3 Founding Fathers And The Awful Things They Did

Founding Fathers

A room full of assholes. Source: Wikipedia

The Fourth is here, and with it come the usual traditions: barbecue, fireworks, and the tacit agreement among Americans to not look too closely at the historical sausage factory that was the American Revolution. It’s commonplace knowledge that the Founders were all too human and that they were in many ways—take slavery, for example—creatures of their horrible, horrible century. But being trapped in a certain historical era doesn’t excuse everything. Some people are just colossal jerks regardless of the historical context. Here are three of the most revered Founding Fathers, along with a handful of awful things we’d rather forget.

John Adams Was Basically Darth Vader

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The Crazy Evolution Of The American Flag

These days, July 4th is all about barbecues, fireworks and a healthy dose of red, white and blue excesses. And as the most well-known symbol of U.S. patriotism, the American flag is often a prominent feature of Fourth of July parades and parties. Yet today’s flag has come a long way since the first design created more than two centuries ago. Here’s an intriguing look at the evolution of the American flag over time.

The American Flag In Its Infancy

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The Jazz And Style Of 1940s Harlem

Harlem 1940

1940s Harlem. The Harlem of Malcolm X, of Duke Ellington, of Zora Neale Hurston. Prohibition is over, and African Americans are fighting a war at a time when they are still regarded as second-class citizens. The energy was palpable, as the northwestern corner of Manhattan was a petri dish for creatives, thinkers and activists whose legacy would largely shape the course of African American history in the 20th century.

When The New York City Subway Was The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

The New York City subway of today is what one might lightly call “starkly different” from its predecessors. In the 1980s, over 250 felonies were committed every week in the system, making the New York subway the most dangerous mass transit system in the world. Over the course of a decade, New York public transportation would lose over 300 million riders, largely due to its reputation as a hotbed of crime and drug use. In the gallery below, we take a look at what the New York City subways were like in the 1980s:

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