The Man Behind Bad Luck Brian

Kyle Craven, the face of Bad Luck Brian, shares what it’s like to wake up having gone viral, which of his own memes he likes best, and the one thing he’d do differently.

Bad Luck Brian Kyle Craven

Photos courtesy of Kyle CravenLeft: The original photo of Kyle Craven used to create Bad Luck Brian memes. Right: Craven today.

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Why The Republican Party’s Founders Wouldn’t Recognize It Today

The Republican Party has been half of American politics for over 160 years now, and today’s incarnation scarcely resembles the Grand Old Party that started with an 1854 anti-slavery meeting in Wisconsin.

Gop Changes Republican Platform

The Republican Party started with a few meetings of Whigs, Abolitionists, and some disaffected Northern Democrats in the northern Midwest in 1854. They were mostly unhappy about the Whig Party’s failure to stop the spread of slavery into the Western territories and the perceived corruption of the Democratic Party. Together, they drafted an impressively forward-looking platform and started running candidates for national office. By 1860, after only four years of hard campaigning, they had elected their first president, an Abolitionist lawyer from Illinois named Abraham Lincoln.

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