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Chart Of The Day: Services Provided By Planned Parenthood, 2006-2013

Planned Parenthood Annual Reports

Image Source: Twitter

Last week was crucial for Planned Parenthood’s future. On Tuesday, September 29th, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight panel, built his case against continuing to publicly fund the non-profit health care organization and displayed a chart that purported to reflect that the number of cancer screening and prevention services provided by Planned Parenthood had declined from 2006-2013, while the number of abortions had steadily increased.

Chaffetz went as far to tell Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards that “[The data] comes straight from your annual reports.”

Moments later, Richards responded to Chaffetz: “My lawyers just informed me that the source of this information is Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion group. I would check your source.”

One Twitter user, Emily Schuch created the chart above using Planned Parenthood’s annual reports. It calls the veracity of Chaffetz’s claims into question and confirms that abortions are in fact one of the least requested services at the largest provider of reproductive health services in the United States.

In Nepal, Every Dog Has Its Day. Literally.

Dog Festival Nepal Sprinkled

Basking in admiration while receiving a Kukur Tihar blessing. Source: Imgur

Most dog owners would do just about anything for their canine companions. In Nepal, Hindu populations take that affection to another level.

Coinciding with the traditional Hindu festival of Diwali, the people of Nepal reserve the second day of the annual five-day Tihar Festival to honor man’s best friend. On this day — called Kukur Tihar, or “worship of the dogs” — participants pay tribute to the divine attachment between humans and their faithful, four-legged companions.

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Your World This Week, Volume XVI

Umpqua Shootings

Police search students outside Umpqua Community College after a mass shooting on October 1.
Image Source: CNN

Infectious Disease Doctor Seeks To Treat Gun Violence As A Medical — Not Just Social — Issue

As politicians look to legislation to reduce gun violence in the United States, Dr. Gary Slutkin proposes that we view violence as an infection — and one that can be treated through someone known as an “interrupter.”

The interrupter treatment, or the application of trained health professionals in epicenters of violence to mediate a potentially deadly situation, is meant to “interrupt the transmission” of violence to a given population, Slutkin said. These individuals enter a situation in order to understand the infected individual; not judge or alienate them.

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