Intricate Typewriter Portraits Encapsulate The Energy Of Famous Writers

In the day preceding tablet PCs and smartphones, we relied on typewriters to render documents readable and formal. Known for their unforgiving nature and uncanny ability to run out of ink at the worst times, it’s a bit odd that typewriters have become an object of romantic nostalgia as of late. Channeling that sentiment—as well as showcasing the typewriter’s versatility and usefulness—artist Alvaro Franca fashions intricate likenesses of famous writers using nothing but a typewriter. These portraits comprise part of an ongoing project, and Franca has plans on putting out at least five more to complete the series.

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10 Science Myths That Won’t Die

Myth: McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot.

Science Myths Hamburger

Source: KSL

This “fact” has been making the internet rounds for a while now, but as with most things internet, you’re not getting the big picture. As the story goes, fast food is laden with so many preservatives and chemicals that it doesn’t physically decompose, and therefore can’t (in good conscience) be considered food. Have you seen pictures of years-old McDonald’s food still intact? Yes. Are those pictures real? Probably. Well then, what gives?

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Google Earth Images From The Past And Present Paint A Grim Future

google earth

Source: Slate

Aerial photography has the ability to turn slums, ransacked rainforests, and even pit mines into something beautiful. From a distance, all we can see are geometric patterns or deep color contrasts between land and sea, and the simplicity in these images is breathtaking. We can’t help but find them fascinating, and if you spend any significant amount of time on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly fallen under their spell.

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google earth manila philippines

Fishing slums in Manila, Philippines. Source: Slate

google earth los angeles

Intersecting freeways in Los Angeles, California. Source: Slate

google earth antarctica

Ice floe, Antarctica. Source: Slate

Deforestation of rainforest_ Bolivia_km30

Deforestation in Bolivia. Source: Slate

google earth mexico city

Neza Chalco Itza Barrio, Mexico City (the worlds biggest slum). Source: Slate

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The Most Stunning Footage Of Stormscapes You’ll Ever See

Looking to see some of the most stellar sites that the United States has to offer? You might consider skipping New York and Los Angeles and instead head out West. Rolling plains, open pasture and narrow roads allow for these stunning weather events to really take center stage.

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