The Effects Of A Lightning Strike On The Human Body

Lightning Strike Effects

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Most of us have seen lighting dance through the sky, counting the seconds that pass before we hear thunder in order to see how close we are to that deadly charge. While thousands of people are struck by lightning each year, only a fraction are fatally injured. Yet for these survivors, the effects of a lightning strike are debilitating and last for decades. Here’s why:

Effects of a Lightning Strike

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25 Years Later: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

25 years ago today, the wall that separated East and West Berlin finally came down, reuniting families and ushering in a sense of openness to a fractured world. In the days leading up to the anniversary, many have taken the opportunity to reflect on all that the wall represented. The images take us back to another time: the end of Reagan, and the very beginning of the internet.

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Berlin Wall Axe Up

Source: Boston

Berlin Wall Swinging

Source: Reddit

Berlin Wall Standing On Top

Those who gathered took their accomplishments to heart, standing atop the wall that was once unclimbable, waiting for it to come crashing down. Source: Boston Globe

Berlin Wall Crowd

As the crowd grew, so did the anticipation. Source: Gallery Hip

Berlin Wall Walk Through

Once the first section fell, people from both sides were eager to venture through to the parts of their country - and their capitol - from which they had been cut off for so many years. Source: Gallery Hip

Berlin Wall Heaving

The wall, which was one of the most visible symbols of the Cold War, did not come down all at once. The initial section was removed in a ceremonial fashion but others would bring their own tools, chiseling and hammering away section by section, bit by bit. Source: Franklin Now

Berlin Wall Section Falls

Since being erected in 1961, the Berlin Wall had separated much more than two spatial areas; it divided temporal, ideological spaces as well. The wall essentially had cut East Germany off from the rest of the world, much in the way that North Korea is now. Source: Daily Mail

Berlin Wall Soldiers

Never again would there be soldiers mounted on the wall, ensuring that no one could get into or out of East Germany. The shattering of the stone divide brought down the barriers and alleviated many fears of the time. Source: Time

Berlin Wall Nun Flowers

The pain is still present, if not fresh, for many who lived through the Cold War. Here, a nun walks in front of a line of wreaths during the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, at the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse in Berlin on Aug. 13, 2011. Mourners visit and remembrances are often left at this and other memorial sites. Source: Boston

Berlin Wall Celebrating

In stunning juxtaposition to the images of loss are those of celebration at the time of the fall. The symbolism of the crumbling monolith was powerful and uniting. Source: Gallery Hip

Berlin Wall Child Waving

Young and old gathered to participate in the historic event; not only Germans but individuals from across the globe yearned to be a part of this monumental time in history. Source: Wordpress

Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

Those on the Eastern side of the wall were divided in emotion and loyalty. While many found it to be a too-long awaited day, there were some who did not look kindly upon the change. Source: The National Post

Berlin Wall Last Standing Piece

But the wall did fall. The final standing pieces were eventually removed, along with much of the lingering breath of the former communist state. As Francis Fukuyama would later say, this moment ushered in “the end of history”. Source: The National Post

Berlin Wall Chipping Away

Source: Gallery Hip

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Babies In A Divided Berlin
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A 20-Year-Old Princess Elizabeth

20 Year Old Princess Elizabeth 1946

Taken in 1946, we see a downy-cheeked Princess Elizabeth gazing off into the distance in her Buckingham Palace sitting room. Six years later Elizabeth would become the Head of the Commonwealth and the queen regnant of the independent Commonwealth countries–as well as the first queen whose coronation was televised.

Hop On Board The Trans-Siberian Odyssey

Measuring in at nearly 6,000 miles across, the Trans-Siberian connects and cuts through some of the world’s most influential cities–and forbidding landscapes. Watch and see what awaits one man who hops on the train in Moscow and makes his way to Beijing.

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