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Hawaii’s Relationship With The US Is Not As Pretty As You’d Think

History Hawaii Aerial

An aerial snapshot of modern day Hawaii shows off the island’s beauty. Source: Yahoo News

Triangles have three sides. The sun sets in the west. The United States is composed of 50 states. All are taken to be self-evident, but up until August 21, 1959, the latter was simply not true. Of course, that all changed when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a proclamation that allowed Hawaii to become a state exactly 56 years ago today.

History of Hawaii Statehood

Source: Lyman Museum

Known for its lush, tropical landscape and best remembered as the site of the 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing, Hawaii adds much to the nation’s diversity: the state is the only one to grow coffee, and it supports about one-third of the world’s commercial supply of pineapples. But behind the state’s pristine beaches and tropical splendor lies a dark history of forced transformation.

History of Hawaii King Kamehameha Religion

This picture depicts native Hawaiians outside a religious building. Their religion was based on polytheistic and animistic beliefs. Source: Wikipedia

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8 Incredible American Castles To Visit This Summer

Most medieval castles were constructed between the 10th and 17th centuries, long before Europeans settled America. Even today, it’s easy to find castles dotting the European landscape, many of them still occupied by families who have lived there for generations. But America doesn’t need to feel too left out. While Europe indeed has a monopoly on culturally and historically rich castles, these American castles are still pretty incredible.

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Eighteen Apollo 11 Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

Astronaut Moon American Flag

Source: NASA

The world’s first pictures of Pluto and its icy mountains arrived just days before the 46th anniversary of what is surely history’s most momentous outer space occasion. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin made history as the first humans to land on the moon. The mission’s third astronaut, Michael Collins, continued in lunar orbit while his comrades made history.

Even though the moon landing was a profound technological and scientific achievement as well as an unparalleled symbol of national pride, there are still plenty of details that most people don’t know…

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Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins traveled 240,000 miles in just a little over three days (76 hours to be exact) to reach the moon’s lunar orbit. As the lunar module separated from the command module and began its descent to the moon, people from all over the world stopped what they were doing to tune into live coverage of the landing. To see the original broadcast, watch below (skip to minute 20 for the live coverage from the moon):

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Satan Once Lived In The White House–And More Surprising Facts About Our Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers' Surprising Beliefs

Source: Wikipedia

We can thank our Founding Fathers for giving us an annual excuse to overindulge win barbecues, beer and fireworks–and for being some real characters:

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America’s Founding Fathers were some of most influential–and controversial–people in our history. This historical documentary explores some of the conspiracy theories surrounding our trailblazing founders:

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