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The Bizarre Way The Smallpox Vaccine Arrived In America

Early this month, three researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discoveries on parasitic diseases. This December, the winners will receive their award at the official ceremony in Stockholm, where they will join the pantheon of scientific investigators whose discoveries changed countless lives for the better.

In the meantime, one historical medical milestone has a backstory worth knowing about: how the smallpox vaccine arrived in America.

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Alien Structures Might Be Orbiting A Distant Star

Alien Planet

KIC 8462852 observed from the Kepler Space Telescope. Image Source: UP Magazine

When scientists using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope get overwhelmed with information collected from the more than 150,000 stars currently being observed, they turn to “citizen scientists” on Planet Hunters to break down the data. Sometimes these citizen scientists help dig through data that just doesn’t make sense, like the unexplainable, most likely natural, and possibly extraterrestrial happenings around star KIC 8462852.

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What We Love This Week, Volume CXLIV

North Korea Parade Candles

Image Source: The Atlantic

North Korea’s Latest Surreal Military Demonstration

North Korea Color Coordination

Image Source: The Atlantic

It’s hardly surprising that North Korea would stage a massive military demonstration to mark 70 years of Workers’ Party rule. It is, on the other hand, surprising that they would allow foreign photographers as much access as they did. The goal, no doubt, was to present to the world a strong, proud nation that can conquer any foe (namely the United States). The images, however, present an eerily hollow ghost town whose idea of military might, and thus national identity, are bound to ideas and iconography now more than a half century old. See more at The Atlantic.

North Korea People Flag

Image Source: The Atlantic

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Photo Of The Day: The Story Behind Keith Haring’s Original ‘Crack Is Wack’ Mural

Keith Haring Crack Is Wack

Image Source: Tumblr

Crack Is Wack is arguably known as Keith Haring’s most legendary work and the most iconic mural in New York City. The double-sided mural’s location in Manhattan on 128th street, next to the incessant passing of cars on Harlem River Drive, possibly plays a huge role in this, gathering more daily views than any other mural in the city.

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