A Brilliant Short On The Difference Between Appearance And Reality

Everyone has put on a false smile or been asked to the point of madness, “Are you sure you’re OK?” (Answer: “Well, I was before you asked me twenty times, thanks.”)

For better or worse, most of us lead lives where our feelings, hopes and worries are mostly veiled, which inevitably means that misunderstanding and interpersonal conflict are some of the only facts of life. This is precisely the subject matter that Hungarian animator Elro grapples with in his delightful short film, which he calls “Appearance and Reality”.

The Facts Behind The Body Detox Myth

Detox Myth Broccoli Smoothie

Source: Jezebel

You see them on every store shelf, prompting you to question your life choices. Products that promise to flush the toxins from your digestive system–your liver, kidneys, and almost every other organ of the body. Supplements, patches, creams, smoothies and specialized diets are poised at the ready – stepping in to save you and your toxic, alcohol-filled, sugar-wracked innards from completely seizing up and rendering you a sick and hopeless mess. You’ve been overindulging on junk food and booze? Then you must detoxify your body in order to get everything back to tip-top working order. Or so they say.

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