Artist Henrique Oliveira Uses Tapumes To Create Masterpieces

June 21, 2014

Henrique Oliveira’s artwork is unparalleled. Whether observing his colorful paintings or walking through a larger-than-life installation, viewers are enthralled by both the immensity and the unique appearance of his paintings, sculptures and art installations. Though the Brazilian artist lives and works in São Paulo, his work has crossed oceans, being displayed and installed in museums and galleries worldwide.

Urban Tapumes Installations

Source: Total Echo

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Carl Jara Uses Sand In Ways You’ve Never Seen Before

June 8, 2014

Master sand-sculptor Carl Jara showcases his broad imagination and attention to detail in each of his wondrous sand creations. A far cry from your average sandcastle, creating these epic sculptures is a major undertaking. Massive amounts of sand (obviously), large structural support objects, and big rig trucks to supply the large amounts of water are needed throughout the sculpting process. Along with actually transferring an artist’s vision unto billions of grains of sand, it’s no surprise that it takes nearly three whole days to complete a competition sculpture.

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Charles Jencks’ Intricate Landscape Art

June 2, 2014
Charles Jencks Magnificent View

Source: Paranoias

To understand the world view of Charles Jencks, a landscape architect and sculptor whose grand body of work has to be seen to be believed, refer to Jenck’s own remarks: “To see the world in a Grain of Sand, the poetic insight of William Blake, is to find relationships between the big and small, science and spirituality, the universe and the landscape. This cosmic setting provides the narrative for my content-driven work, the writing and design. I explore metaphors that underlie both growing nature and the laws of nature, parallels that root us personally in the cosmos as firmly as a plant, even while our mind escapes this home.”

Charles Jencks Spiral Pond

Source: Paranoias

With names like “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation” and “Northumberlandia”, the Lady of the North, Charles Jencks’ creations are as grandiose as they are mesmerizing. Celebrating nature in conjunction with scientific and architectural design, Jencks’ gardens and parks carry a signature style unique to his own experiences and expertise.

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Andy Warhol, The Pop Artist And Hoarder

May 28, 2014

Long before YouTube, Facebook or even MTV’s genre-spawning “Real World,” when Andy Warhol coined his now-prescient phrase “fifteen minutes of fame,” he believed that technology and culture would merge to deliver everyone a moment of personal superstardom. But he couldn’t have known that some people would earn their notoriety by exposing the misery and sickness of living in chaotic clutter.

Andy Warhol With Carter

Source: Wikimedia

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Clement Briend’s Surreal Projections

May 27, 2014
Briend Portrait

Source: Vice

Most photographers are content with capturing reality, but French photographer Clement Briend prefers to create them. As part of a two-step creative process, Briend modifies large, photo-quality format projectors to adjust light flow, then carefully chooses both a surface and an image to project upon it. His most famous example to date is the “Cambodian Trees” installation, where Briend brought Cambodian deities to life during a Phnom Penh festival. With their likenesses cast upon the trees amid urban sprawl, the twilight incarnation of these cultural figures gives these photos a very surreal quality.

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Evan Lorenzen and His Unbelievably Tiny Book Creations

May 19, 2014
Small Book Next to Pencil

Source: Art and Such

Can the human experience be reduced to the size of one’s hand? Artist Evan Lorenzen would say no, it can be made even smaller. Believe it or not, Lorenzen’s The Mini Book of Major Events is so tiny that it could fit on the tip of one’s pointer finger.

The Mini Book of Major Events

Source: Art and Such

Miniature Book Fire Discovered

Source: Art and Such

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