The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel: Modern Yet Traditional

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Horizon

Source: Kempinski

It’s not even open yet, but the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel already has the world talking about its seamless blend of modern, eco-friendly design and traditional Chinese culture. Constructed in a giant, sun-like orb shape, Beijing’s Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is covered with more than 10,000 glass panels, which are meant to reflect the surrounding scenery.

Up Close of Sunrise Hotel

Designs from the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel. Source: Hospitality Net

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The Paradise That Is Lofoten, Norway

Senja Swirl Norway

If you creep toward the Arctic Pole just long enough, chances are you’ll pass through Lofoten, Norway. And if you’re even luckier, you’ll encounter the Senja Swirl, featured above. We’d recommend going in the summer, when the sun never actually sets.

Fall Back Into The Future With This Steampunk Bar

Clockwork Faces

Source: Freshome

How would you like to belly up to this unique bar and order a drink? The Romanian steampunk pub, Joben Bistro, takes this trend and runs full steam ahead with it. From the first step into the bistro, you are whisked away into the retro-futuristic romance of the steampunk scene. The pub itself is a fantastical work of art that leaves the time-travel seeking patron in want of nothing.

Steampunk Bar Main Counter

Source: Freshome

Dystopian futures and science fiction are nothing new; these themes have existed for more than a hundred years and in nearly as many incarnations. One of the fastest growing offshoots of this is Steampunk, a science fiction and fantasy sub genre featuring technology based on the 19th century harnessing of steam power.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XCI

Powerful Photo Series Captures Children Regaining Sight

India is home to over 30% of the world’s blind population, with countless children being born into a world of darkness due to congenital cataracts each year. When you take into account the fact that these children will not be able to go to school and will always require the help of family to make it through the day, it’s clear that the consequences of blindness extend beyond the physical; they tap into issues of systemic poverty and inequality as well.

Thankfully, the cure for congenital cataracts–a condition where the eye lens is clouded from the moment of birth and eventually leads to blindness if left untreated–is attainable and relatively non-labor intensive. While a life-changing procedure with a price tag of $300 might not seem to be cost prohibitive to us, it is in India, where 68% of its population lives on less than $2 a day. A New York-based NGO, WonderWork, is trying to bridge this gap by sending doctors to India to perform these surgeries on those in need. Photographer Brent Stirton followed two patients, Anita and Sonia Singh, on this miraculous journey, documenting their transformation through film. The ensuing photos are incredibly moving, and we encourage you to check them out at Time Lightbox.

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