Our 40 Favorite Entries In The Saatchi Art Motion Photography Contest

February 27, 2014

Motion Photography Arrow

Pending your artistic persuasion, the smart phone is the best–or worst–thing that has happened to photography since, well, maybe the daguerrotype. Whatever your thoughts on its implications for the art form’s future, one thing is irrefutable: the smart phone has democratized photography, allowing all sorts of people from varied backgrounds to capture bits and pieces of their lives and share it with the world.

In light of this new wave of snapping, storing and sharing, Saatchi Art, the Saatchi Gallery and Google+ have teamed up to create their first annual Motion Photography Contest. Budding and professional photographers alike can submit their entries to Saatchi Gallery’s Google+ page in GIF format, where they will be judged by artists like Tracey Emin, Shezad Dawood, Cindy Sherman and even Baz Luhrmann. Contest winners will be whisked away to London to view their work in a private gallery, and their pieces will be featured on Saatchi’s website, the world’s leading online art gallery.

Cloud Hill Movement

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Justin Blinder’s Gentrification GIFs Showcase A NYC In Flux

February 25, 2014
Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Source: Justin Blinder

Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Source: Justin Blinder

Most people look to Google Maps to help navigate the present. For Brooklyn-based programmer and designer Justin Blinder, though, Google Maps is an apt device for understanding the past — and potentially the future. Utilizing Maps to showcase the facelift that New York City has received under the Bloomberg administration, Blinder sheds light on gentrification, urban planning, and their implications for some of New York’s oldest neighborhoods.

Gentrification GIFs Bowery

91-93 Bowery Street, New York, NY. Source: Justin Blinder

Blinder made great use of NYC Department of City Planning’s PLUTO dataset to create his Vacated photo project. With that digital storehouse at his fingertips, Blinder successfully scoured for buildings constructed within the past four years and then used Google Street View’s cache to distill years of structural revamping into a single frame.

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The Great Barrier Reef’s Underwater Art Gallery

February 23, 2014
Underwater Art Gallery

Source: BJPriceArt

Close your eyes and picture an art gallery. If you’re anything like us, you might have pictured a museum-like room filled with paintings, sculptures and other artwork. What you probably didn’t picture is a wall-less, underwater space whose floor is not granite or wood but rather sand. To enjoy this 13-feet deep underwater art gallery, you’ll need a snorkel, an oxygen mask and a brief understanding of underwater diving.

Underwater Art Gallery I Think I Am

Source: Art Slant

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The World’s Craziest Weather And The Mythology That Explained It

February 22, 2014
World's Craziest Weather

Source: Fan Pop

While higher-order human thinking naturally places humans at the top of the food chain, in the end, nothing can stand in weather’s way. Wind, precipitation, sunshine, temperature and clouds all comprise the term weather, the state of the atmosphere. Over time, scientists have developed a deeper understanding of weather patterns and can predict when certain weather phenomena will occur. Before science shaped our understanding of the weather, however, ancient cultures used stories, folklore and mythology to explain the world’s craziest weather occurrences.

Craziest Weather Phenomenon No. 1: Tornadoes

Craziest Weather Tornado Touches Down

Source: USucceed

Thunderstorms are behind much of the world’s craziest weather, including tornadoes. These deadly twisters arise when a horizontally rotating column of air forms from wind blowing at different speeds and altitudes. Eventually that air column gets caught in a supercell updraft, where its spin tightens and speeds up, eventually forming a funnel cloud. These funnel clouds are easily visible in the sky.

Craziest Weather Tornado Forming

Source: Demilked

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What Happens When People Try Their First Burger

February 21, 2014

While its origins are contentious, today’s hamburger is essentially an American gustatory institution. Watch what happens when burger virgins are introduced to the classic sandwich.

Inside The Multi-Million Dollar Parisian Time Capsule

February 21, 2014
Time Capsule Living Room

Source: Demilked

France, 1942 – Nazi Germany occupies Paris. A frightened woman hurriedly gathers all the possessions she can carry and takes one last look around her lavish apartment. The south of France will be safer, she reassures herself. German soldiers have been raiding apartments for days in the Pigalle red light district and with each seized apartment they’re getting closer to hers. She picks up a battered suitcase and closes the door for the last time. It won’t be opened again for 70 years.

Time Capsule Mirror

Source: Demilked

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