Rescuing A Baby Lamb After The Volcano In Iceland

May 23, 2011

Seven year old girl rescues baby lamb after volcano in Iceland

A seven year old girl carries a newborn baby lamb as an ash cloud creeps in after the eruption of Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland.

The Near-Extinction Of American Bison In The 1800′s

May 19, 2011

Slaughter of American Bison Photograph

As the populations of the United States pushed West in the early 1800′s, a lucrative trade for the fur, skin, and meat of the American Bison began in the great plains. Bison slaughter was further encouraged by the US government as a means of starving out or removing Native American populations that relied on the bison for food. Hunting of bison became so prevalent that travelers on trains in the Midwest would shoot bison during long-haul train trips.

Once numbering in the hundreds of millions in North America, the population of the American Bison decreased to less than 1000 by 1890, resulting in the near-extinction of American bison. Thanks in large part to conservation efforts undertaken by Theodore Roosevelt and by the US government, there are now over 500,000 bison in America.

Extinction Of American Bison In Front Of Train Picture

Piles of American Buffalo Skulls Photo

Medical Animals As The Future Of Health Care

May 9, 2011

Revital Cohen designed the Life Support project to show how animals could be transformed into alternative, low-cost medical assistant devices and a part of a more holistic health care strategy to include medical animals in treatment:

Greyhound Sheep Respiratory Device

Greyhound Sheep Medical Animals

Cohen outlines a plan to use greyhounds that are retired from racing as a ventilation aid for humans with respiratory problems. The dog would replace a mechanical ventilator by running at an object it is trained to chase using the pressure of its vacillating chest to pump air into the patient’s lungs – a non-invasive method of providing aid.

Revital Cohen Sheep Dialysis

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Pigs And Tigers Rear Each Others Young

August 9, 2010

Tiger raises baby pigs

Tigers and Pigs

At the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand, tigers and pigs have learned to co-habitat with each other to the point of rearing each others offspring. Interestingly, the Royal Bengali tigress shown above nursing piglets was born in captivity and breast-fed by a female pig for four months after her birth.

The mixing of pigs and tigers, especially of their piglets and cubs, is common form of visual entertainment provided by the zoo for the amusement of the visitors.

Piglets dressed as tigers

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The Oarfish: The Longest Fish On The Planet

August 5, 2010

Oarfish Longest Fish Photograph

Say hello to the Oarfish, the world’s longest bony fish, measuring up to 17 meters (56 feet). Plus it sports a pretty cool hairdo, if I don’t mind saying myself.

Meet Doroles, The Bald South American Bear

June 28, 2010

Dolores The Bald South American Bear

Dolores is a South American brown bear who has inherited a rare hair condition that has rendered her almost hairless. The veterinarians in the Leipzig Zoo where Dolores resides have been baffled this condition, but estimate that it is a genetic defect that was passed on. A few more pictures of Dolores, the bald South American bear:

Hairless Bear Profile Photograph

Bald Bear Zoo Pictures