Sarolta Ban’s Surreal Photo Manipulations

February 3, 2014
Sarolta Ban Phone Canyon

Source: Blogspot

While she whisks us away to our dreams in each of her magical works, it was actually jewelry that first marked 31 year old Hungarian artist Sarolta Ban’s professional ambitions. When she discovered the wonders of digital photo manipulation, however, it was that field in which she truly shined.

Sarolta Ban Key Forest

Source: WordPress

Camera House

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The Moving Flight 772 Memorial, As Seen Through Google Maps

February 2, 2014
Air Memorial

Source: Viral Nova

It was a plane passenger’s worst nightmare. On September 19th, 1989, a bomb was stowed among the cargo of UTA Flight 772; a bomb that would claim the lives of all 170 passengers. While the Congo-based bird was destined for Paris, the plane would touch down not in the city of lights but the endless sands of the Sahara desert. What would transpire 18 years later would quite literally put a small area of the world’s third largest desert on the map; more specifically on Google Maps and Google Earth, where its majesty has been captured by satellite technology.

Flight 772 Charred Wreckage

Source: Daily Mail

Crash Site

Source: Daily Mail

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Stockholm’s Immaculate Public Library

February 1, 2014

Stockholm Library

Housing over four million volumes of text and media, Stockholm’s nearly century-old public library is a must-see for traveling logophiles. For the internationally minded, their abundant supply of Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian texts is hard to beat.

Tracking Bird Flight Patterns

February 1, 2014

Making good use of photo editing and recording techniques, videographer Dennis Hlynsky gives the paths of black vultures a striking physical memory for us land-dwellers to admire.

What We Love This Week, Volume L

January 31, 2014

“Loving Vincent”: An Animated Film About The Life Of Vincent Van Gogh

The lopped off ear. The starry, starry night. While Vincent Van Gogh is often revered as the founder of modern art, little beyond the superficial is known about the post-impressionist master. Like, for instance, that Van Gogh only picked up the paintbrush eight years before his death, following a series of failed professional endeavors that even included preaching. Desirous of sharing Van Gogh’s story to a world moved by his movement-defined paintings, Academy Award-winning production company BreakThru Films has sifted through 800 of Van Gogh’s own letters and paintings, and hired a team of 70 painters to create oil canvases to bring his story to life in a way he would have preferred. Said Van Gogh in one letter, “The truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings”. When completed, “Loving Vincent” will be the first feature length film made solely through hand-painted canvases. Read more about this inspired project at This Is Colossal.

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21 How It’s Made GIFs Bound To Blow Your Mind

January 30, 2014

We benefit from and enjoy the following products on a regular basis, and yet we seldom see the engineering-heavy processes that bring our beloved material goods to our supermarket shelves. Realized in GIF form, your favorite items assume a new–and perhaps less appealing–identity.

How It’s Made: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches

How It’s Made: Bundles Of Hay

Bundling Hay

How It’s Made: Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Conveyor

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