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In 1955, A “Woman’s Car” Actually Existed, And It Came With A Purse

A closer look at one of the most disastrously sexist product launches of all time.

1955 Dodge LaFemme Glamorous

An ad for the “women’s” car. Image Source: Car Type

The year was 1955, and post-war America was “moving on up” to the suburbs. With the working man driving into the city on a daily basis and families having considerably larger bank balances, many began to consider purchasing a second car.

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Five Uplifting Christmas Ads That Prove Commerce Isn’t Totally Heartless

Over the last few days, Edeka, a German supermarket chain known to some Europeans and almost no one else has attracted attention from around the globe. And it’s all thanks to what truly is–believe the hype–perhaps the most touching Christmas ad you’ll ever see:

While we can be cynical and Christmas ads–especially vintage ones–can be sexist, offensive, and just plain weird, there are, each year, a few Christmas commercials (veritable short films, really) that will melt all but the coldest hearts. In fact, here are four that might just be even more moving than Edeka’s:

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Photo Of The Day: The Heartwarming Story Behind The First Ever Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

First Rockefeller Tree Lighting

The first tree to go up in Rockefeller Center in 1931. December 2, 2015 will be the 83rd tree lighting ceremony. Image Source: LUXXELIVING

On Christmas Eve, 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, construction workers building what was to become Rockefeller Center in New York City pooled their money together and bought a 20-foot balsam fir tree. They lined up beside the tree decorated with homemade garlands and one-by-one received their paychecks. Little did they know that that simple act would inspire a grand tradition now in its 83rd year (there was no tree in 1932; the tradition picked up again the following year).

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