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After Genocide, Only Human Wreckage Remains

Only Human Wreckage Left In Rwanda

The body of a man, who survivors say was a primary school teacher, lies beneath a blackboard drawing of Africa at a Karubamba school, May 13, 1994. Image Source: Jean-Marc Bouju/Associated Press

From The Associated Press, May 13, 1994:

“Nobody lives here any more.

Not the expectant mothers huddled outside the maternity clinic, not the families squeezed into the church, not the man who lies rotting in a schoolroom beneath a chalkboard map of Africa.

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Terra Flamma Captures Wildfires Like Never Before

Wildfires are one of Mother Nature’s most devastating forces. They ravage homes and decimate innumerable plant and animal species, leaving behind torched spatters of what once was. Sadly, this summer’s insane weather phenomena have resulted in more wildfires along the West Coast, especially in California, where extreme drought conditions leave the ground hot and dry. Photographer Stuart Palley captures the ferocity and beauty of wildfire in his long-exposure photography series, Terra Flamma. Prepare to be amazed.

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How North Korean Propaganda Depicts, And Distorts, America

North Korea Kid Gun

A North Korean kindergartener takes part in a popular playground game at Kaeson Kindergarten in Pyongyang. Source: Daily Mail

On March 2, 2013, a short documentary surfaced on YouTube. The clip purported to be a recently uncovered North Korean propaganda video revealing the squalor in which Americans live. Amid a backdrop of rampant homelessness and gun violence, Americans ate birds (with which they made soup) and snow (with which they made coffee) in order to survive. They lived in shoddy tents, bolstered by supplies from North Korea.

By March 10, it had hit LiveLeak and the wheels were in motion. Two days later, Yahoo News posted it, after close of business on the East Coast. The following morning, March 13, the frenzy began. A rash of sites reposted the video, many within an hour of each other around noon. By the end of the day, the video had landed on, among many others, Slate, Wired, The Week, The Telegraph, and The Washington Post. Some used words like “alleged,” some didn’t, and hardly anybody really questioned it.

Sometime that day, The Huffington Post realized the video was a fake. Continue Reading

Tiramisu Has Never Looked This Good

Warning: this footage contains material that may cause you to abandon your diet.

In Italian, the word tiramisu means “lift me up.” But when said lifting only comes after a careful combination several egg yolks, lady fingers, sugar, heavy cream, coffee, alcohol and mascarpone, that sense of lightness won’t last for long.

If you love the “uplifting” dessert but can’t stomach its thickening effects – or maybe you just want to pay tribute to the treat in a different way – Carte Noire‘s video of a pistachio tiramisu being made is just for you.

If that hasn’t satisfied your sweet tooth, see how the Internet’s trendiest cookie – the macaron – is made.

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