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Inside North Korea’s Uber-Creepy Water Park

Water Park North Korea

Source: Wikimedia

In October 2013, North Korean military personnel and party officials stood sternly at the opening ceremony of the latest venue meant to display North Korean wealth and devotion to their Dear Leader: a water park.

Said Premiere Pak Jong Ju of the new water park, “[It] is the edifice built thanks to Korean Peoples’ Army service personnel’s spirit of devotedly carrying out any project and their fighting traits as they are ready to flatten even a high mountain at a go-in-hearty response to the order of the supreme commander.”


Located in east Pyongyang, Munsu Water Park covers about 37 acres of land, features a smorgasbord of both indoor and outdoor attractions, and has been called the “creepiest water park you’ve ever seen” by The Washington Post.

Munsu Water Park Opening Ceremony

As this picture shows, the park’s opening ceremony was a grand affair. Source: Washington Post

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Pope Francis Has More Twitter Followers Than The White House, And 15 Other Things To Know About El Papa

Pope Francis Facts Cheerful

Source: Cleveland

After spending four days in Cuba, Pope Francis has finally arrived in the United States — and just delivered a powerful speech to Congress, which you can read in full .

While pundits and the general population will no doubt be analyzing his speech in the days to come, we provide you with some things you may not have known about El Papa in the meantime:

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For more on the Pope, check out a photo of him as a young man, as well as his most powerful quotes on climate change.

Photo Of The Day: When A Young Pope Francis Taught Literature & Psychology

Young Pope Francis In Argentina

Pope Francis in 1966 at El Salvador School in Buenos Aires, where he taught literature and psychology.
Image Source: The Huffington Post

Before he became the first-ever Latin American pope, Pope Francis was known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francis’ pre-papal career included work as a bar bouncer, chemical technician, and a teacher at various schools in Argentina, where he taught literature and psychology.

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