The World’s Six Most Bizarre Animals

Bizarre Animals Aye Aye

The World’s Most Bizarre Animals: Aye Aye, Madagascar

Aye Aye

Source: BBC

Never underestimate the lengths to which a living creature will go for food, especially the Aye-Aye. A rare type of lemur only found on the island of Madagascar, the Aye-Aye can live as far as 700 meters above the ground in tree canopies, tapping on tree bark with their fingers up to eight times per second to listen for insects.

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Twenty-Four Incredible Nature GIFs

Despite its ubiquity, nature’s transcendental beauty is often difficult to capture. That is unless you’re Marinus, a 28-year-old from the Netherlands who manages to do just so with relative ease. He creates nature GIFs from wildlife documentaries and immortalizes those moments in picture form. Here’s some of his best work:

Nature GIFs Dragonfly

Gecko GIF

Nature GIF Chimp

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What We Love This Week, Volume XV

War Toys 1

Source: Hi Fructose

Brian McCarty’s “War Toys”

War Toys 3

Source: Hi Fructose

While war may destroy nations, political ideologies and even historic monuments, perhaps the most tragic casualty is the imagination and innocence stolen from a child caught in its throes. In light of this, world renown photographer Brian McCarty has taken to several Middle Eastern cities devastated by war and talked to some of the very children stricken by it. In their conversations, McCarty asks the children to express their memories through pencil and paper, which eventually serves as the framework for McCarty’s subsequent photos.

In them, war toys take on a much more sinister and macabre appearance, thus begging the question of why we try to plasticize, market and misrepresent war and its accompanying violence to children. If you want more, Hi Fructose has a great gallery of other images in McCarty’s series for your viewing pleasure.

War Toys 2

Source: Hi Fructose

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General Patton’s Dog

A man throws a birthday party for his dog. Perhaps a little bit strange, but add a few more key details to the story, and it becomes even stranger: the party thrower in question is General George Patton, known primarily for leading armies in World War II and for his brusque, pugnacious nature. Man and dog take to one another instantly, yet sadly one day prior to Patton’s return to the States (and his dog) in 1945, Patton was involved in a fatal car accident. The photo above was taken three days following Patton’s death and serves as one of the best examples of man’s relationship with his canine compadre.

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