What Modern-Day Genocide Looks Like

Footprints Rwandan Genocide

The Holocaust tends to come to mind first–and sometimes exclusively–when one thinks of genocide. But in terms of time, lives lost and capacity to rebuild, the earliest modern and most devastating genocides have occurred in Africa–namely Congo, modern-day Namibia, and Rwanda.

Following decades of Belgian colonial rule that used the law to exacerbate, ossify and entrench tensions between Rwandan tribes, an independent Rwanda erupted in a genocide that would claim the lives of 500,000 to 1,000,000 people in a matter of one hundred days.

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Cape Town, As Seen From Above

Cape Town South Africa

Beginning as a supply station and steadily transitioning into South Africa’s legislative capital and second most populous city, Cape Town is a city that simultaneously embraces and struggles with change. The coastal metropolis is a popular destination for expatriates and immigrants (it’s one of the most multicultural cities in the world), and yet it still faces challenges with its legacy of segregation.

When “First World Problems” Enter The “Third World”

Welcome to Ghana, where every day workers inhale lead, flame retardants, dioxides and other toxins as they sift through the heaps of electronic waste exported here from industrious countries. It’s illegal, of course, but that doesn’t hinder any activity. The home of many children is referred to as a digital dumping ground, and on the occasions that they might want to play outside, they run the risk of inhibiting the development of their brains, as well as their reproductive and nervous system.

One Woman Saved The Lives Of 100,000 Displaced Persons

Following the 1988 collapse of the Somalian government, Dr. Hawa Abdi took it upon herself to provide refuge for the increasing amounts of people seeking sanctuary from the devastating amount of fighting. Through the years, her one-person clinic transformed into a 400-bed hospital, and over 90,000 lives were saved.

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