The Ghostly Cusk-Eel

Despite its name and appearance, the cusk-eel is not an eel but rather a fish. While the fish featured here is pretty small, the largest species of cusk-eel can be found traversing the 6,600-feet depths of the sea with a length of around 6.6 feet (2 meters).

Inside The World Of Cat Lovers

To some, cats aren’t clawed fluff with an incredible center of gravity; they’re “little people”. Watch as videographer Andrew Lang examines the eccentric, feline-fanatic personalities that comprise cat shows.

What We Love This Week, Volume XIX

Happiness-Inducing Photos Of Australian Fur Seals

Underwater wildlife has never been better captured–or for that matter, sweeter. Taking a dip into the waters that surround New South Wales’ fauna-filled Montague Island, Australian photographer Alastair Pollock has brought all of us lacking flippers or frequent flyer miles several high-resolution glimpses of the adorable Australian fur seals scurrying about. NB: if you go during the winter, you’ll have no problem seeing over a thousand of them on any given day. If you don’t share Pollock’s adventurous spirit, though, there’s always a great gallery of his work at My Modern Met.

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The Most Incredibly Colorful Animals You’ve Never Seen

In the age of high-definition and LED, people have grown incredibly accustomed to the neon colors and artificial brightness that infuse our world. That’s why when we see technicolor macaws flying among tree canopies or slugs coated in pepto bismol pink, we’re reminded that nature can offer just as many stop-what-you’re-doing-and-check-this-out sights as your latest mobile app. A beautiful look at the world’s most incredibly colorful animals you’ve (probably) never seen:

Incredibly Colorful Animals: Pink Slugs

Pink Slug

Source: Tree Hugger

On the 5,000 foot peak of Mount Kaputar in northern New South Wales, hundreds of bright pink slugs have recently been sighted. Though the eight-inch fluorescent creatures stick out like a sore thumb in their current environment, scientists think at one time, when rain forests dominated the area’s topography, they probably fit in quite well.

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