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Five Of The World’s Weirdest Monuments

Apart from space travel, art is the most uniquely human creation in the world. Alone among animals, humans express themselves artistically by creating representations of themselves and the world around them. We do this with paint, clay, and – if the artist is an undergraduate in the humanities – menstrual blood.

For sheer impact, however, it’s difficult to beat monumental art. While any teenager can splatter paint on canvas and pretend she’s doing it bad on purpose, the sheer will involved in hoisting hundreds of tons of stone or bronze virtually guarantees that the artist has something important to share with the world. Some of these sculptures, though, are flat-out bizarre:

Georgia’s Stonehenge


Image Source: Julia World

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Photo Of The Day: Never-Before-Seen Image Of Billy The Kid Could Be Worth $5 Million

Billy The Kid

A detail of Billy the Kid (left) in the original tintype. Image Source: reddit

It’s not every day you’re told you can make a profit of approximately $5 million from a purchase in a junk shop. But this is just what happened to collector Randy Guijarro.

This newly discovered image of Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, is currently making its rounds on the internet, becoming just the second authenticated photo of the Wild West outlaw and possibly the most valuable.

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Our Favorite Images Of Pluto — So Far

Pluto Lefe

Pluto mosaic made from New Horizons LORRI images taken 14 July 2015 from a distance of 80,000 km. Image Source: NASA

The dwarf planet is packing some serious beauty.

Photos emerging from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft continue to amaze scientists and space enthusiasts alike, revealing more details on our solar system’s itty-bitty misfit.

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Video Of The Day: Water Looks Cooler In Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly is like that parent who brought the best bottle rockets to field day and the science fair. He knows how to catch someone’s imagination, and this time he is doing it with a floating, exploding ball of colored water filmed with NASA’s new RED Epic Dragon HD camera.

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