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Sweet Snow Leopard Cubs

Found in conservationist Terry Moore’s Cat Survival Trust charity, these three snow leopard cubs have been nursed into good health since their May 2010 births.

More Of The World’s Most Incredible Living Fossils

Incredible Living Fossils: Horseshoe Crabs

Also known as the King Crab, the Horseshoe Crab is not actually a crab at all, as it’s much more closely related to spiders and mites. Horseshoe Crab-type creatures started showing up around 400 million years ago and around 170 million years later, the species evolved to what we still see today.


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Five Of The World’s Most Bizarre And Recently Discovered Species

Bizarre Recently Discovered Species: Protoanguilla Palau

Recently Discovered Species Protoanguilla Palau

Source: Wetenschapg

This weird fish has been classified as an eel, but as it differs from all known eel species in a number of distinct anatomical ways. It was first spotted in March 2010 off the coast of Palau in an underwater cave.

Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes Aeningmamus)

Laotian Rock Rat

Source: Newswise

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The World’s Most Astounding Living Fossils

You might think that “living fossils” is a bit of an oxymoron, however you’d be mistaken. To be considered one, the living organism in question must more or less maintain the same anatomy and behavior over millions of years while watching the rise and fall of many other still-evolving species. A fascinating look at the world’s most astounding living fossils:

Living Fossils Chambered Nautilus

Astounding Living Fossils: Nautilus

Somewhere on the cephalopod’s evolutionary journey from snail to octopus sits the Nautilus; which has changed very little in the last 500 million years. At one point, the oceans contained hundreds of different types, but nowadays only six remain, all of which are found along the deep slopes bordering Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

Like the squid and the octopus, the Nautilus has tentacles, but many more of them that lack suckers. It also lacks the complex central nervous system of its advanced family members and has been shown to have a much poorer memory in comparison.

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