Into The Mists Of Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel France

The tiny tidal island and commune was once off reach to most of France, thus proving it an effective fortress when it was created in the sixth century. But thanks to changing weather patterns and increased human habitation, its distance from Normandy has diminished. To preserve Mont Saint-Michel’s legacy, in 2006 the French prime minister announced plans to create a dam and remove the silt which caused the 44-person settlement to lose its status as an island.

What We Love This Week, Volume V

Vincent Callebaut’s Stunning ‘Eco-Vision’ In China Talk about a return to nature. Confronted by the environmental implications of mass Chinese urbanization and soaring rates of consumption, Belgium-based architect Vincent Callebaut has crafted…

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Shanghai’s Innovative Pedestrian Bridge

Circular Pedestrian Bridge Shanghai

Constructed some time in 2011, the circular pedestrian bridge in Lujiazui, Pudong District of Shanghai blends an aesthetically pleasing design with environmental necessity. Essentially saving many Shanghaians the toil of traffic and turnabouts, the infrastructure literally bridges the gap between work and play, as it connects users easily with office buildings, cafes and restaurants. This design comes as part of China’s latest wave of environmentally-charged innovation, market-based adaptation and CO2 emission reduction, some of which has been rewarded by the World Wildlife Federation as some of the best efforts to combat climate change.

The World’s Coolest Libraries

As Kindles, Nooks, and other tablets flood the market, traditional bookstores and reading methods are on the decline. But after browsing this list of some of the world’s most beautiful, unique, and impressive libraries, you may be inspired to put the eBook reader down and make a trip to your own public library. From richly decorated baroque spaces to minimalist cubes, there’s something for everyone in the world’s coolest libraries:

The World’s Coolest Libraries: Vancouver Public Library

With more than two million items in its collection, Vancouver Public Library is the second largest public library in all of Canada. The library’s main branch, the Center Branch, covers an entire city block in downtown Vancouver, called the Library Square. The Center Branch is an incredible nine stories tall and is surrounded by free-standing walls that contain reading and studying rooms.

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Yemen’s Rustic Rock Palace

Rock Palace Yemen

While the palace’s neighbors consist primarily of buttes and sand, the building’s history is much larger than life. Built in 1786 and serving as residence to many imams, the palace’s last inhabitant was Imam Yahya, who used the sultry space as a summer home until his 1948 assassination. Not all bought into the sanctity of Rock Palace, though; upon Yahya’s death, governing bodies had plans to convert the edifice into a luxury hotel featuring a rooftop casino.

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