Alpstein, Switzerland’s Underrated Alps

May 17, 2013

The Alpstein massif don’t even come close to rivaling the stature of the Alps’ more snow-covered and soaring landforms, but that doesn’t make this alpine subgroup less worthy of your ogles and awes.

The Celestial Grandeur Of Matterhorn

February 21, 2013

Matterhorn Mountain Stars

One of the Swiss Alps’ most iconic features, Matterhorn’s mesmerizing appearance is matched by its inherent deadliness. With a nearly 15,000-foot high summit, Matterhorn’s pernicious peak has ended the lives of over 500 alpinists whose sky-high ambition has been to set foot upon it.

A Divine Sunrise In Chamonix

January 20, 2013

Sunrise In Chamonix

Of all the lovely places to visit in the Alps, France’s Chamonix is probably the most scenic. Nestled at the foot of Mont Blanc, the Alps’ highest point, an average day in the charming Alpine village is out of this world for most of its visitors.

Exploring The Alps At Night

January 10, 2013

Exploring The Alps At Night

Extending through seven European countries, the Alps that we can admire today are the result of the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates.

A Breathtaking Glimpse Of The Austrian Alps

December 24, 2012

The Scenic Austrian Alps

In light of this rather pastoral picture, it’s easy to see why Maria from “The Sound Of Music” found these “hills” to be so alive.

Exploring The Alps At Night

December 11, 2012

Helvetia By Night is a timelapse video project created by Alessandro Della Bella that explores the grandeur and majesty of the Swiss Alps at night. As described by Alessandro, Helvetia By Night is a mixture of “short videos of long nights present you the stunning beauty of the Swiss Alps and show you the magic of a spectacular nighttime sky.”