Spiraling Snow Drawings Captivate Colorado

For over five years, snow drawings have popped up all over Colorado, transforming the pristine white landscape into a swirling series of crop circle-like patterns. No, these drawings aren’t the work of aliens, they are the product of Sonja Hinrichsen, an artist whose interest in nature has resulted in an array of incredible snow art. See one of her stunning creations from every imaginable angle in this video:

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This Is How Picasso Would Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

Hannah Rothstein is a Jill of all trades—she writes, sculpts, makes jewelry and paints. For her latest project, Rothstein chose to create 10 variations of the same Thanksgiving dinner, each based on the style and work of a specific artist. The artists she chose to feature represent all corners of art, from contemporary artists like Cindy Sherman to abstract artists like Pablo Picasso (above). Since the project is centered around food and Thanksgiving, Rothstein will be donating all print proceeds to her local food bank. Here are the ten Thanksgiving food art arrangements, paired with real artwork from the artist.

Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol

Source: Doberman Art

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Bruno Walpoth, A Real-Life Geppetto

Italian sculptor and artist Bruno Walpoth has a knack for wood against which few can compete. His flawlessly carved creations of the human form are as realistic as they are striking—so much so that from a distance, it is nearly impossible to tell that his figures are not living, breathing beings. Like the tales of Pinocchio and his creator Geppetto, Walpoth’s sculptures certainly seem like they could spring to life at any moment and slip into our world.

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Intricate Typewriter Portraits Encapsulate The Energy Of Famous Writers

In the day preceding tablet PCs and smartphones, we relied on typewriters to render documents readable and formal. Known for their unforgiving nature and uncanny ability to run out of ink at the worst times, it’s a bit odd that typewriters have become an object of romantic nostalgia as of late. Channeling that sentiment—as well as showcasing the typewriter’s versatility and usefulness—artist Alvaro Franca fashions intricate likenesses of famous writers using nothing but a typewriter. These portraits comprise part of an ongoing project, and Franca has plans on putting out at least five more to complete the series.

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