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Dustin Yellin’s “Window Sandwiches” Are The Coolest Collages We’ve Ever Seen

New York City Ballet Art Installation

Source: i-D

Artist Dustin Yellin calls them “window sandwiches,” but these incredible collages are much cooler than lunch meat could ever be. In partnership with the New York City Ballet, Yellin has created glass-encased collages that depict the body of a dancer “frozen” in motion. More than a dozen window sandwiches were recently unveiled at the atrium of the David H. Koch Theatre in NYC’s Lincoln Center.

The result: breathtaking, human-like specimens trapped within glass, suspended in air for eternity.

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Source: This is Colossal

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Surreal Sunset Photography By Timothy Corbin

Timothy Corbin Boats

Source: Flickr

Trinidad born photographer Timothy Corbin captures the meeting of the sun and the horizon in a way that few others can. Combining long exposure with naturally gorgeous landscapes, Corbin makes water and fog seem as if they’re flowing while the rest of the Earth sits still, adding rich movement to his works’ already striking colors and composition. A quiet chill echoes in the stillness of his photography, reminding us of the transience of everything, even and especially natural beauty.

Timothy Corbin Sunset Frost

Source: Flickr

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Nothing Says Happy New Year Like 13 Tons Of Candy

Craig & Karl

Source: designboom

They’re calling it a candy carpet, and it’s taking over China. Artists Craig & Karl teamed up with Hong Kong creative studio AllRightsReserved to build “Sweet as One,” a lighthearted candy installation that features blooming flowers, pandas and colorful patterns. Constructed out of 13 tons of candy, the installation was built to celebrate the Chinese New Year and–as odd as it may seem–to draw attention to the plight of underprivileged children in rural areas.

13 Tons of Candy Art

Source: designboom

Candy Installation Up Close

Source: Co.Design

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The Surreal Reality of HR Giger

At Work

Source: MTV

If the purpose of art is to hold a mirror up to reality and encourage us to look at the world in new and different ways, then Hans Rudolf Giger was one of the most successful artists of the 20th century. For over 40 years, from his first solo exhibition in 1966 to his 2011 death, Giger warped reality for audiences in art galleries and movie theaters around the world. His 1977 work, Necronom IV, caught the attention of director Ridley Scott and earned him a job as set designer for the 1980 film Alien.

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