Tokyo’s Vanguardist Vertical Thresholds

Tokyo’s best and brightest architects have an impressive vision of the future of housing:

House Japan Na

From Domus Web: “The building is based on a thin, split-level steel frame and represents a fully realized version of a home without stairs. As a result, every horizontal plane becomes a generic surface. Without a specifically defined function, they can be used as a desk, shelf, bed, chair, etc., extolling the Japanese custom of sitting and sleeping on the floor in a manner that is so pervasive and clear that, while requiring no lengthy description, gives free reign to the imagination.”

Five Incredible Examples Of Ancient Architecture

Incredible Ancient Architecture: The Pyramids, Egypt

Ancient Architecture Pyramid

No architectural superlative list would be complete without including the enigmatic design and construction of the Egyptian Pyramids. Considered on of the Seven Wonders of the World, some estimate that up to 100,000 laborers constructed the edifices but there is no concrete evidence on how.

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Moscow’s Futuristic Skyline

Moscow Skyline

Mother Russia is no longer just Old Russia: the capital city boasts world-renowned architecture from the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral to its modern skyscrapers.