4 Awesome Disney Princess Interpretations

Representations of Disney Princesses

Source: deviantART

Like most stories that have been told and retold for generations, Disney princesses have come a long way since their early days as fairy tales. Fans and artists have also taken liberty with the fictional characters, recreating them in a variety of settings and styles, using every artistic medium under the sun. Which of these Disney princess interpretations do you love most?

Annie Leibovitz’s Star-Studded Photography

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This Woman Has Mastered The Art Of Facebook Cover Photos

The relatively new cover photo feature in Facebook has provided an expansive template for creative individuals to express themselves. Enter Nikki, a Reddit user who has figured out how to insert herself into popular television shows and movies by masterfully interplaying her Facebook cover photo with her profile picture. Enjoy her brilliant Facebook cover photos below:

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Alex Queral Takes Your Old Phonebooks And Makes Art

Alex Queral Rowan Atkinson

Source: Blogspot

Alex Queral is a Cuban-American artist who has carved himself out a very unique place among his peers; while other sculptors may work with a more traditional medium, Alex possesses a very specific specialization: carving three dimensional portraits of pop-culture icons into phone books.

Alex Queral Two Obamas

Source: Blogspot

It takes a very delicate touch and sure hand to bring these celebrity portraits to life. Cutting through page after page of each book (that most of us throw away or recycle), these masterpieces infuse beauty and innovation into an object we see as teetering on obsolete, and give a whole new meaning to the term “pop-up book”.

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What We Love This Week, Volume LXXIII

Photographer Visits Mountain Peaks Around The World And Delivers These Fantastic Photos

Caught the travel bug but not the budget? Fear not; photographer Max Rive is here to help. Rive’s mission as a photographer is to take us to the world’s highest mountain peaks and document the rich topography below. Through his perspective, Rive leaves us in awe and feeling humbled at the same time. See more at My Modern Met.

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