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How A Skateboard Is Made

Throughout the years, skateboards and those who use them have been subjected to a number of associations, none of which are unambiguously good or bad. Your thoughts on the sport and the culture aside, the mechanics that go into the skateboard’s construction are as intricate as they are visually stunning.

For more skateboarding video–from its physics to what happens when you put a bunch of chalk dust onto a skateboard, be sure to check out our skateboarding section.

Naadam: “The Manly Games” of Mongolia

Mongolian Naadam Festival

Mongolian Naadam Opening Ceremony. Source: Blue Silk Travel

Mongolia has never really been a source of fascination for us Westerners. Sure, popular culture has made us familiar with throat singing, yak fur, and Genghis Khan, everybody’s favorite great-great-great-uncle; but the true spirit of Mongolia has always eluded the Western consciousness.

The most sparsely populated country in the world, Mongolia is home to a largely nomadic, Buddhist population. It is an enigmatic country of resilient, spiritual people whose name has become a Western metaphor for the out-there, the no-man’s-land. To understand a bit more about tough-as-nails Mongolian culture, we take you to the Naadam, or “The Three Manly Games”. Continue Reading

Carhenge – When Metal Meets Art

Roadside Sculpture

Source: History

Stonehenge is one of the world’s most well-known and mysterious monuments, but you don’t have to travel all the way to Salisbury, England in order to see it. As with most other European icons, the United States—more specifically Nebraska—has appropriated one of the continent’s most impressive artifacts for its own enjoyment. The small difference here? This Nebraskan Stonehenge is made out of cars.

Side View

Source: Carhenge

That’s right. If you happen to travel to Alliance, Nebraska, make sure to stop by Carhenge. As the name suggests, the monument is a replica of the famous Stonehenge but formed with discarded automobiles. Even so, this isn’t some kind of huckster tourist trap. The entire construction consists of 38 different vehicles, all of which are painfully arranged to form a 100-foot wide circle that emulates the actual arrangement found at Stonehenge. Most impressive of all is that Carhenge is the brainchild of just one man – artist Jim Reinders.

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Jerry Seinfeld On The Advertising Industry

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld had some choice words about advertising when accepting an award at the 55th annual CLIOs–the most prestigious international advertising awards ceremony–this past week. Taking materialism, conspicuous consumerism and the trickery involved in promoting both, Seinfeld deadpanned that “we know the world stinks. But we think, ‘Hey, maybe this [product] won’t stink’. We are a hopeful species. Stupid, but hopeful.” Jury’s out on if the audience regretted giving him an award.