The Most Incredible Street Photography On Flickr

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better description of street photography than that of National Geographic photographer Benjamin Lowy, who described it as, “A harsh name for a beautiful pursuit.” Its purpose? “To tame the chaos. To frame the cacophony of modern life. To capture what it means to be alive.”

While the legality of taking pictures of people (without their express consent) in public to sell as fine art has stirred considerable debate, it continues to be protected under the categorization of artistic expression and free speech. Here are some of the best street photography that Flickr has to offer in its vast pool of talent:

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Best Street Photography Angel Wings

The timing of this photo suggests that angels are all around us. London, UK. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Child Bus

A child takes in the sights from the best seat on the bus. Venice, Italy. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Dublin Skater

The sky is the limit for this skateboarder in Dublin, Ireland. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Feet Minimal

The framing of this photo looks as good as putting your feet up feels. Cologne, Germany. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Ferris Wheel

A ferris wheel glistens against the obsidian sky. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Girl Bench

A woman waits for her ride, solo. Antwerp, Belgium. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Glasgow Scotland

A pedestrian bridges the gap between new and old architecture. Glasgow, Scotland. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Homeless Man Dog

A man is photographed with his best friend. Bremen, Germany. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Kids In Sprinkler

Pure joy found near a water sprinkler in Singapore. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Hide And Seek

A woman peers from a doorway in Hoi An, Vietnam. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Leg Up

There's always something to get distracted by when you're out walking in the urban jungle. New York City. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Mannequin Mirroring

As this street shot suggests, you are never as alone as you feel. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Multitasking

A man acts as the living and breathing manifestation of "multi-tasking." Chow Kit Market, Malaysia. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Rotterdam

Negative and positive space convenes in this minimalist photo. Rotterdam, Netherlands. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Shadow Sax

A man plays the saxophone to his shadow. Portland, OR. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Skate Lines

A brilliant composition of subject and surroundings. Copenhagen, Denmark. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Smoking Bus Stop

People approach a bus in Singapore. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Smoking Melons

Photographer John Ragai described this shot: "Portrait of a Smoking Joe and his beautiful smoke amidst his honey dew." Chow Kit Market, Malaysia. - - Flickr

Best Street Photography Starbucks Love

A candid moment over coffee. Lucern, Switzerland. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Stripes

How many different kinds of stripes can you spot in this image? - Flickr

Best Street Photography The Kiss

A couple sneaks a kiss in public. Lucerne, Switzerland. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Toddler Heart

A toddler ponders street sculpture. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Up Stairs

A man ascends stairs, Zagreb, Croatia. - Flickr

Best Street Photography White Rabbit

A white rabbit entertains people in the streets of Oxford, UK. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Window Woman

A cafe-goer offers an ambiguous expression. Tel Aviv, Israel. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Catching Air

A biker catches some air. - Flickr

Best Street Photography New Delhi

A one sided conversation with a worker in New Delhi. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Two Worlds

Two very different worlds collide on a street corner in Madrid, Spain. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Escalator

Reflections of an escalator ride. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Tunnel

All leading lines point to the man at the end of the tunnel. - Flickr

Best Street Photography Generations

Different generations segregate themselves — but still remain close. Perpignan, South France. - Flickr

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Inside Semana Santa, One Of The World’s Strangest Easter Celebrations

On the Sunday before Easter, many Catholic countries begin celebrating Semana Santa, or Holy Week, an elaborate religious observance that will last until the day before Easter. Among the festival’s many rituals, the solemn street processions held in the main participating cities arrest the eye with their intimidating aesthetics and aura of mystery:

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Procession Salamanca

In the Roman Catholic world, Semana Santa marks the commemoration of the Passion of Christ. The week-long holiday is dedicated to the remembrance of Biblical events, from Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem to his burial following the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. - Wikimedia Commons

Marbella Spain Cross

The festival takes place on the last week of Lent, just before Easter. It includes Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. - Flickr

Pprocession Salamanca

During Holy Week, religious brotherhoods and fraternities perform penance processions in the streets of observing cities as a spectacular expression of popular piety. - Wikimedia Commons

Procession Malaga

Most of the Semana Santa traditions and brotherhoods have their origins in medieval times, although a number of them were created during the Baroque period and recent centuries. - Flickr

Brotherhood Procession

Any Catholic person can become a member or “hermano,” but family tradition has a significant influence on the choice of, and acceptance into, one of the brotherhood circles. - Flickr

Closeup Clothes

Most participants in the parades wear the traditional penitential robe, or nazareno. - Flickr

Capirotes Valladolid

The shapes and colors of the garments vary according to the fraternity and procession, although purple is favored in a number of locations. - Wikimedia Commons

Capirote Salamanca

The nazareno outfits involve a tunic and a long, conical hood with a pointy tip, called capirote or capuchon. - Flickr

Capirote Closeup

In the Middle Ages, the dissimulating robes and masks allowed participants to show penance while concealing their identity. - Flickr

Capirote Daimiel Spain

The hermanos often hold large crosses to recreate Christ’s ordeal. - Flickr

Semana Santa Penitents

Penitents may also occasionally walk barefoot and wear chains or shackles around their ankles. - Flickr

Procession Women Guatemala City

They are normally followed by women dressed in black who carry processional candles. - Flickr

Procession Roman Soldiers

Other members of the processions dress up as soldiers of the Roman Legion. - Wikimedia Commons


The fraternities carry giant floats with Biblical sculptures representing scenes of the Passion, called pasos, on their shoulders. - Flickr

Float Salamanca Spain

Some of the pasos have belonged to the brotherhoods for centuries, and many are artworks created by renowned Spanish artists. - Flickr

Procession Malaga Spain

In Spain, the largest and most famous Semana Santa processions are found in the cities of Cartagena, Málaga, Seville, Valladolid, Zamora, and Léon. - Flickr


The celebrations in 23 cities around Spain have been declared of international tourism interest, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. - Wikimedia Commons

Procession Bilbao

The region of Andalusia is known to host more “glamorous” processions, while those of Castile and Léon generally have a more somber atmosphere. - Flickr

Procession Quito Ecuador

Outside Spain, Semana Santa is actively celebrated in Catholic European countries such as Italy, Portugal and Malta, and in Hispanic countries around the world, including those of South and Central America (pictured above: Quito, Ecuador) and the Philippines. - Wikimedia Commons

Guatemala City, Semana Santa Procession

Men carrying a heavy paso float in Guatemala City. - Flickr


In the Philippines, the proceedings take on an altogether more extreme and sinister turn: some participants engage in deep self-flagellation and actual cross nailings, despite those practices being condemned and banned by the church. -

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