3 Stupid Celebrity Causes That Made The World Worse

Stupid Celebrity Causes Bono

Source: CBS Local

Celebrities are in a unique position in modern society. Like the aristocracy of the past, today’s most successful actors and singers have a great deal of license in how they conduct themselves. This means that they sometimes go completely off the rails and cause a great deal of harm. Of course, any reasonable person knows that being really good at hitting C-sharp doesn’t make you an international authority on the wealth of nations, just as having a perky butt isn’t quite the same as earning a doctorate in immunology. But over the course of thousands of years, many of us have been conditioned to trust the authority of the insane baron in his castle and to turn a blind eye when the village’s maidens start disappearing in the night.

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This Big Pharma Spending Infographic Highlights One Of The Major Problems Of US Healthcare

Big Pharma Spending

You’re reading this correctly: the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies–those who are ostensibly paving the way for major health innovations–spend more to sell their products than researching ways to improve upon them. And while it’s true that Americans spend over $300 billion each year on prescription drugs, Big Pharma really pulls out the razzle dazzle for physicians. Incredibly, these drug companies spend around $24 billion a year pumping their products to healthcare professionals, usually making them sweet deals in the process. The next time your doctor recommends you a fancy (and expensive) prescription, it might be a good idea to ask them why.

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India’s Holi Festival Paints The City In An Explosion Of Color

Spring has its fair share of holidays and festivities—St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Chinese New Year—yet no event captures the vibrancy and color of the changing seasons like Holi, India’s magical “festival of color.” The Holi festival takes place each year after the full moon in March (though some regions celebrate earlier). While the event’s meaning has changed over the centuries, it is generally thought to mark the end of winter and welcome the arrival of spring.

Holi Festival in Mumbai

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Vibrant Holi Traditions

Source: Holi Fusion

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Meet Ceres, The Dwarf Planet With Giant Surprises

Meet the dwarf planet, Ceres. Its categorization has less to do with Snow White’s tiny friends and more with its gravitational impact on surrounding celestial bodies. This means that Ceres has the mass of a planet, but it hasn’t become gravitationally dominant. Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

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