Video Of Day: Why It’s So Hard To Kill That Pesky Fly

Although there are around 18 arthropods (spiders, roaches, etc.) in every single room of your home, one insect continuously incites the most annoyance: the fly.

This omnipresent nuisance has spawned a whole industry of devices designed to paralyze, capture, and kill them. Still, consistently nailing one of these buzzing pests on the first try is a skill that takes patience and practice. The artfully shot BBC fly video above investigates and explains exactly why they’re so hard to kill — and reveals that this scourge of the animal kingdom actually looks pretty cool.

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See The 13-Foot-Long Mystery Sea Creature That Just Washed Up In Mexico

Mystery Sea Creature

This mystery sea creature was recently found on the beaches of southwest Mexico. Image Source: Yahoo News

We just don’t — and, more to the point, can’t — know every single thing that lurks in the depths of the sea, which perhaps explains our eternal fascination with it. Each time we’d like to think that we’ve catalogued all the world’s bizarre ocean animals, some new mystery sea creature washes ashore and reminds us how little we truly know — like this one:

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Video Of The Day: What Happens When A Military Robot Dog Meets An Actual Dog

[vid src=”” caption=”This terrier isn’t a fan of Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot.”]

The inventors over at Boston Dynamics look like they spend just as much time playing with their robots as they do creating them.

Just one week after the company posted a video showing an employee ruthlessly taunting a humanoid robot, they released a video of their new four-legged, dog-like robot toying with a real dog. And the dog certainly does not seem amused.

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Video Of The Day: See The Deep-Water Ghost Octopus That’s Confounding Scientists

Once again, we have proof that no matter how much we think we know about the Earth’s oceans, there’s always more to learn.

On February 27, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found a ghostly looking octopus more than 2.5 miles below the surface of the ocean near Hawaii — and it’s unlike any creature that’s ever been seen before.

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