What We Love This Week, Volume LXVI

May 23, 2014

We’re Back On Tumblr!

We’re excited to announce that we have a new editor for All That Is Interesting’s Tumblr, which we are relaunching. While it will blend some of the content featured here, it will have its own distinctive voice and aesthetic that’s perfect for a more visually-oriented audience. We’re really excited about it, and think that you should be, too!

A Stunning Time Lapse Of A Super Cell Storm

Larger than life in terms of size and destructive potential, thunderstorms have captured the fascination of poets and scientists alike for centuries. And when properly captured by the right photographers, the temporary phenomenon become immortalized. We’re particularly fond of Stephen Locke’s time lapse of a supercell storm in Climax, Kansas. And while we don’t recommend just anyone to enter the field of storm chaser photography, we do encourage you to check out more still shots at This Is Colossal.

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The Intriguing History of the American Penny

May 23, 2014
American Pennies

Source: Wikipedia

Proving that no human idiosyncrasy is too obscure for a holiday, each year people celebrate Lucky Penny Day, a time to appreciate the good luck of finding a penny heads-up. When May 23rd rolls around, one can find people hunting for lucky pennies in the streets or even tossing a few coins to the ground to make good luck for others. And while these days many people consider the American penny to be an anachronistic waste, the one-cent coin has a colorful history that spans centuries.

Penny Art Abraham Lincoln

Source: Deviant Art

The History of the American Penny

In 1787, Congress issued the first iteration of the American penny, which was reportedly designed by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. Referred to informally as the “Franklin” and eventually as “the Fugio cent,” this penny prominently featured the sayings “Mind Your Business” and “We Are One” along its sides. The 1787 copper coin also bore images of thirteen connected chain links to represent the original states. There are a reported 55 (slight) varieties of the Fugio cent.

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Technicolor Alaska

May 22, 2014

When we think of Alaska, “technicolor” isn’t likely to be one of the first words to come to mind. But every so often, the chilly state’s night skies become a canvas to one of the world’s most brilliant natural phenomena, the northern lights. If you can’t manage to make it to Fairbanks to see them for yourself, this video is a good substitute.

To learn more about the Northern Lights, check out our post on them!