20 Ridiculous Laws Around The World

6. In July 2013, China passed a law that legally requires children to visit their parents “often” and attend to their parent’s “spiritual needs”. Thankfully for those of us whose parents are about as warm as a canister of liquid nitrogen, “often” is indeed a subjective term.

7. Britain is home to a rather strange array of laws involving food and beverages. For one, as part of the 1986 Salmon Act (yes, there is indeed a salmon act) it’s illegal to handle a salmon in “suspicious” circumstances. For another it’s also illegal to import potatoes into England or Wales if you have reasonable cause to believe that they are from Poland. It’s also, bizarrely, illegal to be drunk in a pub in Britain.

8. In other British animal absurdity, it’s against the law to allow your pet to mate with any pet from the royal house. If you happen to stumble upon a dead whale, the head is legally property of your male sovereign, while the tail belongs to the Queen. Why? Whales and sturgeons are considered to be royal fish, and thus belong to the monarchy. We don’t get it, either.

9. In certain parts of India, a man can offer up his wife as repayment for his debts.

10. In Hong Kong, a wife is legally entitled to kill her husband with her bare hands – only her bare hands – if she catches him cheating.

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