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21st Century Nomads: Life In The Mongolian Steppe

Mongolia Nomads Camels Horse

Source: John Schellhase (Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Despite the draw of the city, hundreds of thousands of Mongolians continue to preserve a way of life that goes back at least a millennium. These nomadic families still drive their herds across the vast steppes of what is the world’s most sparsely populated country after Greenland. The herds live off the land, and the nomads live off the milk and meat of their animals.

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Photo Of The Day: An Iceberg Off The Coast Of Newfoundland

Iceberg Off Of Newfoundland

Image Source: Reddit

Located off the east coast of Canada is Newfoundland, a large island that forms one of the four Atlantic provinces of the nation, which also include Labrador. The island is known for producing some of the world’s most breathtaking icebergs.

Every spring and early summer, about 25,000-40,000 icebergs break off from glaciers in western Greenland. The icebergs then propel their way into the Labrador Current and travel for about two to three years to the eastern edges of Newfoundland and Labrador to become grounded off these remote coasts.

This Japanese Garden Is So Colorful It Will Turn The Brownest Of Thumbs Green

Hitachi Seaside Park

Just two hours from Tokyo in the city of Hitachinaka is one of the world’s most colorful parks — Hitachi Seaside Park. Covering almost 500 acres, the vast park is home to thousands of blooms, and draws millions of tourists throughout the year. Visitors can see everything from roses and daffodils to zinnias and poppies, and can feast their eyes (and feet!) on a scenic train route and cycling tours, as well as a giant “flower ring” ferris wheel.

Because Hitachi Seaside Park grows hundreds of distinct flower species, the month you visit can greatly impact the kind of park you see. Sometimes its hills are rainbow-striped, with more than 260 tulip species on display. At other times, when four-and-a-half million nemophila make an appearance in what’s called “Nemophila Harmony,” the park turns monochromatic blue.

If you can’t make the trip out, you can still take part in the visual feast in the gallery below:

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Hitachi Seaside Park Narcissus

There are more than 550 distinct narcissus species in the park. Source: DPlus Guide

Hitachi Seaside Park Suisen

Spring means Suisen Fantasy is in full swing at the Hitachi Seaside Park. Source: Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park Tulips

The colorful tulip fields are one of Hitachi Seaside Park’s biggest attractions. Source: Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park Serpent Garden

The tulip fields are in bloom from mid to late April. Source: Agustin Rafael Reyes

Hitachi Seaside Park Blooms

Visitors can see more than 270,000 tulips representing over 260 species. Source: Trover

Hitachi Seaside Park Nemophila

4.5 million Nemophila blooms turn the park into a sea of blue. Source: Hexapolis

Hitachi Seaside Park Blooms Close

Source: Tokyo Lolas

Hitachi Seaside Park Blue

Nemophila are more commonly called “baby blue eyes.” Source: World’s Awesome Places

Hitachi Seaside Park Nemophila Girl

The flowers bloom every April through May. Source: Hexapolis

Hitachi Seaside Park Rose Garden

In early autumn and summer, more than 3,000 roses bloom in the Hitachi Rose Garden. Source: Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park Kochia

For most of the year, the Kochia plants look like ordinary green bushes. Source: Life in Yamaguchi

Hitachi Seaside Park Incredible

Yet in autumn, they transform Hitachi Seaside Park into a sea of burning red bushes. Source: Dad & the Code

Hitachi Seaside Park Kochia Hill

Kochia plants (aka summer cypress) are often used to make brooms. Source: Japan Guide

Hitachi Seaside Park Sky

Source: Panoramio

Hitachi Seaside Park October

This is what Hitachi Seaside Park looks like in October. Source: Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park Tourists

Source: Todanang

Hitachi Seaside Park Cosmos

Source: Japanize

Hitachi Seaside Park Ice Tulips

Though winter isn’t a big season for blooms, beautiful ice tulips like these brighten up the park from December through the middle of January. Source: Hitachi Seaside Park

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The Troubling History Of The GOP’s Frankenstein, Donald Trump

Trump Waving Gallery

Image Source: People Magazine

Every four years, the United States gives the world one hell of a show in the form of the seemingly endless presidential campaign season. While the last few months of this spectacle are usually characterized by cautious maneuvering between two very serious candidates, the first nine months of every campaign season are marked by cranks, eccentrics, and clowns from both parties elbowing each other aside to get to the microphone and bark comically extreme remarks at the base in order to secure the all-important unhinged-lunatic vote in the primaries.

Nobody is better at this game than Donald Trump.

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