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Graph Of The Day: See Your State’s Economy Compared To That Of A Foreign Country

Countries Gdp To States

Image Source: HowMuch

Among the world’s 196 countries, the United States has the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fact, most U.S. states’ own economies are comparable to those of other countries.

For example, California’s economic output is equivalent to that of Brazil, which has the eighth largest economy in the world. Texas’ economic output is equivalent to Canada’s, the tenth largest in the world. Each of these large (both in population and land mass) states have multiple cities with astounding GDPs of their own, but they aren’t the only ones who can stand toe-to-toe with entire countries. Even the smaller states, like North Dakota and Vermont, have economies equivalent in size to well-established countries around the world.

This map of the United States uses national GDP data from the International Monetary Fund and state data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to visually convey just how large each state’s GDP is compared to the nations of the world.

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31 Hunger Games Facts You Need To Know Before Seeing Mockingjay Part 2

This is it: the final showdown. Today, The Hunger Games saga will reach its climactic end with the release of its final film installment, Mockingjay Part 2. Over the past seven years, The Hunger Games novel series has sold over 65 million copies in the U.S. alone, with all three books topping the New York Times bestseller list. Likewise, the three films have grossed over $2 billion combined, all topping the box office charts. Here are 31 fascinating behind-the-scenes facts to sate even the biggest fans’ appetites.

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What We Loved This Week: How 3,000 Condoms Become Art

This week’s top stories: An art installation made of 3,000 condoms, outrageous Instagram accounts of dangerous Mexican drug lords, the badass French soldiers now heading into Syria, street art that only appears in the rain, and world-famous monuments lit up for Paris.

Rio De Janeiro Paris Lights

Christ the Redeemer statue. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Image Source: The Atlantic

The World’s Greatest Monuments Light Up For Paris

Sydney Opera House Paris Lights

Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia. Image Source: The Atlantic

Following last week’s devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, countries around the world have shown their support. Some have made official state visits. Some have pledged military aid. And a great many others have made their most impressive landmarks and monuments come alive with the blue, white, and red of the French flag. From the pyramids at Giza to Dubai’s Burj al-Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, see more at The Atlantic.

Trafalgar Square Paris Lights

Trafalgar Square. London, England. Image Source: The Atlantic

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