25 Of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Most Mind Blowing Tweets

May 18, 2014
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tweets

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The field of astrophysics–let alone the people who comprise it–often presents itself as unapproachable. Its intricacies and wonders are hidden behind a tall wall of academia and advanced formulae. Thus when the world meets a character like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, whose sharp intelligence is matched by his rapier yet accessible wit, we all go a little gaga. Especially when we get bite size pieces of his wisdom, humor and brilliance via Twitter.

Tyson currently has nearly two million followers on the social media platform, which is approximately the population of Latvia. And with trinkets like those featured below, it’s easy to see why. Here are 25 Neil DeGrasse Tyson tweets chockfull of trivia you know you’ll end up dropping when you want to impress someone. Just hope they’re not one of his followers.

Gwen Verdon Perched On A New York Rooftop In 1953

May 17, 2014

Gwen Verdon NYC Rooftop 1953

Perhaps the pinnacle of 1950s American glamour, actress and dancer Gwen Verdon perches on a New York rooftop for a Look Magazine photo shoot. Verdon’s fire engine red hair provided a nice juxtaposition for the shoot’s theme: “Midsummer Fantasies: How to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave”.

George Henry Thomas, The Civil War’s Forgotten Hero

May 17, 2014

By many accounts George Henry Thomas was one of the greatest military minds in American history. So why isn’t his name mentioned in the same breath as Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, George McArthur or George Patton? Thomas graduated in the same West Point class as William Tecumseh Sherman, and commanded over some triumphant victories that bested his former classmate. But even during the Civil War, politics determined who advanced in the ranks, and Thomas had one handicap that he couldn’t change: he was a Southerner fighting for the Union.

As a professional soldier, his loyalty was with the U.S. Army that he served so faithfully. But the decision to turn down a position in the Confederate army was an agonizing one, according to his wife Frances Kellogg Thomas, who was a staunch Unionist, which may have further influenced her husband’s decision.

George Henry Thomas Nat Turner

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