A Rare View Of 20th Century Rural America

February 1, 2013

Country Store 1939

Much is said about the industrial and commerce-based boom that dominated and arguably defined the 20th century in the United States, but the image featured above tells a different story. Taken in 1939 in Gordon, North Carolina, five men sit afront a rustic country store that, with columns made of timber wood, seems untouched by modern technology.

One Fine Musical Couple

January 2, 2013

Bob Marley Cindy Breakspeare Photo

Taken in 1976, two of Jamaica’s own musical all-stars–Cindy Breakspeare and beau Bob Marley–can be seen enjoying what seems to be a pristine day at the beach. The two would go on to have Damien Marley, a popular musician today, two years later.

The Ringling Brothers’ “Freaky” Portrait

December 31, 2012

Ringling Brothers Congress Freaks

Taken in 1929, this photo features the Ringling Brothers’ so-called “Congress of Freaks” in concert with members of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The Great Depression In Pictures

December 23, 2012

Marking the beginning of the American Great Depression, October 24, 1929 would come to be called Black Thursday for the dark times it heralded. Stock prices plummeted and in the weeks that followed, billions of dollars worth of stock would simply vanish as speculators desperately tried to escape the crash. Ironically, it was this kind of behavior that sealed many speculators’ fates.

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A Photo History Of The Vietnam War

December 21, 2012

Officially recorded in the United States as having begun in November 1955, the Vietnam War would span nearly 20 years and marked one of the United States’ most active efforts to thwart Communist expansion during the Cold War.

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The Ten Most Iconic LIFE Magazine Photos

December 14, 2012

LIFE Magazine, an American magazine published from 1936 to 2000, rose to prominence as a weekly periodical that was the first to focus on photojournalism. Though it is no longer published, the photos and history of LIFE are available on Time’s website. In the post below, we look at the ten most iconic LIFE magazine photos:

Iconic LIFE Magazine Photos: Tank Man

Shot during the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, this photograph from Stuart Magnum captures the eponymous Tank Man as he stands before a column of advancing Chinese tanks. While several versions of this photograph exist, Magnum’s had its own unique adventure thanks to Chinese censorship; in order to survive, the photo had to be smuggled out of the country by a French student in a box of a tea.

Goin’ Home

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