Intricate Feather Art Shadowboxes By Chris Maynard

Using feathers as his medium of choice, Chris Maynard has joined the ranks of artists like Tanaka Tatsuya and Seon Ghi Bahk, who are known for creating art from unique materials and methods. Under the careful hands of Maynard, ordinary feathers are sliced and trimmed until they create miniature scenes dotted with birds in flight and on perches. In fact, each feather shadowbox is its own masterpiece, giving viewers a glimpse at the actual bird from which the feather originated.

Feather Shadowbox

Source: Featherfolio

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Max Zorn Crafts Brilliant Scenes From Packing Tape

Most street artists accept the fact that when night falls, their work will also fade into nothingness. Not so for Max Zorn. To keep his creations from disappearing under the veil of the Amsterdam night, Zorn invoked street lamps and a little ingenuity. Zorn incorporates semi-transparent packing tape into his work, so parts of the scene shine through when placed on or near a source of illumination.

Max Zorn Overlooking River

Reflections in fabulous Art Deco style.

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Counting Down The Best Street Art Of 2014

Today’s street artists are pushing boundaries like never before, creating artwork that’s zany, political and larger than life—and we have the pictures to prove it! Found on decaying properties, within rural towns and in some of the world’s biggest cities, we’re counting down the best street art of 2014.

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Damon Davis Street Art

Damon Davis installs Ferguson-inspired street art. Source: NBC

Best Street Art of 2014 Bordalo II

Street art by Bordalo II. Source: This is Colossal

Stik Street Art

Stik paints the tallest street art in all of the UK. Source: StreetArtNews

Street Art by Vexta

Street art by Vexta. Source: Vexta

Best Street Art of 2014 RONE

Street art by RONE. Source: StreetArtNews


Street art by Etam Cru. Source: StreetArtNews

Os Gemeos 2014

Street art by Os Gemeos. Source: graffart

2014 Street Art Phlegm

Street art by Phlegm. Source: This is Colossal

NeSpoon Street Art 2014

Street art by NeSpoon. Source: Behance

Best Street Art of 2014 World Cup

Street art by Paulo Ito from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Source: Street Art Utopia

2014 Best Street Art

Street art by Joe Iruto. Source: Joe Iurato

l7m Street Art

Street art by l7m. Source: This is Colossal

Jim Bachor Best Street Art of 2014

Street art by Jim Bachor. Source: This is Colossal

Hopare Street Art

Street art by Hopare. Source: Street Art Utopia

Goin Street Art 2014

Street art by Goin. Source: Street Art Utopia

Ernest Zacharevic Art

Street art by Ernest Zacharevic. Source: This is Colossal

Fintan Magee 2014

Street art by Fintan Magee. Source: StreetArtNews

2014 Banksy Art

Street art by Banksy. Source: StreetArtNews

Curiot Street Art

Street art by Curiot. Source: Arrested Motion

Aryz 2014 Street Art

Street art by Aryz. Source: This is Colossal

Dome Street Art

Street art by Dome. Source: StreetArtNews

Artur Bordalo

Street art by Artur Bordalo. Source: This is Colossal

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Spiraling Snow Drawings Captivate Colorado

For over five years, snow drawings have popped up all over Colorado, transforming the pristine white landscape into a swirling series of crop circle-like patterns. No, these drawings aren’t the work of aliens, they are the product of Sonja Hinrichsen, an artist whose interest in nature has resulted in an array of incredible snow art. See one of her stunning creations from every imaginable angle in this video:

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