God As UFO: The Otherworldly Art Of Ionel Talpazan

Ionel Talpazan Sculpture

Ionel Talpazan with one of his UFOs. Image Source: Pinterest

Fearing a severe beating one evening in the early 1960s, a boy named Ionel Talpazan hopped out of his bedroom window and ran into the dusky fields of the Romanian countryside. What happened next would greatly shape his life: As Talpazan, 8, stood in the fields, a bright blue light shined down from an approaching aerial craft, then vanished. Transfixed by the source of the mysterious blue light, Talpazan would spend his adulthood attempting to answer questions about life on Earth — and elsewhere — through art.

On September 21, 2015, 60-year-old Talpazan, then living in Manhattan, died of a stroke and advanced diabetes. Before that, Talpazan worked tirelessly to map out the details of alien aircraft — so much so that during his lifetime, Talpazan is known to have created more than one thousand works of art inspired by UFOs.

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Straw Dinosaurs In A Rice Field? Only In Japan

Japanese Straw Sculptures TRex

A Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex created by local artist Amy Goda. Source: amymauscd

What a way to end a season. Each year on the last day of August, Japan’s Niigata Prefecture celebrates the end of the rice harvest in a rather elaborate (yet resourceful) fashion: creating rice straw sculptures.

Known as the Wara Art Festival, artists across the area transform the prefecture’s leftover wara (rice straw) into some truly stunning artwork, all available for public viewing.

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Artist Transforms Sneakers Into Amazing Works Of Art

Shoe Sculptures

Tasty Crepes 2014 Source: FILFURY

For artist Phil Robson, aka FILFURY, obsession shapes life–and art.

In Robson’s case, those creativity-informing obsessions include the 90s, basketball and fashion. Such obsessions translate quite well into reality, as Robson has collaborated with Nike, Adidas and Reebok–among a host of other big names.

Also inspired by the likes of Stan Lee, Ron English, Neville Brody and Ewen Spencer, Robson describes his work as “a battle of pop culture vs nature,” and enjoys utilizing contemporary textures to repurpose form and painting. One such texture is–you guessed it–the shoe. Robson makes himself at home cutting and arranging soles, laces, tongues until they no longer resemble shoes but insects, guns, and even skulls.

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Foley Artists: Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes

Foley Artists Vancouver Sound

Student working on the Foley room of the Vancouver Film School. Image Source: Flickr

While director Stanley Kubrick was filming Spartacus, he went to Europe to record combat scenes. He chose to shoot in Spain, and there, just outside of Madrid, he filmed his armies of Romans marching across the country’s flat, dry plains.

Thousands of Spanish soldiers paraded in Kubrick’s Roman army, but when the sound arrived back in the U.S., it was in such bad condition that it was unusable. With a production price tag already hovering in the tens of millions, going back to Europe and filming it all over again would have been a very expensive remedy.

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