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Photo Of The Day: Never-Before-Seen Image Of Billy The Kid Could Be Worth $5 Million

Billy The Kid

A detail of Billy the Kid (left) in the original tintype. Image Source: reddit

It’s not every day you’re told you can make a profit of approximately $5 million from a purchase in a junk shop. But this is just what happened to collector Randy Guijarro.

This newly discovered image of Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, is currently making its rounds on the internet, becoming just the second authenticated photo of the Wild West outlaw and possibly the most valuable.

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Photo Of The Day: Indigenous Peoples Day Vs. Columbus Day

Indigenous Poeples Day

Travis Mazawaficuna, a member of the Dakota Nation, or Sioux, tribe outside of the United Nations building in 2013. Image Source: Washington Post

Indigenous Peoples Day is becoming more popular as a Columbus Day alternative.

Portland, Ore., and Albuquerque joined at least seven other cities last week in changing the name of the federal holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day. At a state level, Alaska, Hawaii and South Dakota were ahead of the trend, not celebrating Columbus Day since it was first nationally recognized in 1937. Today, only 15 percent of private businesses and 22 states recognize Columbus Day, which is the smallest proportion for any federal holiday. Berkeley, Calif., was the first city to call the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992.

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Famous Drag Queens Of The Early 20th Century

Famous Drag Queens Fascinating Widow

Julian Eltinge, Image Source: The Daily Mirror

Before RuPaul entered and expanded our understanding of the mainstream, just a handful of famous drag queens–such as Danny La Rue, Divine, and Doris Fish–managed to capture the attention of the public. For the most part, the art of drag performance had been kept to nightclubs and small stages.

Famous Drag Queens Divine

Divine, Image Source: Coliseu De Ideias

In the theater world, female impersonation has existed for centuries–but not out of any desire to expand what it means to be a woman. Most women were not allowed to perform on stage before the 18th century, but that didn’t mean that playwrights stopped creating female characters. From Japanese Kabuki performances to the dramas of ancient Greece, men have been dressing in women’s garb long before the term “drag” ever existed.

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Cults, Communes And Charles Manson: Isis Aquarian On Her Time With Hollywood’s Famous (And Infamous) Source Family

Isis Aquarian Then Now

Isis Aquarian, then and now. Source: Facebook and the Isis Aquarian Archives

Isis Aquarian is a striking woman. She is probably best known as a member of The Source Family–a group of beautiful, white clad hippies living in the Hollywood Hills during the 1970s. They followed the teachings of a man named Jim Baker, or Father Yod–a reformed bank robber and judo-chopping killer who fronted a cult psych band, served salads to the stars, took fourteen wives, and eventually threw himself from a cliff in a hang glider.

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