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From Newsweek To Now: Journalism, Sexism And Social Media

Sexism Journalists

Female journalists in France united this May against sexism they receive from French lawmakers and PR staffers by penning an article denouncing misogynist politicians in Liberation, one of France’s most popular newspapers. Source: Femina

Columnist Jef Rouner recently “broke the internet” with a controversial piece titled “No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong.” In it, Rouner explores and ultimately tears down the notion that opinions are inherently valid–and valuable. The piece spread far and wide across the web with both positive and negative feedback, but a significant portion of disapproval came from conservative audiences who rejected his ideas on systemic racism and climate change.

More interesting than the original article was Rouner’s follow up piece, “It’s Weird How People Correct Me When They Think I’m A Woman,” which he published a week later. There, Rouner points out that many readers of the original piece incorrectly assumed he was a woman. Rouner notes that these readers employed a condescending, gendered tone in their responses. As importantly, Rouner highlights that this tone was not present from readers who correctly identified him as a male, and criticized his work:

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A Brief History Of Booze

If humanity has gotten anything right, it’s alcohol. From barley beer in 8,500 BC to craft brews made, bottled and served right next door, The Atlantic takes you on a quick tour of humankind’s relationship with alcohol. My, is it tasty.

Relive The Decadence Of Studio 54 With These Vintage Photos

70's studio 54 front

Outside of the infamous Studio 54 Nightclub. Source: Associated Press

Prolonged war and a stagnant economy gave way to a massive national hangover in the 1970s. But at Studio 54, the party was just getting started.

Described by some as Sodom and Gomorrah with a disco beat, New York City’s delightfully depraved nightclub opened its doors in 1977. It took owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager just six weeks to transform the former CBS Studio 52 into the destination for celebrities and others in high society looking to cut loose.

From the moment it opened to the public, Studio 54 drew stars from around the world and offered a space where the public could party along with them. Drugs abounded and booze flowed freely for Studio 54 patrons, be they underage actors or seasoned athletes.

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The Most Extreme Summer Weather Of 2015

Summer Weather 2015

Whether you think they’re signs of global warming or that Mother Nature is just working out some particularly painful kinks, it’s impossible to deny that summer 2015 has seen an insane amount of extreme weather events. From the massive blob of warm water covering thousands of miles in the Pacific Ocean to brutal, scorching temperatures torching places like Pakistan and Iran to a rain-battered Gulf Coast, this summer’s extreme conditions have left no part of the world untouched.

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