A Floating Flower Garden You’ll Have To See To Believe

Immersive Floating Flower Garden

Source: TeamLab

You enter a white room filled with colorful flowers. As you walk further into the sea of blooms, you notice that the flowers begin rising from the ground and form a circle around you, as if an invisible orb were circling you, preventing them from getting too close. While this scenario may sound a bit too dreamy to be real, thanks to TeamLab, this bizarre flower room is now a reality. Well, sort of.

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Charles Pétillon’s “Invasions”: The Wackiest Way We’ve Seen Balloons Used

Balloon Invasions in Nature

Source: Ignant

In Charles Pétillon’s world, white balloons bloom in unsuspecting places, be it abandoned homes or a child’s play structure. Whether they pour from a basketball hoop or blossom within a scenic forest, the white balloons—which were chosen for their stark contrast against the landscape—create an aura of whimsical intrigue and absurdity.

Balloon Invasions by Charles Petillon

Source: Design Boom

Basketball Hoop of Balloons

Source: Ignant

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This Fantastic Public Art Series Retaliates Against Street Harassment

Like many women around the world, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh endures public harassment on a daily basis. Instead of silencing her, such treatment inspired Fazlalizadeh to create the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” art series, a way to put a face to those speaking out against the way women are treated when walking out on the street.

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