19 Surprising Mad Men Facts You Might Not Know

Mad Men Facts

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Since 2007, we’ve been watching Don Draper drink, smoke, cheat, lie, flirt and, most importantly, advertise. Although “Mad Men” is quickly coming to an end, there are still many aspects of the show and its actors that you might not know. Before you say goodbye to our favorite 1960s-inspired series, check out these surprising Mad Men facts you might not know:

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The Guy Overseeing NASA Is A Global-Warming Denier

Ted Cruz NASA Astronaut

Buckle up, folks–the next few years are likely going to be pretty rocky when it comes to federal funding the United States’ scientific advances. Republican senator Ted Cruz, not someone you’d really call a “man of science”, is going to be overseeing NASA.

Cruz’s official title is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, a position to which he was appointed on January 8th. You may remember Ted Cruz as the guy who famously filibustered for 21 hours in an attempt to defund Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and served as one of the leading proponents of the government shutdown that put 97% of NASA employees temporarily out of work.

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Better Know A Saint: Philip Neri

Saint Philip Flowers

Source: Karmel

Everybody knows that one jerk who’s always bright and chipper and who never has a bad word to say about anybody else. Everything these people do seems calculated to make the ordinary sinners around them look bad, especially since they’re not actually trying to make others look bad. 16th-century Rome was the last place on Earth you’d expect to find one of these people.

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What We Love This Week, Volume CXVII

Stunning Photos Of A Camel Train Across Cable Beach, Australia

With picturesque views of the Indian Ocean and a virtually flat swath of white, sandy beach, Broome, Australia’s Cable Beach has attracted tourists for decades. Add a camel ride at sunset, where their silhouettes are reflected by the wet sand and bleed into the warm hues of a fading day, and it’s no surprise why most Australians consider this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Recently Lauren Bath made a trip out to Broome and documented this absolutely breathtaking event — her photos are so compelling that they almost make us feel as if we’re there. Check out more photos at My Modern Met.

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