Video Of The Day: Stanford Scientists Discover Invisible, Star-Less “Dark Galaxy”

It makes up 95 percent of the matter and energy in the universe. It surrounds all of us yet remains largely a mystery to scientists and has never even been directly observed. And its name is even more ominous than that description: dark matter.

But now, researchers at Stanford have discovered an equally ominous-sounding “dark galaxy” that may reveal the true nature of dark matter.

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What Happened When I Became New York’s Famous Pigeon Lady

Each week, we bring you an incredible experience from someone who lived it. In this edition, New York native Tina Trachtenberg — AKA “Mother Pigeon” — tells us how she came to dedicate her entire life to NYC’s most hated animals: rats and pigeons.

It's Autumn..i will be in Washington square park untill 6!

A photo posted by mother pigeon (@motherpigeonbrooklyn) on

In urban contexts, the pigeon is often regarded as the unsightly, disease-ridden cost of culture. Live in a city with a world-renowned museum? Chances are you also live somewhere filled with pigeons, dismissed by some as little more than “rats with wings.”

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Climate Change Denier Sarah Palin Continues Her Crusade With Dig At Bill Nye

Sarah Palin Bill Nye

Bill Nye (left) and Sarah Palin. Image Source: ATI Composite; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Add this to history’s long list of misguided attention-grabbing moves: On Thursday, one-time vice presidential hopeful and long-time climate change denier Sarah Palin insulted beloved children’s television icon and climate change agitator Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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