What We Loved This Week, Aug. 7 – 13

The best of old-school cool, America’s strangest conventions, history’s dumbest inventions, Missouri’s summertime Santa convention, and appalling vintage anti-suffrage propaganda.

Retro Photographs That Define Old-School Cool

Old School Cool

So Bad So GoodA suave Harrison Ford in 1980.

There’s cool and then there’s old-school cool. Our favorite pop culture icons are often celebrated for their creativity and contributions to their arts. But sometimes, we forget to appreciate them for being simply themselves. These photographs serve to remind us that these “cool kids” are effortlessly chic regardless of what they’re doing — whether they’re relaxing in their car or hanging out at home.

Ladies and gentlemen, take note. View more photos at So Bad So Good.

Old School Cool 2

So Bad So GoodBlondie’s Debbie Harry, New York City, 1977.

Old School Cool 3

So Bad So GoodThe Beatles before they were famous.

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How A Sexy German Cartoon Gave Birth To The Barbie Doll

Meet Lilli, the dirty little secret Barbie creators hoped everyone would forget.

Barbie Doll Bild Lilli

Wikimedia CommonsThe original Barbie (left), compared with Bild Lilli.

The Barbie doll has long been the symbol of the all-American woman. She’s known as much for her good looks and her extensive wardrobe as she is her impressive list of careers. Yet Barbie’s origins aren’t as innocent — or American — as you might think.

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