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The Deadly Draw Of The Clearfin Lionfish

Clearfin Lionfish

Despite its Miami Vice coloring, this isn’t much of a “fun-loving” fish. The venomous, carnivorous lionfish can be found cruising through the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, and unlike other lionfish, this species’ spines lack any kind of marking.

What We Love This Week, Volume XII

This Year’s Best National Geographic Photo Contest Entries

The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest hits its mid twenties this June. For nearly 25 years, wanderlust-riddled individuals have sent their snapshots into the DC-based magazine in hopes of sharing a slice of their experience with the masses. And, OK, getting a little name recognition in the process. Thanks to The Roosevelts, we’re able to share some of 2013’s most promising entries thus far.

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The Quiet Beauty Of The Florida Manatee

Manatees Florida

The Florida manatee is an ovine creature content to roam the depths of southern waterways at a leisurely three to five miles per hour. And yet, it is the fast-paced, no holds barred lifestyle of humans that proves the manatee’s greatest threat to existence.

The Curious World Of The Moscow Cat Theatre

Monkey grinders are so 20th century. In Russia, the new animal troubadours are acrobatic cats and their equally dynamic trainers.

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