As explored in our previous post on cinemagraph GIFs, cinemagraphs are GIFs that combine a still photographic with one animated element. The result is a fantastic blend of the static and the dynamic, especially when one adds in the aesthetics of Stanley Kubrick movies. For your viewing pleasure, 25 wonderful Stanley Kubrick cinemagraph GIFs:

Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraph GIFs: The Shining

Wonderful Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraph GIFs The Shining

The Shining Movie GIF

Kubric Movie GIFs

Kubrick Movie Cinemagraphs

Kubric Movie Cinemagraph GIFs

Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraph GIFs Shining

Shining Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraph GIFs

The Shining Cinemagraph

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