Photo Of The Day: The Beer-Drinking, Cigarette-Eating Bear Hero Of World War II

Wojtek The Bear

Wojtek the bear in 1942 (left), and in Iran in 1941 (right). Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left), Wikimedia Commons (right).

Wojtek the bear was officially drafted into the Polish army in mid-1942 as a private. He was given a paybook (though never received any checks), a serial number, and a tent, just like all his comrades in the 22nd Artillery Supply Company. Over the next three years, he lived and served with his company, and even participated in a costly battle. By the time the war was over, he’d been promoted to corporal.

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Video Of The Day: Meet The Blue Dragon, The World’s Most Beautiful — And Deadly — Slug

Recently, miniature blue dragons washed up on Australia’s shores. The dragons drew in beachgoers, as they always do, with their strange, singular beauty. But no matter how beautiful or small these creatures are, if you ever see one, you should back far, far away.

These dragons, also known as blue angels and sea swallows, are technically called Glaucus atlanticus, and are simply sea slugs that top out at around an inch long. But what they lack in size, they make up for in ferocity and beauty.

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“Siberian Unicorn” Discovery Shocks Scientists

Siberian Unicorn Drawing

Artist’s rendering of Elasmotherium sibiricum, also known as the “Siberian unicorn.” Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Quick, look down at your nails or run your fingers through you hair. The essential building block of both, a durable protein called keratin, is the same thing that makes up a unicorn’s horn. Yes, a real one, the “Siberian unicorn” that’s now making headlines again.

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What We Loved This Week, Mar. 20 – 26

Absurd vintage men’s fashions, striking photos of disappearing animal species, the unarmed women hunting South Africa’s poachers, the world’s tallest bridge, and abandoned NASA launch sites.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns For Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Hilariously Terrible Examples Of Men’s Fashion Over Time

Hilarious Vintage Patterns

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Say what you will about fashion trends du jour — it could always be worse: the ’70s. The folks at Vintage Everyday have combed through the archives to offer up some of history’s more questionable fashion choices for men. The results are amusing enough in their own right, and become that much more so when you realize that people would actually pay for these items.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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