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Why We Kiss And Hug: The Answers Are Way More Complex–And Gross–Than You Think

The reasons why we kiss and hug might seem simple and self-evident, but 64% of the world’s cultures don’t even kiss at all. And those that do don’t even really know why they do it. Time to find out…

Kiss And Hug Why We Kiss

Image Source: Blogspot

Far more about our lives than we realize is understood through touch. Humans (not to mention animals) can communicate an immense amount of information, from aggression to benevolence, with just a handshake or a tap on the shoulder. As social beings, this desire to connect through human contact is ingrained in us to the point where we do it every day without giving it much thought at all.

Likewise, the intimate forms of touch, like hugging and kissing, feel equally natural and just plain good. But why is this and why do we do these things?

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Killer Fish And Man-Eating Snakes: Nine Invasive Species That Are Destroying America

From the killer fish that can live on dry land to the thousand-pound wild pigs with teeth to match, here are nine of the most terrifying invasive species that are threatening American wildlife–and humans.

As pest-infested ships from distant lands pull into port and uncaring pet owners release their imported animals into the wild, a number of invasive species have made their escape onto American soil. With their hefty appetites, aggressive natures, and will to survive, many of these truly frightening animals are driving our native species nearly to the point of extinction.

Without their natural predators, these invasive species are free to thrive in their newfound environment–and wreak havoc. These are nine of the most alarming invasive species that are putting our habitats, our wildlife, and sometimes even ourselves in danger…

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Photo Of The Day: Meet Enos, The First Chimp To Orbit Earth

Enos Space Chimp

Enos, the first chimpanzee to orbit the Earth, strapped into his flight seat. Image Source: Enos NASA Chimp – Pics about space

In the 1960s, space was the ultimate frontier. No quest was more honorable than exploring that vast expanse of stars, orbiting the planet or rocketing through the dangers of the unknown to plant a celebratory flag on Earth’s biggest satellite. But it was a chimp, not a human, who first braved a trip to space and back in an American vessel.

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Photo Of The Day: Sergeant Stubby, WWI’s Most Decorated Dog Soldier


Stubby, pictured in his battle vest that was eventually filled with medals. Image Source: Niume

Members of the 102nd Infantry Regiment were training at Yale in 1917 when a stray puppy roamed into their midst. Little did the soldiers know that the puppy watching them run drills would travel to the Western Front in France, participate in 17 battles, rise to the rank of sergeant, and become a national icon.

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