What We Loved This Week, Mar. 20 – 26

Absurd vintage men’s fashions, striking photos of disappearing animal species, the unarmed women hunting South Africa’s poachers, the world’s tallest bridge, and abandoned NASA launch sites.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns For Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Hilariously Terrible Examples Of Men’s Fashion Over Time

Hilarious Vintage Patterns

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Say what you will about fashion trends du jour — it could always be worse: the ’70s. The folks at Vintage Everyday have combed through the archives to offer up some of history’s more questionable fashion choices for men. The results are amusing enough in their own right, and become that much more so when you realize that people would actually pay for these items.

Hilarious Vintage Patterns Men

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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Your World This Week: Mar. 20 – 26

This week in science: mysterious, prehistoric Tully Monster finally identified; two comets to fly close by Earth this week; memories “lost” to early Alzheimer’s may be retrievable, and scientists learn the startling early mortality rates of autistic individuals.

Scientists Finally Solve The Mystery Of The Tully Monster

Tully Monster Fossil

Tullymonstrum gregarium (Tully Monster) fossil. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fifty-eight years ago, while combing the 307 million-year-old Mazon Creek fossil beds near Chicago, Francis Tully discovered the imprint of a strange creature. The squid-like aquatic beast sported a large, tube-like structure, something akin to a long neck, but not punctuated with a head, only teeth. The Tully Monster had never been seen before, hasn’t been found anywhere else since and could never be identified or even classified.

Until now. According to a paper published in Nature last week, researchers have scanned all available fossil evidence and determined that after 58 years of mystery, this alien creature is a vertebrate, just like us. Well, not just like us — vertebrates are a big, varied group. And the subsection with which the Tully Monster has the most in common includes some of the very strangest vertebrates, namely lampreys.

And if you know anything about lampreys, you know that, while this mystery may be solved, its solution doesn’t make the Tully Monster any less weird. See more at The Guardian.

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Video Of The Day: Watch A Seahorse Give Birth To 2,000 Babies In 30 Seconds

[vid src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_nEA3dtOZs” caption=”This video might change the way you feel about childbirth.”]

The fact that seahorse birth is handled by the males, and not the females, is likely common knowledge, but still a strikingly rare thing in nature. In fact, seahorses are one of only two animal groups where the male is the one that gives birth (the other is the pipefish, a more ruthless male carrier that aborts embryos from ugly mothers).

No matter how fascinating you find that fact, actually watching a seahorse give birth on video can be a little off-putting, to say the least.

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Photo Of The Day: Why America Wouldn’t Be America Without This Mountain Of Skulls

Buffalo Slaughter

This mountain of skulls piled up in the Midwest in the mid-1870s captures the extent of the buffalo slaughter carried out by American settlers. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The American bison was once the symbol of a vast, limitless country filled with seemingly endless land and equally endless opportunity. But American settlers soon ensured that the bison would ultimately symbolize the dark, ugly side of “manifest destiny.”

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