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The Most Extreme Female Body Modification Practices From Around The World

Extreme Female Body Modification Header

In recent years, plastic surgery has become one of the most common and generally accepted forms of female body modification. According to a current report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular surgical procedure in America, and has been since 2006.

Today, women are constantly pressured to fit the mold of magazine cover perfection. But that pressure, and the body modification procedures that arise to meet it, are not new. Across the centuries and around the globe, woman have been modifying their bodies–or having their bodies modified for them. Some modifications exist to enhance feminine beauty. Others exist to diminish it. From the painful foot binding procedures of Imperial China to the horrific breast ironing of Cameroon, these six procedures show that the scope of female body modification extends far beyond botox…

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Inside The Six Coolest Bookstores In The World

Coolest Bookstores El Ateneo

For bibliophiles the world over, great bookstores–which are becoming increasingly rare–are like cathedrals. And then, sometimes, a great bookstore actually is a former medieval cathedral. Or sometimes it’s a converted palatial theater, or an entire urban neighborhood. Whichever the case, these six coolest bookstores from around the world will inspire awe, reverence, and wonder among book lovers and neophytes alike…

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Photo Of The Day: The Leonid Meteor Shower At Its Peak

Leonid Meteor Shower

One of the most anticipated annual meteor showers, the Leonid, can be seen the night of Nov. 17. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Leonid meteor shower will peak on Nov. 17 and into the early morning hours of Nov. 18. According to the forecast, we’re in for a lighter load than usual, but there’s still definitely enough of a spectacle to warrant staying up past your usual bedtime. The Slooh Community Observatory will show the shower for free online starting at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, using live shots from four continents, but the best live view in most cases will be on a blanket, away from the lights and facing the east. Expect to see around 15 meteors per hour starting at midnight local time until dawn.

Here are three things you should know before watching the show:

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Food Waste: How We Can Overcome The Alarming Facts And Dire Predictions

The issue of food waste has picked up some considerable buzz recently, and rightly so. The problem goes far beyond simply appreciating the food that is in front of you. In fact, food waste–which is any uneaten food or food preparation scraps from residences, businesses, and other institutions–is a serious global economic, environmental, and moral issue. The world population is projected to hit 9.6 billion by 2050. Unless food waste is reduced, we simply will not be able to feed everyone.

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