The Five Marvels Of Islamic Architecture

Marvels Of Islamic Architecture: The Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali

Five Marvels Of Islamic Architecture Great Mosque of Djenné

Located in Mali, the Great Mosque of Djenné is the largest mud brick building in the world. Construction began in the 13th century but the site fell into disrepair in subsequent eras. The edifice that stands today dates back to 1907 when French town administrators demanded it to be rebuilt. Made made from sun-baked mud bricks, which are coated with mud plaster for a smooth finish, the nine feet tall mosque is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Africa.

Great Mosque of Djenne

Great Mosque of Mali Picture

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The Evolution Of New York City

Evolution Of New York City

Transitioning from a more bare landscape in the 1910s to a cosmopolitan model for the rest of the world via the 1930s race for the tallest skyscraper to its devastating destruction of the Twin Towers in the 2001, Lower Manhattan’s ever-evolving skyline reveals much about New York City’s history.

The concrete jungle’s prominent and picturesque skylines have altered much throughout the course of the city’s history, offering millions of spectators insights into decades of architectural daring and traumatic events. Here is a selection of images from the late 1800s to 2008, which highlights the city’s evolution through its skyline:

New York City Skyline In 1911

New York City In 1921

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Muennig’s Modern One Room House

Modern House Muennig

From Voice of Nature: For over 13 years, architect Mickey Muennig (and girlfriend and children) lived in the tiny Greenhouse—his 1976 take on the then-popular dome and his celestial artistic response. From the deck of the outdoor bath, you can see up the coast.

Inside the one-room house, the reclaimed-redwood platform bed hangs on slender steel rods fastened to the ceiling. The ceiling cap is a vent—the house’s thermostat.

Daylight In Dubai

Daylight In Dubai

Located within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s futuristic cityscape has garnered international attention and admiration for its modern take on Islamic architecture and for being the home of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

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