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The 33 Best GoPro Photos Ever Taken Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Photography used to be a painful process, with even simple portraits requiring the subject to sit still for hours. But over the years, we’ve seen monochrome turn to color, film turn to digital and, recently, drone photography become its own popular genre, while Instagram users (even the reprehensible ones) compete for hundreds of millions of fans.

Yet one cutting-edge photographic tool might beat out all others, at least when it comes to raw energy: the GoPro. The cameras are defined by a few key features: they’re sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, and mountable on any vehicle, thing, or location you can name. You’ll see that the possibilities are endless, as evidenced by the 33 best GoPro photos taken so far:

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What Would The Boston Tea Party Revolutionaries Make Of The Modern Tea Party Movement?

On the 242nd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, let’s investigate the similarities the Tea Party of today has to their historical namesake.

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One of today’s Tea Party members, in full gear. Image Source: Chris Maddaloni

Since at least 2009, American politics has been on a roller coaster ride of public demonstrations and angry shouting matches. The public face of the left’s more vocal contingent has been the Occupy movement, which has helped bring popularity to Democrats like Bernie Sanders. On the right, meanwhile, are those who identify as Tea Partiers, an equally controversial group which skews heavily to the political right.

The Tea Party movement deliberately positions itself as a modern incarnation of the Boston Tea Party of the 1770s, whose famous tea-chucking incident took place 242 years ago today. But just how close are the modern Tea Partiers to their historical role models?

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