One Woman Saved The Lives Of 100,000 Displaced Persons

Following the 1988 collapse of the Somalian government, Dr. Hawa Abdi took it upon herself to provide refuge for the increasing amounts of people seeking sanctuary from the devastating amount of fighting. Through the years, her one-person clinic transformed into a 400-bed hospital, and over 90,000 lives were saved.

Filmmaker Uses Infra-Red Film To Highlight Violence In The Congo

During World War II, the US military used infrared film as camouflage detection to scope out enemies with much greater ease. Some years later, filmmaker Richard Mosse got his hands on the same bubblegum pink film and has used it to bring to light the violence and warfare that has plagued many parts of Africa–specifically the Democratic Republic of the Congo–for decades yet has managed to slip under the Western radar for just as long.

Elephants Grazing Kenya’s Lake Amboseli

Elephants Grazing Lake Amboseli

Located between the Kenyan and Tanzanian border, Amboseli National Park is one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world, especially for avian acolytes. Within its 151 square mile region, you can behold over 400 different species of bird!

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