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“External Impact” Blamed For Metrojet Plane Crash

Metrojet Crash

Debris from the Russian-bound Metrojet crash. Image Source: The Daily Beast

Metrojet officials announced on Monday that an “external impact” is to blame for Saturday’s plane explosion, which killed all 224 people on board and scattered parts of the plane in an 8-square-mile radius in Egypt.

A Metrojet Airbus was 20 minutes into its flight from Egypt to St. Petersburg, Russia, on the morning of Oct. 31 when it went off radar and broke apart over the Sinai Peninsula. Initially, technical failure or human error was thought to be the cause of the crash. But at a Moscow press conference on Monday — and before a formal investigation had been completed or the plane’s black box had been decoded and read — Metrojet deputy director for aviation Aleksandr Smirnov ruled out human error or technical failure, instead blaming the crash on an external impact.

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Iconic Photos From Skateboarding’s Golden Age

70s Skateboard Culture Dog Day

“Dog Day Down, Kenter Canyon Elementary”, 1976. Source: Hugh Holland

It was 1975 when Hugh Holland happened across a gang of skateboarders cruising the drainage ditches of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, California. In awe of their finesse, Holland realized he had found the next subject of his photographic endeavors. Holland captured images of the sport, along with its accompanying culture, until 1978. At this time, the sport was truly exploding. What was once a way for surfers to get through dry spells without waves was well on its way to becoming the nearly $5 billion merchandising empire it is today.

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Your World This Week, Nov. 2-Nov. 8

Your primer on climate change this week: Antarctica is actually gaining ice (but scientists aren’t jumping for joy), rising temperatures may make the Persian Gulf uninhabitable by 2090, increasing temperatures mean falling wages, and carbon dioxide emissions will continue to rise in spite of our best efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Will Contribute To 23 Percent Drop In Global Incomes By Year 2100, New Study Shows

Climate Change Graph

Image Source: United Nations

In many cases, we think of climate change impacts in terms of landform transformation and weather. A new report by Nature reveals that climate change not only has the potential to unleash some severe economic impacts, but that economic activity in all regions is coupled in some way to global climate, Ars Technica reported.

You can read more about how the authors’ methodology here. As to the results, the authors found that overall economic productivity reaches its peak at an annual average temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius), and declines sharply at higher and lower temperatures, Ars Technica noted. They also found that continued global warming will cause global incomes to fall by around 23 percent by the year 2100 — meaning that global income inequality will continue to widen.

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Sliced And Stacked: A Brief History Of The Sandwich

Sandwich History PBJ

Image Source: CNN/Jim Nowak

Despite all of our worldly excesses, the sandwich is proof that at our core, people are pragmatic. Before the term “sandwich” was coined, this portable food was simply called “meat on bread,” which frankly doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Hot or cold, savory or sweet, finger-food or foot-long, this layered culinary staple isn’t leaving the world’s collective menu anytime soon. In honor of National Sandwich day, November 3rd, here’s a look at how the history of the sandwich stacks up:

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