Photo Of The Day: Why The Nile Runs Blood Red In Eerie New Satellite Images

Nile River Satellite Image

Image Source: European Space Agency

Yes, the Nile is home to a 20-foot, 1,650-pound hyper-aggressive breed of crocodile that has a “deserved reputation as a vicious man-eater,” and may kill 200 people each year. Then there’s the Nile’s 8,000-pound hippopotamuses, which are actually even more dangerous. And we haven’t even talked about the snakes yet.

All of which is to say that there are plenty of reasons the world’s longest river could run red with blood. But, don’t worry, despite what the above Nile River satellite image displays, that hasn’t happened just yet. So why does this image from the European Space Agency paint the Nile in such a chilling shade of red?

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What We Loved This Week, Mar. 20 – 26

Absurd vintage men’s fashions, striking photos of disappearing animal species, the unarmed women hunting South Africa’s poachers, the world’s tallest bridge, and abandoned NASA launch sites.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns For Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Hilariously Terrible Examples Of Men’s Fashion Over Time

Hilarious Vintage Patterns

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Say what you will about fashion trends du jour — it could always be worse: the ’70s. The folks at Vintage Everyday have combed through the archives to offer up some of history’s more questionable fashion choices for men. The results are amusing enough in their own right, and become that much more so when you realize that people would actually pay for these items.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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Ota Benga’s Short, Tragic Life As A Human Zoo Exhibit

His family was killed, he was taken as a slave, and he lived in the Bronx Zoo’s monkey house as a human exhibit.

Ota Benga Chimp

Ota Benga on display at the Bronx Zoo in 1906. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

On March 20, 1916, a 32-year-old African man named Ota Benga shot himself in the heart while being held against his will in the United States. Benga’s short, sad life was shaped by colonial avarice justified by the quack science of eugenics. Through it all, he did what he could to keep his dignity intact despite being subjected to the most degrading treatment imaginable. His story, like far too many tragedies, begins in the Congo, then known as the Congo Free State.

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What We Loved This Week, Mar. 13 – 19

The witch doctors of Sierra Leone, tiny structures built by insects, Texas’ female gun owners, European border photography, history’s most famous betrayals.

Witch Doctors Sierra Leone Teeth

Image Source: VICE

Spending A Week With The Witch Doctors Of Sierra Leone

Witch Doctors Sierra Leone

Image Source: VICE

When an American thinks of a physician, images of stethoscopes and syringes often come to mind. In Sierra Leone, at least among self-proclaimed witch doctors, things are a bit different. These unconventional medics often use black magic and herbal medicines to cure the sick, and claim that they can curse or even kill their enemies.

Intrigued by their practices, a VICE reporter went down to Sierra Leone to visit these doctors, all of whom are members of the National Council of Traditional Healers, and learn more about their craft. Check out her photographic documentation of the trip at VICE.

Witch Doctors Sierra Leone Pointing

Image Source: VICE

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