The First Trillionaires Will Be Made In Space: The Future Of Mining

Asteroids In Space

Source: io9

As space colonization begins to look like more of a reality while finding new sources of mineral wealth on Earth increasingly resembles a fantasy, the private sector has set its sights on space–or more specifically on the Manhattan-sized hunks of rock and metal hurtling through space at 56,000 miles per hour–for future sources of fortune. More than 10,000 asteroids currently orbit the Earth, and three men believe they can extract and sell their components for an enormous profit.

Larry Page of Google, filmmaker James Cameron, and Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize Foundation make up this curious hodgepodge of rich white men, and in 2012 they founded a privately-traded company called Planetary Resources, which is the forerunner in the race to extract resources from asteroids. Continue Reading

Before Brunch, There Were Riots: 1970s Harlem

70s Harlem afro women

Source: Mashable” (Photo by Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images) The popular afro style was everywhere.

French photographer Jack Garofalo’s photos of an iconic New York neighborhood have been making some impressive rounds on the Internet lately, catapulting viewers back to a time before it was a brunch destination; when those who lived there did so primarily because they couldn’t afford to move away.

Harlem’s history in the 1960s and 70s was one of violence and loss: the Harlem Riot of 1964 claimed the life of an unarmed black teenager; Nation of Islam members assassinated Malcolm X, and riots again rocked Harlem’s streets following Martin Luther King Jr.’s death in 1968. Many in Harlem responded by moving out in droves – in what some would call an exodus.

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29 Swoon-Worthy Photos Of Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Nothing beats the simple beauty of a cherry blossom in full bloom. While most varieties of the tree do not produce fruit, their pinkish-white flowers are admired by people all across the world.

In Japan, cherry blossoms represent the beauty and fragility of life, a symbolic notion that has existed for centuries, as seen in ancient Japanese paintings and mythology. When the flowers bloom—creating a dreamy scene of white and pink petals—people gather together to celebrate and remind themselves that while life is a blessing, it is also tragically short. Called “Sakura,” the cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower, playing a role in both political and cultural traditions. During World War II, the blooms were used to promote nationalism.

Check out these incredible images of cherry blossoms before spring’s blooms submit to the summer heat.

The cherry blossom’s transformation from bud to bloom is short and sweet. Check it out in this time-lapse video:

Feel like your part of scenery in this clip of Sakura blooming throughout Japan:

Via Margutta, The Most Romantic Street In The World

Via Margutta

Source: Turismo Roma

In 1953, American filmmaker William Wyler made one of the most romantic films in history, Roman Holiday. The movie, shot entirely in Italy, tells the tale of an American reporter who falls in love with a princess who has grown tired of the constraints that her status places on her.

Following its release, Roman Holiday transformed Audrey Hepburn into Hollywood’s new darling, and snatched up three Oscars as well as a slew of other accolades. The film also had major impacts for Rome: the city became the must-visit destination for young couples in love.

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