Stunning Images Of An “Urban Ice Age” Highlight Humanity’s Smallness

ice age artist spires

Architectural spires break through the surface, almost as if they are coming up for air Source: Huffington Post

Whether you believe it’s plausible or not, French artist Francois Ronsiaux wants us to imagine a world in which the ice caps have melted, drowning our urban spaces–and to internalize the ramifications. This is the goal of his solemn, haunting and humbling series, United Land.

ice age artist sharks

Sharks dance at the opera house Source: Huffington Post

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Outings: The Global Street Art Project That Needs You

People all over the world have been “liberating” the subjects of classical paintings by recreating them in the streets—upon brick walls, among graffiti, down alleyways and between windows. The project goes by the name of Outings, and French artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca is the man responsible for its start. Ever since the first image hit the web, people from at least 18 countries have participated in the burgeoning movement, bringing classical paintings out of museums and into the world for all to enjoy.

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Van Gogh’s Legacy Lives On In The Digital Age

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Source: This Is Colossal

One of the most immediately recognizable artists in the world today, Vincent Van Gogh’s inimitable style only came after years of successive failures. Van Gogh picked up the paintbrush just eight years before he died (following a lackluster career as a preacher in a grim mining area in Borinage, Belgium), and even then had to soldier through a series of struggles before he would eventually come to terms with himself as an artist.

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