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Unbelievable photos of the world’s most polluted city, a photo history of the streets of New York, the 29 weirdest animals on Earth, photographer moves New York’s landmarks to strange locales, inside America’s infamous prison for terrorists.


From National Geographic: “In a dump in Bhalswa, Delhi, that seems to stretch for miles, a young girl searches for plastic.” Photo: Matthieu Paley

Photographer Documents The World’s Most Polluted City


From National Geographic: “Children also act as recyclers, searching the polluted Yamuna River for religious items tossed in from bridges above. The objects, ranging from coins to small metal statues, can then be given to recycling shops for money.” Photo: Matthieu Paley

New Delhi is a city of extremes: The Indian capital is half the size of Rhode Island, and has a population twice as big as New York City. Most extreme, however, is the amount of pollution that exists within its borders.

While Beijing — and more broadly, China — often takes the cake for the world’s most polluted place, in 2014 the World Health Organization found that “Delhi’s air contained several times more fine particulate pollution than Beijing’s,” National Geographic reported.

To get an idea of what that looks like on the ground, National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley spent five days in Delhi, documenting what he saw. From the jaundiced haze stacked atop the city skyline to the reams of trash floating lazily along the Ganges River, you don’t want to miss these photos.

Pollution Men

From National Geographic: “A boy and his father make a home underneath an overpass in Delhi. They will look through trash for pieces of metal to recycle for money.” Photo: Matthieu Paley

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