Spirit Photography: Old-School Photoshop

Oklahoma mom Sierra Sharry lost her husband in 2014, but found a way to honor his memory by having him photoshopped into a family photo in April 2015. Her deceased husband appears as a ghostly figure and completes a picture the couple wasn’t able to capture while he was alive.

Spirit Photography Sharry

Sierra Sharry’s ghostly family portrait. Source: Huffington Post

While tools like Photoshop are new, Sharry’s photo is rather old as a photographical concept. Coinciding with and enabling the rise of spiritualism, trick photography has been used since the late 19th century as an attempt to bring the living closer to the dead.

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The Uyuni Salt Flats: Where Land Is Indistinguishable From Sky

One glimpse at the Uyuni salt flats, and you might ask yourself if you’re dreaming. But no, this place is not made of dreams–it’s made of salt.

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