Recreating The Sound Of Rain With Four Individual Raindrops

Start with four raindrops falling on a few different surfaces. Multiply that sound sequence by itself, and then that product by itself a couple more times. In under a minute you have the sound of a mid-afternoon shower right at your fingertips. Sound artist Yugo Nakamura does just that in his inspired short, “Amaoto no Yurai”, or “The Origin of the Sound of Rain”.

An Awesome Jellyfish Installation That Only Appears At Night

For the past two weeks, the residents of Liverpool’s Toxteth were greeted by an eerie blue glow emanating from an ordinary city building. The source of the luminescent blue light is a revolutionary art project from artist duo Walter Hugo & Zoniel that features tanks of live jellyfish. As these jellyfish propel through the blue water, local onlookers can peer in and observe the translucent marine animals.

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This Woman Has Mastered The Art Of Facebook Cover Photos

The relatively new cover photo feature in Facebook has provided an expansive template for creative individuals to express themselves. Enter Nikki, a Reddit user who has figured out how to insert herself into popular television shows and movies by masterfully interplaying her Facebook cover photo with her profile picture. Enjoy her brilliant Facebook cover photos below:

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