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Why Is Iowa First? A Quick History Of The Caucuses

Every four years, Iowa becomes the most important state in the Union. But why?

Iowa Caucus Barack Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama in one of their final campaign stops before the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. Source: Luke Vargas

For four decades, Iowans have had an out-sized privilege: They get the first say in who will become the presidential nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties. As a result, presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dote on the state for months, making promises—and taking votes in Congress—that disproportionately benefit Iowans. The question is, how did this frosty state of three million people get this leg up on the other 315 million of us? Why is Iowa first?

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Video Of The Day: Witness All Of History’s Economic Collapses In 6 Minutes

On average, the United States experiences an economic crisis of some sort every nine years.

But, of course, economic crisis isn’t a uniquely American phenomenon (even if the dire state of our savings accounts nowadays suggests otherwise). Economic booms and busts have always shaped history the world over, from the Roman Empire to the present. When you look back at history’s great economic crises, you realize that today’s troubles are just another rock in the riverbed.

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Making A Murderer: Six Theories On What Really Happened To Teresa Halbach

Making A Murderer Title Scene

Image Source: Netflix

Since the debut of Netflix’s docudrama Making A Murderer, the Internet has been abuzz with theories about the murder of Teresa Halbach that would support Steven Avery’s innocence. The release of case information not presented in the documentary, combined with what was revealed throughout the show, has become fodder for couch detectives everywhere. Below are the six sets of theories from Making A Murderer currently gaining traction:

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Oregon Militia Leaders Arrested, One Killed, In Police Confrontation

Oregon Arrested

Oregon standoff members arrested, from top left: Joseph O’Shaughnessy, Peter Santilli, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy. Image Source: Mug Shot List

Eight leaders of the armed Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation group have been arrested, and one has been killed after a standoff with the FBI and Oregon State Police officers around 20 miles north of Burns, Oregon. By some accounts, this may spell the end of the tense standoff that started on January 2.

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