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10 Hiking Trails That Will Blow Your Mind

When wanderlust takes hold, check out these spectacular hiking trails amid the world’s most gorgeous landscapes.

November 17th is “Take a Hike” day. While you might not be interested in climbing the most dangerous trail in the world, these hiking trails might pique your fancy:

1. Overland Track, Lake St. Clair National Park, Australia

It usually takes six days to travel the Overland Track, which runs 40 miles (65 km) from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest lake. Along this lengthy trek, you’ll encounter a rainforest, moorlands, alpine meadows, and carved valleys, as well as several beautiful summits and waterfalls.

During the busiest walking season (the month of October), you must reserve a spot and pay a fee, but any other time of year guests are welcome to explore at their leisure. As part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the track has a reputation for being one of the best wilderness trails around.

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Photo Of The Day: Slacklining Over Rio de Janeiro


Two men dressed in women’s clothing slacklining across Rio de Janiero’s Cantagalo favela. Image Source: The Guardian

The Highgirls Brasil festival in Rio de Janeiro includes a slackline competition where male participants compete in female attire. Slacklining is essentially tightrope walking, but the rope being walked upon isn’t pulled completely taut. These particular participants are balancing on a rope strung between rocks in the Cantagalo favela.

Slacklining started in the 1980s in Yosemite National Park, but it has picked up momentum on the beaches of Rio in the past couple of years. Facebook groups like Slackchat and Slackcouch have created an entire community of people who enjoy walking the rope. While some of the most extreme slackliners do stunts like slacklining between buildings and high mountaintops, the majority of slacklining is done around three feet above ground. For the adrenaline addicts, however, there is the Highgirls Brasil festival and slacklining in dresses.

Why Hurricane Patricia Wasn’t The Most Devastating Storm Ever

Hurricane Patricia Night

Hurricane Patricia, viewed from the International Space Station at night. Image Source: Mashable

Hurricane Patricia spun its way into history on Friday as the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere. Yet it didn’t come with catastrophic damage or legislation-changing death tolls after it made landfall in Mexico, and there’s been little follow-up news since the peak of the storm. That stands in sharp contrast to what the U.S. saw after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, and there are a few reasons why.

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Alien Structures Might Be Orbiting A Distant Star

Alien Planet

KIC 8462852 observed from the Kepler Space Telescope. Image Source: UP Magazine

When scientists using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope get overwhelmed with information collected from the more than 150,000 stars currently being observed, they turn to “citizen scientists” on Planet Hunters to break down the data. Sometimes these citizen scientists help dig through data that just doesn’t make sense, like the unexplainable, most likely natural, and possibly extraterrestrial happenings around star KIC 8462852.

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