The World’s First Jet-Powered Man

Jet-powered man

Yves “Jetman” Rossy. Source:

In 2008, ex fighter pilot Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy became the world’s first jet-powered man when he launched his first official flight above the Alps in his native Switzerland. Since then, he’s gone on to fly across the English channel, the straight of Gibraltar, and over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. In the video below, Rossy flies over Dubai with another jet-powered man, Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán, for the first time:

Jetman Dubai

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A Drone Captures Haunting Footage From Chernobyl

Nearly 20 years have passed since the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The city has since been abandoned, and yet it retains a shell of a place that once was: where memories were forged, where families lived, and where life was possible. It also presents a stark reminder of how quickly all of that can be taken away.

As photographer Danny Cooke said, “there was something serene, yet highly disturbing about this place. Time has stood still and there are memories of past happenings floating around us.”

High Society In The 1930s: No Time For Depression

High Society Furs

Models at the Longchamp Races in France display the latest fur fashions, clothing that the average 1930s woman couldn’t afford. Source: Parade

With income inequality as high today as it was in the 1930s, a photo peek into the past presents us with a not-too different vision of our divided present. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 hurtled the coming decade into a financial crisis that would leave a lasting impact across the globe. Authoritarian governments would sink their teeth into nations in Europe, Asia and South America, while most Americans and Canadians suffered from extreme poverty and starvation. Labor rebellions broke out in the English controlled Caribbean and Mohandas Gandhi led a march to the sea as a stand against Imperialism. The 1930s proved to be a difficult time for many, and would eventually lead to the rise of Nazism and the start of World War II.
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What We Love This Week, Volume C

Best Photojournalism Panoramic NYC

A panoramic photo–composed of 567 images–from the top of One World Trade Center in New York. Source: Time Lightbox

TIME Features Its Picks For The Year’s Best Photojournalism

Best Photojournalism Refugee Camp

A Syrian boy carries his bread rations at a Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.
Source: Time Lightbox

From the civil war in the Central African Republic to the bloating Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, to the escalating crisis in Ukraine, there has–as is the case every year–been no shortage of photojournalism material in 2014. Time photojournalists have scoured the globe to bring these stories home to readers, journeying all the way from Afghanistan to Brazil to Japan to Gaza. The photos they have produced raise more questions than answers, but that’s exactly what a powerful photograph should do. Be sure to check out the rest of the series at Time Lightbox.

Best Photojournalism Afghan Women

Afghan women at a rally for presidential candidate Zalmai Rassoul.
Source: Time Lightbox

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