The Science Behind Hangovers–And Which Liquors To Avoid

The hangover: as frustrating as paying rent made worse because you can’t throw money at your landlord to make it go away. Discovery News’ Anthony Carboni delves into veisalgia (the hangover’s technical term), its causes, and why darker liquors tend to exacerbate them. Hint: it’s the congeners.

The Most Fascinating Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Propaganda

If you sip on Russian vodka at parties, you can thank Vladimir the Great. Legend has it that the primary reason that Vlad rejected Islam as the state religion was because Islam prohibited the consumption of all alcohol. To a point, that was a good decision on behalf of future Vlads: by 1860 vodka comprised nearly half of Russia’s state revenue. The “party” could only last for so long and as Russia entered World War I and the Bolsheviks came to power, soviet anti-alcoholism propaganda ran rampantly in efforts to curb and prohibit subsequent alcohol consumption:

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Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 1

"What a shame! He got drunk, swore, smashed a tree and now he's ashamed to look people in the face."

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 2


Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 3

"Get out the drunks out of the workplaces!"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 4

"Don't drink, Dad!"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 5

"Stop! It's the final warning!"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 6

"Have mercy on your future child."

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 7

"Rich inner substance."

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 8

"Remember – When you drink, your family is hungry."

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 9

"For health?"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 10

"Alcohol – Enemy Of Mind"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 11

"And they say we are pigs..."

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 12

"Get out!"

Soviet Anti Alcohol Poster 13

"A friend of vodka is an enemy of the Trade Union."

Later on in the 20th century, Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev would become known for his great reform efforts, one of which included yet another anti-alcohol campaign. While in some ways Gorbachev’s partial-prohibition had a positive effect on alcoholism itself (life expectancy increased while crime rates fell), his story offered outcomes not unlike other preceding (and unsuccessful) prohibition efforts: it largely devastated the economy and led to the increased prevalence of dangerous black markets. Opting out of the Pyrrhic victory that prohibition tends to provide, in 2010 President Dmitri Medvedev decided to double the minimum price of a bottle of vodka in order to confront the problem more efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to io9 for these images.

The World’s Craziest Drinks

Beverages. Refreshments. Libations. Regardless of what you call them, drinks are an essential part of human life and can vary greatly in terms of look, taste, and type. Here’s a look at some of the world’s craziest drinks, most expensive, and most unbelievable drinks:

Craziest Drinks: Oldest Drink

Coolest Drinks Beer

Source: Skirmish

Before bread, there was beer. The favored drink of millions was mentioned in the written history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and dates back to the 5th millennium BC. It is believed that beer was discovered by chance, when people stumbled across grain that had naturally fermented. What we know about the history of beer today is a combination of early records and careful speculation.

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