Nothing Says Happy New Year Like 13 Tons Of Candy

Craig & Karl

Source: designboom

They’re calling it a candy carpet, and it’s taking over China. Artists Craig & Karl teamed up with Hong Kong creative studio AllRightsReserved to build “Sweet as One,” a lighthearted candy installation that features blooming flowers, pandas and colorful patterns. Constructed out of 13 tons of candy, the installation was built to celebrate the Chinese New Year and–as odd as it may seem–to draw attention to the plight of underprivileged children in rural areas.

13 Tons of Candy Art

Source: designboom

Candy Installation Up Close

Source: Co.Design

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Don’t Blame Millennials For Selfies; Blame 18th Century Monarchs

Selfie History Ducreux

Source: Wikimedia

Portraiture saw its artistic heyday in the 18th century, when royalty enlisted the world’s greatest artists to convey their monarchial power and immortalize themselves on canvas. Nowadays, self-portraiture and its associated egoism aren’t just for the wealthy; they’re owned by the people. With advances in technology and changes in social norms, the common man grasps at immortality using the self-portrait or selfie—this time not shared through the royal courts but social media.

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Didn’t Like “American Sniper”? This Animated Short Is For You

To some critics, Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” was little more than neoconservative talking points tacked onto the silver screen: it glorified murderers, dehumanized victims, and ultimately presented war in a positive light. This animated short, “Confusion Through Sand”, casts a dark shadow on that vision, telling the story of a 19-year-old thrust into armed conflict and the toll it took on him. The hand-drawn short, made by animation studio Ornana films, required 6,000 pieces of paper to complete and premiered at South by Southwest.

This “Darwin Menagerie” Highlights The Beauty In Death

Darwin Menagerie Window View

The creative minds behind Darwin, Sinke & Van Tongeren of Fine Taxidermy recently held an exhibition of their work at Jamb Antiques Emporium during Lond’s Frieze art fair. The taxidermic art they put on display was immediately lauded for its vibrancy and truly lifelike appearance.

What makes the works of Sinke and Van Tongeren different from any other taxidermy you may have seen in the past? “Traditional taxidermy,” as Van Tongeren says, “seems a poor attempt to preserve this kind of beauty. We want our animals to look alive, alert and bright with color”. Sinke adds that “We cherish the patience, perseverance and craftsmanship of past times. Our Fine Taxidermy is as valid a piece of art as painting, sculpture or contemporary installation. It is our hope and intention that these works will be recognized for the skill, dedication and dramatic effect for which we continually strive”.

Darwin Menagerie Toucan

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