Two Weird Beaches You Have To Visit In Hawaii

Weird Beaches Hawaii Papakolea

Source: Paradise Pin

Tourists have quite a journey ahead of them if they want to reach Hawaii’s Papakolea Beach. If traveling by foot, they should prepare themselves for a three-mile trek in the blazing sun. Getting there by car isn’t much easier: beach enthusiasts will need a tough 4×4 and an experienced driver who knows how to navigate the rugged terrain. Despite this—and the fact that Hawaii is filled to the brim with beautiful beaches–people still make these sorts of efforts every day. Why? Because Papakolea is special.

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You’ll Be Blown Away By This Year’s Landscape Photographer Of The Year

Winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year

Source: AOL

Photo contests unearth some of the world’s most incredible images, whether the contest be hugely popular like the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, or more obscure like the International Drone Photography Awards. The winning images from this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year contest are no less impressive. Ranging from mountain sunrises, snowy settings to geometric urban shots, this landscape photography will make you fall in love with Mother Nature all over again.

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