The 6 Spookiest Hotels In The World…That You Can Actually Visit

Spookiest Hotels Crescent Clouds

The hotel’s haunted past makes it a very popular tourist destination Source: Eureka Thyme

Fear is a primal sensation felt by every human being. It’s something unifying – even though we are all scared of different things, there is always something that makes us jump and scream. Some people actually enjoy this feeling and will go chasing it on purpose. One of the best ways to do this is to travel the world, finding the spookiest places on Earth. We’ve got you off to a good start with a look at some creepy hotels where you can actually spend the night. Just don’t expect to get any sleep.

Clown Motel

Located in Tonopah, Nevada, this motel’s name makes it pretty clear why it appears on our list. Fear of clowns (coulrophobia) is one of the most common phobias in the world. Even though clowns are meant to evoke joy and laughter, all they generally manage to do is scare the hell out of people.

Clown Entrance

At least there’s free internet Source: WordPress

By all accounts, the motel looks like a decent place to spend the night. Just be prepared for hundreds of clowns littering every single room. For people suffering from coulrophobia, the reception is enough to send them screaming. The worst part of it all is that if you’re traveling, you might have no choice other than to spend the night here. The Clown Motel is on a remote stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere.

Spookiest Hotels Clown Toys

Pleasant dreams! Source: IGN

Well, at least it can’t get any creepier. Oh, wait…did we forget to mention it’s right next to a cemetery? The area is a semi-popular tourist attraction because of several old mines built there. Most of the miners are buried in a 100-year old cemetery that adjoins the motel.

Clown Cemetery

Clown motel right next to a cemetery – this is definitely a horror movie Source: Panoramio

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