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Video Of The Day: The True Story Behind Seinfeld’s Festivus

While millions around the world prepare for Christmas this Friday, thousands of loyal Seinfeld fans begin to gather around their unadorned aluminum poles to air their grievances for Festivus. But just what is this secular “holiday” celebrated two days before Christmas?

While the holiday became famous on one of the greatest television series of all time, it was in fact created in 1966 by author Daniel O’Keefe as a unique celebration during the holidays. His son, Dan O’Keefe, became a writer for Seinfeld and eventually shared his family’s bizarre holiday tradition with his writing team for the episode “The Strike,” with the help of his brother.

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Word Of The Day: Hispandering (And Why Hillary Clinton Got It So Wrong)

Hillary Abuela

Hillary Clinton made a desperate appeal to Latino voters: she’s just like you’re abuela. Pictured is Clinton with singer and actor Marc Anthony, who, obviously, all abuelas love. Image Source:

Hillary Clinton—despite all the unconvincing efforts of her campaign team—has very little in common with most people’s abuela, but that didn’t stop her trying to tell people otherwise.

The presidential hopeful posted a list on her campaign website called “7 Ways Hillary Clinton is Just Like Your Abuela,” where they ripped a format straight from the viral website playbook: punchy one liners paired with gifs and shareable images. The list kicked off the last week before Christmas, but the familial feelings of the holiday season weren’t as widespread as the campaign probably hoped for. Instead, a new hashtag, #NotMyAbuela, took over.

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The Surprising Origins Of The Christmas Tree

Every year we deck the halls and string lights around the Christmas tree — but why?

History Of Christmas Tree

Christmas trees have become common fixtures in public spaces. Image Source: Wikipedia

There are few things more symbolic of the holiday season than a well-decorated Christmas tree. As it happens, the tree was unwelcome on American soil for decades — laws even existed that penalized people for having one in their home. Indeed, the history of the Christmas tree reveals that there was a “war on Christmas,” and it was waged by Christians themselves.

In Ancient History

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Video Of The Day: Mesmerizing Northern Lights Time Lapse Will Turn You Into A Winter Lover

December 22nd marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the beginning of winter. While daylight is scant, this time lapse packs countless hours of light and beauty, courtesy of the Aurora Borealis, into under two minutes. In 2011, Flatlight Creative House took to Finland’s Laplands to film this stunning Northern Lights time lapse. Suffice it to say, we’ve never wanted to book a flight to Finland more.

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