The World’s Most Incredible Toothpick Art

True artists have a way of seeing the world and its many facets in a light that escapes most others’ eyes. For San Francisco-born artists Steven J. Backman and Scott Weaver, this alternate view led them to utilize the toothpick not for oral hygiene but art. From micro sculptures made from a single toothpick to sprawling scenes composed of over 100,000 of them, their toothpick art is distinct, impressive and sure to please.

Rolling through the Bay Toothpick Sculpture

Source: Art-Spire

Scott Weaver: The Artist Behind “Rolling Through the Bay”

In the United States, wooden toothpicks are fashioned from pliable, porous birch wood, though in other locations they are derived from various wood or artificial materials like plastic. When creating his San Francisco sculpture “Rolling Through the Bay,” toothpick artist Scott Weaver took a more international approach, using toothpicks brought to him by friends and family members from all over the world. The giant abstract sculpture took more than 3,000 hours over 34 years (and 100,000 toothpicks!) to create.

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Jason deCaires Taylor’s Stunning Underwater Museum

Underwater Museum Deep Meditation

Source: Travel X

Jason deCaires Taylor is certified diving instructor, avid naturalist, and sculptor who creates underwater museums. The 39 year old artist spent his youth in Europe and Asia, exploring coral reefs scuba-diving in Malaysia. Taylor combines his interests and past to create the inspiring stone and sand scenes—sculptures that happen to aid in promoting future ecological sustainment.

Underwater Museum Tranquil Serenity

Source: Travel X

In 2006, Taylor created the world’s first underwater sculpture park off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies. The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park houses contemporary sculptures that are literally living art. Since the installation has been open to the public, Taylor’s sculptures have served as a surface on which coral—previously damaged by hurricanes—and other sea life may grow.

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Felice Varini’s Incredible Illusions

Felice Varini Village

Source: Varini

Felice Varini Village Circles

Source: Varini

Art’s subjective nature grants it power, and Felice Varini’s unique perspective packs his work with a major punch. The Swiss artist who swapped the Alps for the Eiffel Tower has dedicated the last thirty years to inventing impressive illusions that challenge our perception of the space around us.

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The Great Barrier Reef’s Underwater Art Gallery

Underwater Art Gallery

Source: BJPriceArt

Close your eyes and picture an art gallery. If you’re anything like us, you might have pictured a museum-like room filled with paintings, sculptures and other artwork. What you probably didn’t picture is a wall-less, underwater space whose floor is not granite or wood but rather sand. To enjoy this 13-feet deep underwater art gallery, you’ll need a snorkel, an oxygen mask and a brief understanding of underwater diving.

Underwater Art Gallery I Think I Am

Source: Art Slant

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