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When A Day At The Beach Was Fancy: Blackpool, 1954

Blackpool beach 1954 ice cream

Ice cream is always the perfect snack for a day at the beach. It is just as true now as it was in 1954. Source: Photo by John Chillingworth/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

As daylight hours start to dwindle and temperatures commence their downward slide, let us wax nostalgic about the summer via vintage photos of Blackpool, England. For more than 100 years, the quaint seaside town offered fun for residents and tourists alike: from donkey rides to beauty contests and diners to drink carts, the sun always shone in least for a time.

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Photo Of The Day: Breathtaking View Of Greece’s Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus In Greece

Image Source: Reddit

The wondrous Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest peak, is one of the country’s main attractions. It not only has a wide range of ecological diversity–with more than 1,700 types of plants and many diverse animal species–but is of course rich in history and culture as well. The mountain was a central setting in Greek mythology, as it was the site of Zeus’ throne and the dwelling of the Olympian Gods.

Every year, Olympus attracts thousands of tourists, drawing them in with its awe-inspiring beauty and extraordinary high peaks. You can probably see why so many believed this mountain was the home of the gods.

Can You Color Your Way Out Of Adult Stressors?

Adult Coloring Books Cafe Ellas

Image Source: CaFé CoN eLLaS

Stress (noun, verb):

1. A 21st century illness that flourishes in developed societies.
2. The pressure of having only a few hours a day to finish all that we hope and have to do.

Stress solutions: quit job; change lifestyles; go organic; move abroad without a cellphone; pursue yoga, meditation, tai chi, reiki…

And apparently coloring books.

Yes, you read that correctly. At first it might sound outlandish that adults are reverting to “toys” in order to cope with the stresses that each day brings, but in northern Europe coloring for adults is already a major trend. In the United States, the concept is in bloom.

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Researchers Are One Step Closer To “Curing” Color Blindness

Over ten million Americans live with colorblindness, but if Drs. Maureen and Jay Neitz have their way, that number will fall dramatically — and soon.

In 1999, the University of Washington researchers decided to look for a solution to the problem of color blindness, and spent over a decade researching the genetic condition before they proved in 2009 that they could use gene therapy to correct color blindness in male squirrel monkeys, which are born unable to distinguish between red and green, according to The Seattle Times.

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