What We Love This Week, Volume CVIII

In England, This Is What “Tough Guys” Look Like

In a number of ways, the origins of many contemporary problems can be attributed to the chronic condition from which most men suffer: a need to appear “tough”. We see it daily, big and small, and in an array of disciplines: a mans feels the need for attention, so he buys a loud car and drives it aggressively and ruins another person’s day. A man wishes to appear as powerful a president as his father, so he starts two wars. A man wants to justify his belief that power through physical force is rational, so he creates an international relations theory brazenly dubbed “realism” to support it.

The English, whose empire was founded on the desires of many manly men, seem to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to “toughness” today, as seen in their annual Tough Guy Challenge. Thousands–men and women alike–took part in this year’s 200-part obstacle course that featured freezing mud, barbed wire and of course fire pits. But don’t worry, this time “toughness” is not used to conquer nations or self-promotion; it’s for charity. Check out more photos of the event at The Atlantic.

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Run Away With The Foreign Legion

Foreign Legion Gallery Parade

Source: Gallery Hip

No matter how carefully you plan out your life, sooner or later it’s all going to fall apart on you. When that happens, and the divorce papers show up or the parking fines get to be too much to bear, you might find yourself tempted to throw it all away and run off to join the Foreign Legion or something. Thanks to Beau Geste and that one Laurel and Hardy movie, Americans all have the idea that the Légion étrangère is the kind of organization that will let you sign up and get a new start on life by traveling all over the world and doing a romantic, dangerous job that really impresses women in sleazy North African bars.

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27 Incredible Underwater Pictures of Schooling Fish

Like starling murmurations, schooling fish are one of the world’s most wondrous natural phenomena. Not to be confused with shoaling fish (which refers to fish who gather to swim together socially), schooling fish are defined as a large group of fish that swim synchronously.

Swimming in a school allows fish to protect themselves from predators, improve foraging, and swim more efficiently. While scientists are still working to better understand fish schooling, experiments over the past few decades have provided much information about how (and why) fishes form schools.

For one, schooling is most likely a genetic behavior. In fact, a combination of behavioral traits and unique sensory abilities allow fish to move fluidly and in sync with the school. While schooling fish make moving in perfect time look easy, there are various factors that the fish must instantaneously account for; the fish must quickly respond to water currents and react instantly to changes within the group. Scientists have discovered that fish base their decisions on a synthesis of where all the fish in its field of view are headed, instead of following its nearest neighbors.

Check out these 27 pictures of the incredible phenomenon:

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10 Movie Myths That You Probably Believe

Hollywood is a valued source of entertainment for millions of people, be it the physical movies and TV shows it creates or the eccentric, larger than life and occasionally troubled figures it churns out in pop culture. That’s perfectly normal, but one thing Hollywood shouldn’t be is a source of facts and information. More often than not, movies and TV shows mess around with reality to create a more exciting product. Again, that’s fine since reality can be pretty dull, but it does lead to numerous myths believed the world over.

1. Waiting 24 hours before reporting a missing person

Movie Myths Station

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