5 Lethal Diseases You Would Totally Mistake For The Flu

Flu season is here, and half the fun of getting sick is calling out from work and imagining how sad everybody would be at your funeral if you died. The fun stops, however, when those “flu-like symptoms” turn out to be just that—flu-like, rather than influenza itself. You see, it isn’t really the virus that’s causing all of the symptoms of “the flu,” but your own immune system going bananas in an effort to kill it. Unfortunately, your immune system goes bananas in almost the same way regardless of what’s trying to kill you, so quite a few life-threatening illnesses can easily pass through an acute phase (when they might still be treatable) and be written off as a touch of the flu.

So, this flu season, in a continuing effort to turn you into a paranoid basket case who’s afraid to go outdoors, here are five diseases that feel just like the flu, but that will totally kill you if you ignore them.

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How Consumerism Has Taken Over Our Lives

In this thought-provoking video, Gary Turk examines the implications of living in a society where markets create problems so that they can sell us solutions.

The Real Downton Abbey

Edwardian Era Fashion + The Realities of The Female Menstrual Cycle

Reality check: as any woman will tell you, your uterus doesn’t care how good you look in white. Periods are the number one way to ruin a pretty pair of panties, a nice dress or a pair of khakis. I don’t know about you, but I don’t take the luxury of black sweatpants lightly during my “monthlies” (as they were once coyly termed). What, then, was an Edwardian gal to do? Not only did they “dress for dinner” – they dressed for everything . It wasn’t uncommon for women of the aristocracy (think Lady Mary of Downton Abbey) to change into multiple dresses a day. That’s why having a lady’s maid was somewhat non-negotiable: have you ever attempted to get in and out of a corset on your own? Me neither, but it doesn’t look pleasant.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Portrait

The world would be very different today if this guy was good at milking cows Source: Weapon 7

Regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time, Isaac Newton’s contributions to the field of physics are unparalleled. His book, the Principia Mathematica, is still one of the most important and relevant scientific works in history, even now, 300 years after it was first published. Even so, Isaac Newton was more than just the work he produced; he was a man with many dimensions and eccentricities.

1. One genius dies, another one is born. Isaac Newton was born in 1642, the same year that Galileo Galilei died.

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