The Darkest Truth About Love

You will never find the right person. You are irredeemably alone. There is something wrong with you. And with everyone else. These are some of the truths presented in this lovely short by Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee. The question is, knowing this, how do we act?

Intricate Tibetan Sand Paintings Dismantled After Completion

If you’ve already powered through the third season of House of Cards, you’ll probably remember the monks who spent weeks creating an awesome sand painting in the middle of the White House. In reality, Tibetan Buddhist monks have been creating sand mandalas (mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit) for more than 2,500 years. The process remains one of the religion’s most distinctive and beautiful traditions.

Creation of Tibetan Sand Mandala

Source: Amazyble

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A Floating Flower Garden You’ll Have To See To Believe

Immersive Floating Flower Garden

Source: TeamLab

You enter a white room filled with colorful flowers. As you walk further into the sea of blooms, you notice that the flowers begin rising from the ground and form a circle around you, as if an invisible orb were circling you, preventing them from getting too close. While this scenario may sound a bit too dreamy to be real, thanks to TeamLab, this bizarre flower room is now a reality. Well, sort of.

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The Opposite of Still Life: Alexa Meade

In true opposition to many great classical painters, Alexa Meade doesn’t hope to recreate reality in her paintings; she wants to paint reality (re: people) and then flatten it so it takes on an “artificial”, painted appearance. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Basically, Meade transforms three-dimensional subjects–be they people, food or other objects–to to two-dimensional “works” through paint, and then flattens them by photographing them. And it’s absolutely fascinating.

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