The Student Debt Crisis As Explained By An Artist

In the face of a slowly recovering economy, average US student loan debt weighed in at around $29,400 as of 2013. Add to that un-and underemployment rates hovering at 8.5 and 16.8% respectively, and the fact that students cannot declare bankruptcy to have their loans forgiven, and the picture gets pretty grim pretty quickly. In light of this, Paloma Izquierdo has taken to film to describe how most millennials respond to such bleak prospects. If it reminds you of the story of Sisyphus, you’re understanding her point.

16 Horror Film Locations You Can Still Visit

Horror Film Locations Dawn Of Dead

The Monroeville Mall, primary location of 1978’s zombie classic Dawn of the Dead
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It should come as no surprise that some hardcore horror fans are looking to make a pilgrimage to the real-life sites of their favorite creepy films, especially around this time of year. Some of these places look much like we remember them, while others have changed significantly over time. Locations that served as a backdrop for our terror-fueled nightmares sometimes take on a different, less menacing tone when viewed out of context – like on a bright sunny day – but fans will easily be able to assimilate these places into the movie scenes in which they’re featured.

Horror Film  Locations NOTLD Chapel

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Sean Connery Golfing In 1962

Sean Connery Golfing 1962

Seen above is the one and only Sean Connery captured by surprise while en route to the golfing green. The term “paparazzo” was coined just two years prior, and in this now 52-year-old photo, we can see trace origins of the tabloid “photography” so pervasive in modern media.

Artist Opens London Corner Store That Stocks Only Felt Products

If the internet just doesn’t have enough baby animals to meet your cute quota, don’t worry: we’re about to introduce you to Lucy Sparrow, the owner of the cutest “convenience store” in the United Kingdom. Sparrow transformed the abandoned corner store into an artist’s showcase for her completely handmade felt crafts. With over 4,000 items on the shelves, it’s hard not to gush over the products. If you’re not in the market for stuffed foodstuffs, you could just wander around the shop and admire all of her handiwork, or even participate in the craft workshops she hosts.

Felt Cash Register

Don’t forget to give some change to the “felt knitted cats trust”.
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