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Better Know A Pope: Clement V

The story of Pope Clement V really begins with his patron, Philip IV (the Fair) of France. Philip spent the first 20 years of his reign, during the late 13th century, overspending on war with the English and court finery back at home. By the early 1300s, his treasury was in trouble and some solution needed to be found. Pope Boniface VIII even condemned Philip for being reckless with money.

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100 Years Of Russian Beauty In Under Two Minutes

Russia saw a number of political and economic transformations and transitions throughout the 20th century, from the fall of the Romanov Empire in 1917 to the beginning of Perestroika and Glasnost in the 1980s, or the reform movements and policies meant to open up the then-USSR to new forms of political and economic thought.

So just how did these shifts manifest themselves within the Russian populace? One way to gain an understanding of that is by assessing Russia’s shifting understandings of beauty. The folks at Cut Video have done just that, using model Anya Zaytseva as their canvas.

“A Chaos Of Feeling”: Screaming Fan Girls Past And Present

fan girls history

A girl caught up in the moment at a 1960s Beatles show.

Teen and pre-teen girls have caught a lot of flack for their dogged adoration of pop stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction. And in some cases, rightly so: on several occasions, Bieber fans–popularly coined as “Beliebers”–have actually issued death threats to people (often women) who get too close to their carefully-coiffed obsession.

Fan Girls History

Justin Bieber fans at a concert in Cape Town, South Africa. Source: Fortress of Solitude

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