Nick Albertson Transforms Office Supplies Into Incredible Abstract Art

December 13, 2013

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those office supplies at work? You go to get some paperclips out of the supply cupboard and lo and behold, they’re missing. Unless you suspect that some of your coworkers are dabbling into kleptomania for cheap, on-the-clock thrills, it’s conceivable to think that you might be sharing office space with Nick Albertson. Livening up even the most mundane of office objects, the Chicago-based photographer has made it his mission to create intriguing art from an environment that otherwise siphons every last drop of creativity and inspiration from our marrow.

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Five Of Today’s Most Incredible Illustrators

December 5, 2013
Incredible Illustrators

Source: I Am Paragon

While the word “illustrator” might bring to mind a children’s book artist, these five illustrators graduated from storybooks decades ago. Thanks to the ever-growing arsenal of available digital media creation tools, the world of illustration has undergone a major transformation over the years. Today’s illustrators blend traditional and digital media to create artwork for magazines, books, advertisements, movies and more. While they use many of the same tools, each illustrator has an entirely different style. Keep reading to see each artist’s unique take on 21st century illustration.

Incredible Illustrators: Michael Kutsche

If you’ve watched Thor, John Carter or Oz the Great and Powerful, then you’re already familiar with Michael Kutsche’s work. Kutsche was born in Germany in 1970, and like many other illustrators, began drawing and illustrating at an early age. As his work demonstrates, Kutsche has never lacked imagination or the skill to turn his ideas into awesome otherworldly creatures.

Incredible Illustrators Michael Kutsche

Source: Blogspot

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The World’s Most Amazing Works Of Body Art

December 2, 2013

Look closely; these images are not what they seem! Turning the human body into a dynamic canvas, the art of body painting has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, gaining popularity and acceptance along the way. Contrary to their title, body painters don’t use actual paint in their work, but high grade makeup. Like any other medium, themes run the gambit.

Some artists turn their subjects into chameleons, while others transform them into free standing sculptures. Competitions and festivals take place worldwide that cater to body painters of all levels of ability. The World Body Painting Festival is held annually in Pörtschach, Austria and features some of the most talented body artists from across the globe.

Tree Frog

Source: The Mirror

Tree Frog, by Johannes Stoetter, consists of five made-up bodies. Stoetter was crowned the 2012 World Body Painting champion, and is internationally known for his artistic skills with skin.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XLI

November 29, 2013

Incredible Portrait GIFs That Blend Man And Nature

Bridging the gap between man and his environment, we give you 22-year-old Bostonian Daniel Barreto’s series, “Animated Double Exposures”. All too often, humans impose anthropocentric barriers between themselves and nature, and the consequences of these artificial fences can be quite damning. Reuniting the two, Barreto reminds us that we are but an arm of Mother Earth, not distinct from it. For more of Barreto’s series, visit My Modern Met.

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The Odd And Amazing World Of Butter Art

November 21, 2013
Butter Art Bed

Source: Daily Mail

When the day’s too hot and the sun persists in beating its rays down over our sweaty heads, our first thoughts are often ‘I wish I was inside a giant cooler’. But for some, that’s not just a dream; it’s their workplace. Meet the butter nutters.

Butter Buildings

Source: Daily Mail

Milking Cow

Source: Read Media

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How Spray Paint Can Transform A Condemned Space

November 20, 2013

A mainstay for underground artistic types in Paris for years, Les Bains nightclub was demolished last April. Nevertheless, a group of incredibly talented street artists wanted to pay homage to the condemned space in a characteristically creative way. Enjoy.