The Coziest Tree House You’ll Ever See

While typically reserved for those whose idea of fine entertainment includes endless rounds of hide-and-seek, adults can also enjoy the quaint coziness of tree houses. Featured above is not a child’s fort; rather, it’s a bed and breakfast nestled in the forests of Washington State.

Living in the Future: The Revolutionary Yo Home

Yo Home Bedroom 1

Source: YO! Company

In a world where we want it fast and we want it now, companies must continuously try to keep up with consumer demand, and the Yo! giants are no exception to that rule. Chances are at some point you’ve stumbled across Yo! Sushi or heard about the new Yotels springing up around the globe. In their latest venture, they’ve developed a futuristic flat fit for the modern age.

Yo Home Bedroom 2

Source: YO! Company

Founded by Simon Woodroffe, the new Yo! Home premiered at the 100% Design Show this year and is said to be the most space-efficient home ever created. The bedroom may be elegantly elevated into the ceiling to reveal a swanky, sunken lounge area. And for those late night flat parties, a trapdoor transports thirsty guests to a wine cellar.

Yo Home Lounge 1

Source: YO! Company

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What We Love This Week, Volume XIV

The Astounding Digital Art Of Adam Martinakis

These days, the creation of an incredible work of art is no longer confined to the traditional canvas. Perhaps most demonstrative of that fact is Polish artist Adam Martinakis. Receiving his degree in Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Industrial Design from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Martinakis convenes his technical prowess and love for futuristic aesthetics to create art which he describes as a “mixture of post-fantasy futurism and abstract symbolism”. For more art, head over to This Is Colossal.

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