Three (Mostly) Successful Pranks Pulled On World Leaders

April 1, 2014
World Leader Pranks Moon Serious

“Yes, Prime Minister. I do have Prince Albert in a can.” Source: Alarabiya

We don’t usually associate the grim, remorseless world of temporal power with fun and games. The kind of stone-faced power broker who tends to rise through political systems isn’t one who comes immediately to mind when we think about zany hijinks. Which might be the exact reason why pranks pulled on them are that much more fun to watch. Here are three wacky stunts that involved world leaders.

Yes, Ban Ki Moon’s Refrigerator Is Running. Thank You for Asking.

Ban Ki Moon

“Yes, Ban Ki Moon’s Refrigerator Is Running. Thank You for Asking. .” Source: Streamworks International

The term “wacky stunt” has “drive-time DJ” written all over it. Given the limitations of their medium, it isn’t surprising that radio personalities eschew the visual gag and go straight for the prank call as the ultimate expression of humor.

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13 Photos Of Hot Air Balloons Over Turkey That Will Make You Swoon

April 1, 2014
Hot Air Balloons Over Turkey At Sunrise

Source: Daily Mail

Cappadocia, Turkey is one of the world’s most surreal places, with its intricate rock formations and moon-like surface. Yet somehow the landscape becomes even more incredible when its sky is marked with dozens of brightly colored hot air balloons. We’ve found some of the most stunning images of the hot air balloons over Turkey, from aerial shots to those taken at the peak of sunrise.

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Kawah Ijen’s Mesmerizing Blue Fire

March 31, 2014
Kawah Ijen Light Trails

Source: Blogspot

If you gaze upon the Indonesian Kawah Ijen volcano at night, you’ll encounter a dangerous mix of beauty and toxicity. Pure molten sulfur that, upon making contact with air, combusts and smolders, creating a glow reminiscent of blue fire and spills down the sides of the 8,660 feet tall volcano. The substance is not lava, as some assume.It’s easy to make that mistake, though, seeing how the sulfur seeps from the mountains cracks and turns to liquid as it continues to flow. The event’s combustible nature (the gases are a forbidding 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit) and noxious gases can create flame bursts up to sixteen feet high.

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An Extraordinary Time Lapse Of Melting Ice Crystals

March 29, 2014

Cross polarized light and a keen eye for detail have culminated in this remarkable time lapse of melting ice crystals not un-reminiscent of a Kandinsky painting. Enjoy.

12 Bizarre Facts About Jellyfish That Will Blow Your Mind

March 29, 2014

1. Some have “immortal” properties.

The immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii) ages like Benjamin Button—when a crisis like starvation presents itself, the jellyfish’s cells transform and revert to their earliest form, a polyp, making this type of jellyfish potentially immortal. Keep reading for more incredibly bizarre facts about jellyfish!

2. They have no “sides”.

Jellyfish have no right or left side—only a top and bottom—as they are symmetrical around a central axis that runs the length of their bodies.

3. Jellyfish are a boon to cancer research.

Green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) from the Aequorea victoria jellyfish species have transformed bio-medical research. The glow-in-the-dark proteins can illuminate specific proteins within the human body to track microscopic activity (for instance, cancer growth).
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Do Ho Suh’s Fabric Installations Show That Home Is Wherever You Sew It

March 26, 2014

Traveling through the major modern metropolises of our world, Korean artist Do Ho Suh has recreated his own heart’s keeper in the form of silk-constructed homes. Representing memories of his prior residences, the colorful installations span all the way from Suh’s childhood to his adult life. Suspended from the ceilings of museums and art galleries, his works bring the concept of “carrying a space in a suitcase” to life.

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