Seven Bizarre And Beautiful Natural Phenomena

Beautiful Natural Phenomena: Naga Fireballs

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The Naga fireballs are a natural, inexplicable phenomenon witnessed along the Mekong River, in Thailand and Laos. They refer to the glowing, reddish balls, which vary in size and rise from the water into the air, before disappearing. The bizarre event takes place every October during the full moon. It is estimated between tens and thousands of fireballs shoot from the river, some reaching a hundred meters in height.

Though many scientists have attempted to explain the phenomenon (commonly as a spontaneous ignition of gases from the river), there is no substantial evidence to back their theories. Instead, the legend by locals – involving a river-haunting serpent, Naga, who shoots fireballs to celebrate the end of Buddhist lent – is given more credence. An annual festival is held to celebrate the Naga fireballs, one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet.

Beautiful Natural Phenomena Naga Fireballs

Seven Bizarre And Beautiful Natural Phenomena

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