Morphine, Santa Claus, And Nazis: The Secret History Of Coca-Cola

From morphine to Santa Claus to Nazis, this Coca-Cola history lesson will reveal how one sugary drink created the America we know today.

Coca Cola History

Afghan refugee children stand in front of a Coca-Cola sign in northwest Pakistan. Image Source: HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images

On the evening of April 16, 1865, Union and Confederate cavalry clashed over a bridge in Columbus, Georgia, in what was arguably the last battle of the U. S. Civil War. During the fight, a Confederate colonel named John Pemberton took a slashing saber wound to the chest and had to be carried away from the fight.

Believe it or not, this set of facts is the basis for why, today, you clip coupons before a shopping trip, why every vertical surface in the world is plastered with advertisements, and why children believe in Santa Claus.

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The Five Strangest Riots In History

From brawling over stolen corpses to rioting over a pile of exploding disco records, history’s five strangest riots prove that some people can always be relied upon to form an angry mob.

Historical Strange Riots Hockey

A Vancouver Canucks fan takes part in a riot after the team’s 2011 Stanley Cup Championship loss. Photo by David Elop. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Both mobs and mob mentality have been around for as long as “society” has existed. The first recorded riot occurred in 44 BC, after the assassination of Julius Caesar, but you can be certain that they were already a well-established part of human life by that point.

While violence is never a laughing matter, the motives behind some riots are just plain bizarre. Ever heard the expression, “People have rioted over less?” Here are five riots that make you realize it’s completely true…

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The Surprising History Of High Heels

High heels are more than just shoes: they’ve long been symbols of power, for women and men.

High Heels History

Image Source: Lifetime

About 72 percent of women will wear high heels at some point in their lives. While these shoes have become something of a metonym for femininity itself, you might be surprised to learn that the heel didn’t begin as a trend for women at all.

In fact, men wore the shoes first, and for hundreds of years the only women who ever wore elevated heels were courtesans. So how did the shoes eventually end up in practically every woman’s closet?

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The War On Drugs Was A Disastrous Failure, And Johns Hopkins Has A Study To Prove It

War On Drugs Failure

Image Source: Flickr

It only takes one look at U.S. incarceration rates to see just how much irrational drug laws have harmed this nation. In fact, the prison population has reached its historical apex, almost entirely because offenders are facing obscene sentences based on draconian drug laws in which the punishment far outweighs the crime.

Currently, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, the U.S. is spending a staggering $51 billion each year on the war on drugs. And for all that money, 83% of the people locked up are nonviolent offenders charged only with possession.

On March 24, a global health report from The Lancet medical journal and Johns Hopkins University confirmed what many people already know: The U.S. war on drugs was a failure. The report reveals that not only did it not solve the problem, it sometimes made things worse.

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