Hive-Inn City Farm Revolutionizes Urban Farming

July 26, 2014

If you thought farming was best done in the country, you haven’t seen the Hive-Inn City Farm designs. These proposed designs are for a modular, modern farming structure to be erected in none other than the concrete jungle of New York City. Created by the visionaries at OVA Studio Limited, the Hive-Inn City Farm draws heavily on designs from the Hive-Inn hotel, in which shipping containers are stacked upon one another to create a highly versatile, aesthetically appealing building.

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The International Drone Photography Awards’ Incredible Winners

July 21, 2014
Jericsaniel Photography by Drones

2nd Place: jericsaniel, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

We’ve featured our fair share of incredible aerial photography in the past, but never anything like the International Drone Photography Awards. For the first time ever, Dronstagram and partners like National Geographic and GoPro teamed up to find the world’s best drone photography. Since May 15th, more than 2,000 images from all over the world were submitted. Yet only six images were chosen as winners (three regular winners and three People’s Choice winners). Check out the winning drone photography in the images below:

International Drone Photography Awards: The Winners

Winner of International Drone Photography Awards

1st Place: capungaero, Source: HashLush

Drone-Cs Aerial Photography

3rd Place: Drone Capture System, Source: Where Cool Things Happen

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Stunning Charcoal Installations by Seon Ghi Bahk

July 21, 2014

Up close, these dark pieces of natural charcoal look as if they’re floating haphazardly in space. But take a few steps back and the suspended black bodies form something more structurally sound. The result is a dark, partially defined column or artifact the seems to float in the air. These charcoal installations are created using long nylon threads, which are anchored at the top of the installation, keeping the charcoal pieces in midair.

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You Won’t Believe These 30 Items Came From A 3D Printer

July 20, 2014
Top 3D Printers


There’s no use denying it—3D printers are changing the way the world works. Although companies and artists are the primary users of these extraordinary devices, as costs lessen 3D printers could start popping up in homes across the country. And while the ability to print stem cells and prosthetic limbs seems extraordinary, these devices also raise a number of moral and ethical issues for the everyday user. Here’s a glimpse of the many objects one can create with a 3D printer.

1. Custom Cast

Cast from 3D Printer

Source: The Coolist

2. Neon Sugar Cubes

Neon Sugar Cubes

Source: Motherboard

3. Gun

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“Stairway To Heaven”, As Created By Floppy Disks And Hard Drives

July 17, 2014

Way more electro–and arguably less annoying–than Deadmau5, these floppy disk and hard drives recreate the quintessential Led Zeppelin song, “Stairway to Heaven”.

Hit Subscribe: 25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read

July 16, 2014
Reading Flipboard Magazines

Source: Mashable

For those who haven’t discovered Flipboard yet, you’re missing out. The iPhone and Android-friendly application lets you browse and enjoy your favorite content—be it news articles, Twitter feeds or the best of BuzzFeed—without having to ever leave Flipboard. Readers can “flip” through Fliboard magazines’ article headlines like one would with a physical magazine, and select any article they want to read further.

Users can also create their own Flipboard magazines based on their hobbies, passions or even an Instagram feed. Flipboard is all about making it easy for people to collect and consume their favorite content from the web in one place. As a great medium for finding the coolest content on the web (like All That Is Interesting’s own magazine), we recommend you check out these awesome Flipboard magazines:

1. So Bad So Good

So Bad So Good Flipboard Magazines
When flipping through So Bad So Good, you can never be quite sure what you will encounter. Sure, there are plenty of funny videos and awesome Game of Thrones posts, but there are also articles like “A Helpful Guide to Making Your Own Office Crossbow” (wait, what?). Readers will love this collection of the Internet’s best and worst memes, advice, how-to articles and crazy cat videos.

2. Cooking (by Lilliminza)

Cooking on Flipboard

Source: CAMAJE

Cooking (by Likliminza) is the cure to those nights when nobody can decide what to eat for dinner. Recipes like smoky beetroot hummus and jalapeño and cheese biscuits are anything but ordinary, yet plenty experimental for cooks who like a challenge. Fair warning—the occasional German recipe is flipped onto this magazine. If you can read the language, you’re in for a real treat (pun intended).

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