The History Of Homicide In The United States

Homicide Rate US

While homicide rates have slowed over the years, the alarming number of homicides in the Bayou state have analysts scratching their heads. Most attribute Louisiana’s status as “murder capital of the world” to a deadly cocktail of lax gun laws, violence-inciting warm climates and poverty. Presently, for every 100,000 people, there are 10.8 murders or non-negligent manslaughters in the state of Louisiana.

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‘Appreciate America’ – A Fascinating Propaganda Series From World War 2

While American forces fought Axis forces across the globe, America was also consumed with winning the war at home during World War 2. With Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps and intelligence agencies maintaining surveillance German-Americans (and not to mention concern about organized labor), America was in a hyper-vigilant state about internal security. Part of this effort took involved domestic propaganda, like this ‘Appreciate America’ poster series distributed from 1942 to 1945:

All ‘Appreciate America’ images via imgur.

Kathrine Switzer, Marathon Woman

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer took to Boston only to do what she loved, and something that was otherwise a relatively uncontroversial pastime for many: running. The difference on this day, however, was that Switzer would be participating in her first Boston Marathon, and as men viewed women far too “fragile” to complete the 26-mile race, that was a feat a woman had never accomplished before.

Undeterred by myth, Switzer’s ambitions were met with aggression early-on in the race. Manhandled by the race manager (seen above trying to pull off Switzer’s numbers), demonized by her then-boyfriend for ruining his sports career, and antagonized by the press with asinine questions like “What are you trying to prove?”, Switzer ran to cross more than a finish line that day; she ran to achieve equal rights for women in sports and to silence the squawks of those whose anachronistic views on a woman’s physical abilities had kept countless capable women out of athletics for centuries. Said Switzer to her running-mate and coach Arnie Briggs following the race manager debacle, “I have to finish this race. Even on my hands and knees. If I don’t finish, people will say women can’t do it, and they will say I was just doing it for the publicity or something.”

She did finish the race. And at this year’s marathon, nearly 70% of the 11,606 female runners followed in Switzer’s footsteps.

Amazing Photographs Of The Summer Of 1969 In New York

While the late 1960s are often associated with the cultural shift spurred by the cities of California, New York City was undergoing it’s own significant and rapid transformation. With Greenwich Village becoming the hippie enclave of the east coast and New York experiencing an accelerated white flight, the demographics and make-up of the city quickly changed. Below, we take a fascinating look at the summer of 1969 in New York:

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The New York Look Life Magazine

"The New York Look", a 1969 photo spread by Life Magazine.

The New York Look

"The New York Look", a 1969 photo spread by Life Magazine.

Bonus Videos Of 1969 In New York

All images above from Life Magazine – Summer in the City: Revisiting the Ultra-Cool ‘New York Look’ of 1969.

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