The Philae Probe Lands On Comet 67P And Makes History

Artistic Representation of Philae

An artistic representation of the Philae probe landing. Source: Business Insider

After 10 long years of travel, the washing machine-sized Philae probe finally reached its destination—a comet with the name 67P. This epic touchdown marks the first time that a spacecraft has ever successfully landed on a comet (simply crashing into one doesn’t count).

Comet 67P

Comet 67P. Source: ESA

Rosetta Mission Landing

Artistic representation of comet landing. Source: Pop Sugar

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Life In Paris, Life In New York

Explore two of the world’s most fantastic cities, Paris and New York, in this equally fantastic side-by-side documentary.

Intricate Typewriter Portraits Encapsulate The Energy Of Famous Writers

In the day preceding tablet PCs and smartphones, we relied on typewriters to render documents readable and formal. Known for their unforgiving nature and uncanny ability to run out of ink at the worst times, it’s a bit odd that typewriters have become an object of romantic nostalgia as of late. Channeling that sentiment—as well as showcasing the typewriter’s versatility and usefulness—artist Alvaro Franca fashions intricate likenesses of famous writers using nothing but a typewriter. These portraits comprise part of an ongoing project, and Franca has plans on putting out at least five more to complete the series.

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10 Science Myths That Won’t Die

Myth: McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot.

Science Myths Hamburger

Source: KSL

This “fact” has been making the internet rounds for a while now, but as with most things internet, you’re not getting the big picture. As the story goes, fast food is laden with so many preservatives and chemicals that it doesn’t physically decompose, and therefore can’t (in good conscience) be considered food. Have you seen pictures of years-old McDonald’s food still intact? Yes. Are those pictures real? Probably. Well then, what gives?

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