Meet Ceres, The Dwarf Planet With Giant Surprises

Meet the dwarf planet, Ceres. Its categorization has less to do with Snow White’s tiny friends and more with its gravitational impact on surrounding celestial bodies. This means that Ceres has the mass of a planet, but it hasn’t become gravitationally dominant. Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XCIV

Photo Proof That Victorians Weren’t Always Serious

Modern society doesn’t tend to look back too fondly on the Victorian era. We talk of repression and imperial conquest, and how these rigid social mores have endured to the present. But as we’ve recently unpacked, much of the “face” of Victorianism was the result of emerging technology: photography was very new, which meant that exposures were long and required extended stillness. Modern dental hygiene didn’t really exist, which meant that flashing a toothy grin wasn’t exactly on the average Victorian’s to-do list. It also would brand you as an idiot. These photos at Vintage Everyday remind us that in spite of their present-day associations, Victorians still knew how to get a bit silly.

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From War To Peace: Signs Of A Changing Liberia

Liberia Rape Battlegrounds

Source: Imgur

From 1989 to 2003, Liberia collapsed into a devastating civil war which claimed over 250,000 lives, displaced millions and destroyed what could have been a prosperous economy. At a time when governance was weak, security had ruptured and societal norms had lost their meaning, sexual violence became a widely-used tool of warfare: the UN estimates that during the conflict, 75 percent of Liberian women were raped, the majority of whom were under the age of 18.

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The Four Horsemen Make An Appearance During The Apocalyptic 1973 Oil Crisis

Oil Crisis In Amsterdam 1973

The 1973 oil crisis brought with it many apocalyptic fears in the West, perhaps no better illustrated than by these “four horsemen” striding through the streets of Amsterdam. While fashionably festooned, these riders weren’t necessarily trying to make a statement. Due to the oil shortage and soaring prices (OAPEC’s oil embargo quadrupled the price of oil barrels), they were complying with some sort of driving ban.

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