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Berlin: Home Of The World’s Fishiest – And Coolest – Hotels

German AquaDom Tower

The giant AquaDom tower draws tourists from around the globe. Source: Joerg Carstensen/EPA

Berlin has rightly earned a reputation as one of the world’s coolest cities – and perhaps that’s why it’s not that surprising that the German capital is also home to one of the world’s most impressive aquariums.

For truly stunning aquatic life and structures that house them you don’t have to head an educational institution – you can just visit the Radisson Blu Hotel. Built in 2004 as part of the Sea Life Center complex, the AquaDom (which was constructed at a cost of 12.8 million Euros) stands 82 feet high and holds more than 1,500 fish, 50 of which are unique species. This aquarium’s tower is so large (holding 260,000 gallons of water) that an entire team of divers has to clean it three to four times each day.

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Photo Of The Day: Marines Set To Prevent Turtle Eggs’ Poaching

Marines protect turtle eggs from poachers

Image Source: reddit

Poaching has become an increasing threat for olive ridley sea turtles in Mexico. These endangered creatures are often exploited for food, bait, oil, leather, and fertilizer. During the nesting season, hunters are known to comb through beaches at night, looking for nesting female turtles. Although egg collection is illegal in Mexico, and the sale of turtle meat and eggs has been banned for more than two decades, turtle poaching continues to rise in the nation.

In order to combat poaching and any other threats posed by humans, governments and conservationists have developed and tested various methods, including education, ecotourism based on sea turtles, and patrolling nesting beaches. Oaxaca, Mexico plans on taking extra measures to patrolling nesting beaches, Escobilla and Morro Ayuta, by deploying drones that will curb poaching, accompanied by marines on land.

Environmental activists estimate that about 80% of Morro Ayuta beach’s turtle eggs are poached a night. But Guillermo Haro, prosecutor at Mexico’s environmental body, Profepa, hopes to see a significant decline in poaching: “With two drones that are the property of Profepa to surveil (beaches) Escobilla and Morro Ayuta and the result we hope for is to eradicate forever the illegal extraction of turtle eggs in these two beaches.”

Photo Of The Day: Japanese Paradise Flycatcher Feeding Its Baby

Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Image Source: Reddit

The Japanese paradise flycatcher, also called the black paradise flycatcher, is a migratory bird found in many Asian countries including South Korea, Taiwan, and the far north Philippines. Recently, a survey discovered a steep decline in part of the colorful birds’ breeding population, which has presumably occurred because of forest loss and environmental degradation.

Thousands Of Walruses Are Shoring Up In Alaska. Here’s Why.

Alaska Aerial Photograph

Source: Gary Braasch

President Barack Obama spent part of this past week in Alaska, becoming the first sitting U.S. President to visit the Arctic. Much of his extended tour was centered around climate change, a phenomenon that’s personally affecting many of Alaska’s rural and native village residents.

Need more proof that warmer temperatures and ice melt are impacting our 49th state and its inhabitants? Just head to Point Lay, where thousands of walruses have unnaturally congregated on land—again.

Alaska Walruses Climate Change

Source: Gary Braasch

Photographer Gary Braasch snapped photos of about 6,000 walruses who congregated on the Alaskan coast approximately a week before Obama’s arrival. Compared to last year’s 35,000 shored walruses, this year’s herd seems manageable. Nevertheless, upon sight of 18 million pounds of blubber parading around the shore, the word “manageable” isn’t the first to pop to mind. Don’t believe us? Just check out Braasch’s photos of the event:

Alaska Walruses Congregate

Source: Gary Braasch

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