The Most Incredible Street Photography On Flickr

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better description of street photography than that of National Geographic photographer Benjamin Lowy, who described it as, “A harsh name for a beautiful pursuit.” Its purpose? “To tame the chaos. To frame the cacophony of modern life. To capture what it means to be alive.”

While the legality of taking pictures of people (without their express consent) in public to sell as fine art has stirred considerable debate, it continues to be protected under the categorization of artistic expression and free speech. Here are some of the best street photography that Flickr has to offer in its vast pool of talent:

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Best Street Photography Angel Wings

FlickrThe timing of this photo suggests that angels are all around us. London, UK.

Best Street Photography Child Bus

FlickrA child takes in the sights from the best seat on the bus. Venice, Italy.

Best Street Photography Dublin Skater

FlickrThe sky is the limit for this skateboarder in Dublin, Ireland.

Best Street Photography Feet Minimal

FlickrThe framing of this photo looks as good as putting your feet up feels. Cologne, Germany.

Best Street Photography Ferris Wheel

FlickrA ferris wheel glistens against the obsidian sky.

Best Street Photography Girl Bench

FlickrA woman waits for her ride, solo. Antwerp, Belgium.

Best Street Photography Glasgow Scotland

FlickrA pedestrian bridges the gap between new and old architecture. Glasgow, Scotland.

Best Street Photography Homeless Man Dog

FlickrA man is photographed with his best friend. Bremen, Germany.

Best Street Photography Kids In Sprinkler

FlickrPure joy found near a water sprinkler in Singapore.

Best Street Photography Hide And Seek

FlickrA woman peers from a doorway in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Best Street Photography Leg Up

FlickrThere's always something to get distracted by when you're out walking in the urban jungle. New York City.

Best Street Photography Mannequin Mirroring

FlickrAs this street shot suggests, you are never as alone as you feel.

Best Street Photography Multitasking

FlickrA man acts as the living and breathing manifestation of "multi-tasking." Chow Kit Market, Malaysia.

Best Street Photography Rotterdam

FlickrNegative and positive space convenes in this minimalist photo. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Best Street Photography Shadow Sax

FlickrA man plays the saxophone to his shadow. Portland, OR.

Best Street Photography Skate Lines

FlickrA brilliant composition of subject and surroundings. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Best Street Photography Smoking Bus Stop

FlickrPeople approach a bus in Singapore.

Best Street Photography Smoking Melons

FlickrPhotographer John Ragai described this shot: "Portrait of a Smoking Joe and his beautiful smoke amidst his honey dew." Chow Kit Market, Malaysia. -

Best Street Photography Starbucks Love

FlickrA candid moment over coffee. Lucern, Switzerland.

Best Street Photography Stripes

FlickrHow many different kinds of stripes can you spot in this image?

Best Street Photography The Kiss

FlickrA couple sneaks a kiss in public. Lucerne, Switzerland.

Best Street Photography Toddler Heart

FlickrA toddler ponders street sculpture.

Best Street Photography Up Stairs

FlickrA man ascends stairs, Zagreb, Croatia.

Best Street Photography White Rabbit

FlickrA white rabbit entertains people in the streets of Oxford, UK.

Best Street Photography Window Woman

FlickrA cafe-goer offers an ambiguous expression. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Best Street Photography Catching Air

FlickrA biker catches some air.

Best Street Photography New Delhi

FlickrA one sided conversation with a worker in New Delhi.

Best Street Photography Two Worlds

FlickrTwo very different worlds collide on a street corner in Madrid, Spain.

Best Street Photography Escalator

FlickrReflections of an escalator ride.

Best Street Photography Tunnel

FlickrAll leading lines point to the man at the end of the tunnel.

Best Street Photography Generations

FlickrDifferent generations segregate themselves — but still remain close. Perpignan, South France.

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