An Innovative New Way To Create 3D Graphics

The future is here, and it looks a lot like Marty McFly’s headset in Back To The Future 2. In the unbelievable video above, designers and programmers from VRClay have figured out a way to use computer joysticks and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to create 3D models in real time. Instead of using a mouse and a screen, this intuitive solution allows the user to manipulate a 3D object with their hands, just as they would a piece of clay.

If you thought that was interesting, you’ll be amazed that these objects were created with a 3D printer!

Source: VRClay

The Search for Cervantes’ Bones

Cervantes Bones Skeleton Rider

The skeleton of Don Quixote as depicted by José Guadalupe Posada. Source: Library of Congress

It was supposed to be the end of a quest. 399 years after Miguel de Cervantes died, researchers in Madrid announced this March that they had found the author’s remains in an unmarked crypt. But perhaps fittingly for the creator of The Ingenious Don Quixote de la Mancha, this final chapter of Cervantes’ odyssey has spun out a dozen new side-stories to explore.

Here’s the simple version: the author’s bones were where everyone always thought they had been – in the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarian Nuns in Madrid. The father of the modern novel had requested to be buried here, and old records said the nuns had granted his request. But his bones were moved during a 17th century building project, and no one knew exactly where they ended up until now.

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Micro Sculptures: Great Things Can Come In Small Sizes

Micro Sculptures Collection

Some of Dalton’s most popular pieces Source: Original Paints

If we take a look at art throughout history, it becomes quite clear that cultures around the world have associated size with value. A giant block of stone enters the studio of a talented sculptor and emerges, almost as if by magic, as a larger-than-life testament to the human form. A painter stares at his subject, and with a certain combination of small brush strokes creates a portrait so imposingly grandiose that it can only be hung in a cathedral or palace.

While floor-to-ceiling frescos and sculptures are diminishing in terms of popularity, one constant remains: as a matter of survival, artists are always looking to innovate. One of the most impressive recent trends in art is microsculpting, a practice where artists create incredibly small works of art that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye.

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Korean Refugees Flee Pyongyang During The Korean War

Flights Of Refugees Pyongyang 1950

In the winter of 1950, the United States and accompanying UN actors were on the retreat. Having been defeated during the Battle of the Ch’ongch’on due to the flood of Chinese troops entering on the North Korean side, UN forces were sent packing down the Korean peninsula, becoming the longest retreat in US military history.

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