99 Inspirational Quotes That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life

The wonderful thing about life is that beautiful minds like Gandhi, Bruce Lee, and Benjamin Franklin have passed down their wisdom from a multitude of experiences to help you grow as a person and triumph over adversity. From business to love to faith to finding success, these ninety-nine inspirational quotes will get you prepared to take life head on in every aspect:

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Never Make Fun Of Fedoras Again: Inside The Production Of A Fedora Hat

What once was a symbol of all things dashing is now a symbol for all things (people) that lurk for unhealthily long periods of time in a parent’s basement. But if today’s fedora fans have ruined the accessory for most of us, we can still ogle at the sophistication and style that goes into the hat’s production.

What We Love This Week, Volume LXXXII

Women Boxers Locker Room

Source: Lens Culture

Argentine Photographer Re-invisions The Dynamics Of Femininity Through Female Boxers

Women Boxers Shadow

Source: Lens Culture

When just about any female pop music video is released, it seems that a concerned chorus chimes in (and rightfully so) about the often one dimensional portrayal of women in media, and its pernicious effect on young women and men in the world. And while slicked down skin isn’t going to be plucked from marketing strategies any time soon, there are photographers who provide dynamic depictions of the modern woman that challenge our understandings of what we consider to be “feminine”. Such is the case with Claudia Gaudelli’s “Women Boxers”. In the series, Gaudelli highlights the lives of female Argentine boxers, which are less Nicki Minaj and more gritty, sweaty and over all real. We encourage you to check out the entire series at Lens Culture.

Women Boxers Punching

Source: Lens Culture

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