Yemen’s Rustic Rock Palace

Rock Palace Yemen

While the palace’s neighbors consist primarily of buttes and sand, the building’s history is much larger than life. Built in 1786 and serving as residence to many imams, the palace’s last inhabitant was Imam Yahya, who used the sultry space as a summer home until his 1948 assassination. Not all bought into the sanctity of Rock Palace, though; upon Yahya’s death, governing bodies had plans to convert the edifice into a luxury hotel featuring a rooftop casino.

Florida’s Bizarre Dome Homes

Florida's Bizarre Dome Homes

Source: Marco News

Built in Naples in 1981, the futuristic igloos seen above may not be around much longer. Falling into disrepair, one dome home owner seeking to restore the vintage vestibule has encountered nothing but exorbitant fines and bureaucratic hassles in the process.

The City Limits

Have an eye for international design but a budget that confines you to your current area code? Fret not. Featuring a handful of the world’s most vertical cities, this spellbinding video allows you to ogle at the “limitless” innovation of the human mind from your very computer.

Renzo Piano’s Most Famous Designs

Renzo Piano Designs Pompidou

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Renzo Piano’s Most Famous Designs: Centre Georges Pompidou


Source: Wikipedia

Built in Paris between 1971 and 1977, the Pompidou Center is the proud home to a public library, the largest modern art museum in Europe (the Musée National d’Art Moderne), and a top-of-the-league music and acoustics study center. Piano built the structure as an over-the-top ode to high-tech architecture in which he strives to reveal a building’s inner workings and technological marvels that typically remain hidden beneath its surface.

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