Dogs In Their Most Artistic And Dynamic Form Yet

November 22, 2013

The slow-motion effect seen here has never been as adorable.

A Kangaroo And Wombat Form An Absolutely Adorable Friendship

November 1, 2013

Best Friends

Some of the best friendships are the product of the most unlikely pairings. Case in point? The union of Peggy the wombat and Anzac the kangaroo. Orphaned at birth, the dynamic–and devastatingly adorable–duo first met at an animal rescue center in Victoria, Australia. As evidenced by the following photos, their friendship is certainly a vibrant one.

Kangaroo And Wombat Cuddling

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The Fabulous World of Dog Couture

October 26, 2013

While Americans dropped an estimated $370 million last year on pet costumes alone, in some circles, dressing your pet is a year-round affair–except for the fact that these perky pooches aren’t wearing hand-me-downs. Fancy labels, handmade custom gowns and headpieces fit for a king comprise the bejeweled world of canine couture. Though we might be mired in recession, these decked-out dogs are living in the gilded age.

Dog Couture

Source: Blogspot

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXXV

October 18, 2013

Anthony Howe’s Mindblowing Kinetic Sculpture GIFs

Believe it or not, what you see moving on this screen can actually be witnessed in real life, not just in the vacuum of a fancy computer animation program. Bored with the stilted movement of common paintings, artist Anthony Howe resolved to create works that truly flowed. Utilizing animation programs, Howe drafted kinetic blueprints on his computer and then transferred those to curved pieces of metal. The result is something that appears incredibly surreal and mechanized, when in reality the sculpture relies simply on physics and wind to achieve such an other-worldly effect. Pretty cool stuff. Head to My Modern Met for more on Howe’s process.

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One Gigantic School Of Stingrays

October 11, 2013

If you talk to a fundamentalist Christian, they might tell you that the devil is everywhere. The same–at least in some respects–can be said about the mobula rays, or devil fish. Able to swim and fly, these devils truly are ubiquitous. But given their low rate of reproduction and tendency to be accidentally caught by fishermen, the mobula ray are considered an endangered species.

Meet The World’s Fastest Runner

October 9, 2013

Featured in the fantastic slow motion above, many evolutionary advantages contribute to the cheetah’s ability to rev from zero to sixty in under three seconds. Just what are those, you ask? The cheetah is endowed with semi-retractable claws for extra grip, enlarged nostrils and–somewhat like Lance Armstrong minus the steroids–a heart and lungs that allow for more oxygen intake to fuel its high-speed endeavors. Incredibly, the cheetah is said to take a whopping 60-150 breaths per minute in a typical chase.