Forty Stunning Cinemagraphs

August 29, 2013

Cinemagraphs have quickly become one of our favorite modes of artistic expression on All That Is Interesting. By combining elements both static and dynamic, cinemagraph GIFs capture an understated beauty in tranquility, even from scenes of chaos. For your viewing pleasure, forty stunning cinemagraphs:

Humpback Caustics Stunning Cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs Warriors

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Iori Tomita’s Technicolored Take On Death

August 24, 2013
Iori Tomita Multiple Fish

Source: Gakuran

Translated as New World Transparent Specimens, in his latest art series Japanese artist Iori Tomita transforms fish and other marine creatures into transparent, eye-popping artwork. Unsurprisingly, his unique talent for converting carcasses into neon art specimens has captured the attention of millions of viewers and fans.

Iori Tomita Biting Fish

Source: Wykop

Iori Tomita Seahorse

Source: Chair Mag

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Introducing e-David, The World’s First Robot Painter

August 18, 2013

The completed portrait is a rich and intimate study of a man’s unique vision, his materials, and his inevitably flawed execution of outwardly conveying that internal vision to others. In short, it documents the human condition. But what if that act can be perfected through technology? Is it art, or is it science? Or both? Utilizing visual feedback and optimization, along with five different brushes and repository of 24 colors, robot painting machine e-David creates original works of art with an artist’s touch–not his hand. The results are aesthetically stunning and easily pass as a human production, but is it truly artwork?

Upcycling, An Exciting And New Art Movement

July 28, 2013

Sean E. Avery

As ice caps continue their slow, subtle transformation to puddles and our resources grow feather-thin, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t considered ways to curb–or at least extend the life of–their consumption. Those habits aren’t exclusive to the art world, as all sorts of artists have begun looking to old materials, otherwise known as upcycling, for creative inspiration. Sean E. Avery, a sculptor with more CDs on his hands than time, has taken upcycling to a new level by creating animal artwork from old albums.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXIII

July 25, 2013

Dubai’s Gorgeous Urban Landscapes

Never underestimate the lengths to which some photographers will go to get the perfect shot. In the more literal sense, Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov has scaled the 418-feet tall pyramids of Giza (unaided and without the authority of the armed guards below) to capture their sultry surroundings, and this past spring, Makhorov ascended into the heavens to create his incredible 60-photo series of Dubai’s urban landscapes. Home to some of the tallest and most futuristic-looking buildings in the world, Makhorov was not without a staggering backdrop–the problem resided only in finding the vantage point that would do the city justice.

Next week, Makhorov kicks off his Europe trip in Stockholm, and you can follow his high-octane travels in Makhorov’s blog, featured here. In the meantime, be sure to check out some more of Dubai’s stunning specs at Twisted Sifter and try not to get dizzy.

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A Woman, Mutilated

July 24, 2013
Afghan Woman Mutilated By Taliban

Source: CNN

When most think of the possible punishments for running away, the worst many of us can imagine is receiving the silent treatment from the person or people abandoned. But for one unfortunate Afghani woman, that punishment entailed nothing short of having her ears and nose lopped off by the Taliban. Thanks to an American humanitarian group, Aesha (the woman featured) can mask her wounds with a prosthetic nose, but the oppressive mark the Taliban has left on many women will be hard for many others to overcome.