What We Love This Week, Volume CXLV

China Striped Mountains

Landforms at Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Zhangye City. Danxia, which means “rosy cloud,” is a special landform formed from reddish sandstone that has been eroded over time into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and many unusual rock formations. Image Source: The Atlantic

The Surreal Beauty Of China’s Rural Landscapes

China Sand Dunes

Tourists climb the Singing Sand dunes near the Crescent Moon Spring in Jiuquan. Image Source: The Atlantic

While many of China’s rapidly industrializing urban landscapes are blighted with unceasing pollution, its rural landscapes tell a different story. Situated northwest of the country’s most developed and densely populated areas, the Gansu province reveals the China of an earlier time–hillside monasteries, terraced rice fields, even remnants of both the Silk Road and the Great Wall of China. Furthermore, Gansu reveals China at its most stunning and singular: striking rock formations that burst forth from the ground, lush valleys covered in blossoms, honest-to-goodness rainbow-striped mountains. See more at The Atlantic.

China Terraced Fields Green

Terraced fields in Dingxi. Image Source: The Atlantic

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Photo Of The Day: “Starry Night” Painted In Bacteria

Starry Night Bacteria

Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painted in bacteria. Image Source: Facebook

Thick, distinguished brushstrokes of yellow orbs in a swirling blue sky over a quiet village. This is what defines Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting “The Starry Night.” The texture of the oil on canvas is a distinctive part of the image, but Melanie Sullivan, a microbiologist from Missouri, has created a reproduction that replaced the oil and canvas with bacteria and petri dishes.

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Photo Of The Day: The Story Behind Keith Haring’s Original ‘Crack Is Wack’ Mural

Keith Haring Crack Is Wack

Image Source: Tumblr

Crack Is Wack is arguably known as Keith Haring’s most legendary work and the most iconic mural in New York City. The double-sided mural’s location in Manhattan on 128th street, next to the incessant passing of cars on Harlem River Drive, possibly plays a huge role in this, gathering more daily views than any other mural in the city.

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God As UFO: The Otherworldly Art Of Ionel Talpazan

Ionel Talpazan Sculpture

Ionel Talpazan with one of his UFOs. Image Source: Pinterest

Fearing a severe beating one evening in the early 1960s, a boy named Ionel Talpazan hopped out of his bedroom window and ran into the dusky fields of the Romanian countryside. What happened next would greatly shape his life: As Talpazan, 8, stood in the fields, a bright blue light shined down from an approaching aerial craft, then vanished. Transfixed by the source of the mysterious blue light, Talpazan would spend his adulthood attempting to answer questions about life on Earth — and elsewhere — through art.

On September 21, 2015, 60-year-old Talpazan, then living in Manhattan, died of a stroke and advanced diabetes. Before that, Talpazan worked tirelessly to map out the details of alien aircraft — so much so that during his lifetime, Talpazan is known to have created more than one thousand works of art inspired by UFOs.

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