images of hospitals and cartoon sets. Once inside the park, apocalyptic attractions—such as a dilapidated castle—and dark art abound.

Bill Barminskyi

Designed by Bill Barminski, the park’s entrance evokes a cartoonish vibe. Source: Huffington Post

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