What We Love This Week, Volume LVI

Breaking Bad Baby

Source: Design Taxi

Baby Khaleesi, Walter White, Frank Underwood And More

House Of Cards Baby

Source: Design Taxi

Even though we must wait a little longer for the next “Game of Thrones” series to begin, Walter White is long gone and you sank the new season of “House of Cards” in a day, you can still obsess over the iconic series. Except this time, Frank Underwood, Khaleesi and Walter White are all donning diapers. Along with her friend Cristina, Californian photographer Karen Abad has taken some absolutely adorable photos of Cristina’s baby, Olivia, dressed as TV’s most beloved and reviled characters. Who knew cunning, murdering politicians could be so cute? See more of Olivia the actress at Design Taxi.

Game Of Thrones Baby

Source: Design Taxi

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Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Lucy McRae Evolution Image

Source: Lucy McRae

Few artistic subjects are more fascinating than the human body, and few artists are more talented than Lucy McRae, who works in the space where fashion, technology and the human form overlap. Ditching the restrictive titles that she could easily claim—artist, architect, thinker—Lucy McRae prefers to call herself a Body Architect. Much of McRae’s work takes the natural human silhouette, distorts it, and then recreates that image for an entirely different effect.

Gold Sequins Covering Human Body

Source: Grey Aviary

Man Covered in Grass

Source: Lucy McRae

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The World’s Most Incredible Toothpick Art

True artists have a way of seeing the world and its many facets in a light that escapes most others’ eyes. For San Francisco-born artists Steven J. Backman and Scott Weaver, this alternate view led them to utilize the toothpick not for oral hygiene but art. From micro sculptures made from a single toothpick to sprawling scenes composed of over 100,000 of them, their toothpick art is distinct, impressive and sure to please.

Rolling through the Bay Toothpick Sculpture

Source: Art-Spire

Scott Weaver: The Artist Behind “Rolling Through the Bay”

In the United States, wooden toothpicks are fashioned from pliable, porous birch wood, though in other locations they are derived from various wood or artificial materials like plastic. When creating his San Francisco sculpture “Rolling Through the Bay,” toothpick artist Scott Weaver took a more international approach, using toothpicks brought to him by friends and family members from all over the world. The giant abstract sculpture took more than 3,000 hours over 34 years (and 100,000 toothpicks!) to create.

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