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Street Animation Offers A Stunning Take On The Beginning And End Of Life

Science gives us a pretty good idea of how life begins, but how might that translate to art? Utilizing buildings, streets and waterways, BLU offers one such translation in the above video, “Big Bang Big Boom.” You’ll want to watch this one through ’til the end: the videographers offer a pretty chilling vision of how life as we know it might end.

Pablo Picasso “Draws” With Light

Pablo Picasso is perhaps best known for the thousands of mind-bending scenes he created with paint, but his comparatively less-known light “drawings” are as worthy of consideration. In 1949, Albanian-American photographer Gjon…

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Banksy’s Backyard: The Upfest Graffiti Festival

Banksy graffiti festival eye

An all-seeing eye on the Bristol Beer Factory gazes out over the festivities. Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

After years of international media coverage, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Europe’s largest, free, graffiti and street art festival would take place in Bedminster and Southville, Bristol–also known as renown street artist Banksy’s hometown.

Over the course of three days, more than 250 artists from 25 countries head to Bristol to paint the façades of 28 buildings offered up to the festival by local businesses.

The event, known asUpfest, recently concluded another successful year. Approximately 25,000 visitors were treated to art workshops, live music, and affordable art sales – in addition to the opportunity to take in the spectacle of the massive murals adorning local buildings.

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This Palmitas Street Art Project Transformed A City

Palmitas Street Art Colorful

Source: In A Gist

In 2011, Sony Pictures painted Juzcar, Spain bright blue to promote the release of their new Smurfs 3D movie. Sorry, Sony: a youth collective operating under the name Germen Crew has blown your Spanish Smurftown out of the water.

In a government-sponsored street art project, Palmitas, Mexico has gone from stark white to a kaleidoscope of rich, brilliant colors. Designed by Mibe, a street artist from Mexico City, the incredible paint job took more than two and a half months to complete.

Palmitas Street Art Before After

Source: Flipboard

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Andy Warhol Goes Grocery Shopping

Andy Warhol Grocery Shopping

Andy Warhol is best remembered–and most reviled, pending your taste–for his screen prints, specifically those of Campbell’s soup cans.

We have all seen the ways that Warhol has souped up the soup cans–the next time you’re at the Museum of Modern Art, check out his 1962 piece, aptly titled “Campbell’s Soup Cans”–but we haven’t all seen Warhol in the grocery store, coveting the cans for himself before reproducing them on canvas.

But why soup? Why Campbell’s? Says art site Phaidon, it all happened after Warhol set his eyes on some Roy Lichtenstein paintings.

Andy Warhol Campbells

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