The Facts Behind The Body Detox Myth

Detox Myth Broccoli Smoothie

Source: Jezebel

You see them on every store shelf, prompting you to question your life choices. Products that promise to flush the toxins from your digestive system–your liver, kidneys, and almost every other organ of the body. Supplements, patches, creams, smoothies and specialized diets are poised at the ready – stepping in to save you and your toxic, alcohol-filled, sugar-wracked innards from completely seizing up and rendering you a sick and hopeless mess. You’ve been overindulging on junk food and booze? Then you must detoxify your body in order to get everything back to tip-top working order. Or so they say.

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10 Controversial Charlie Hebdo Covers Translated

Je Suis Charlie Solidarity Protests

Source: EUobserver

Journalists, publishers, writers and readers were all shocked to learn of the massacre on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Resurrected in 1992, the publication has had its fair share of controversy, threats and violence over the years, as it has depicted just about every political and religious figure alive or dead in a very unfavorable light. Here are some of the most controversial Charlie Hebdo covers to date.

Controversial Charlie Hebdo Covers

Source: Tempi

In support of same-sex marriage, Charlie Hebdo published this cover depicting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit getting it on. Released in 2013, this cover is just one of many that criticizes Christianity.

Charlie Hebdo Koran

Source: IB Times

This controversial Charlie Hebdo cover from 2013 reads, “The Koran is shit – It does not stop bullets.” Some religious groups found the comic so offensive that French Islamists actually sued the magazine for blasphemy.

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What We Love This Week, Volume CIV

Harbin Ice Festival Pinks Reds

Source: BBC

China’s Harbin Ice Festival–In Photos

Harbin Ice Festival Far

Source: BBC

Beginning on January 5, people flocked to China’s Heilongjiang province to take part in the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The annual festival, which runs through the end of February, is likely to draw nearly one million visitors from China and abroad. So for those of you complaining about how winter is always miserable, maybe it’s time to add some color to your ice and change your perspective.

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