Two Lines Create Fantastic 3D GIFs


For the past couple years, the GIF’s currency in online exchanges has only increased in value. And by adding two simple, two-dimensional lines to the mix, the GIF has gotten even more dynamic than before. The white lines serve as static foreground markers, and when the animation begins, its movement achieves a cool, three-dimensional effect.


Cheshire Cat

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Antarctica’s Exotic Barrientos Island

Barrientos Island Antarctica

When most think of Antarctica, polar bears and wintry blue and white images–certainly not green landmasses–likely come to mind. In all actuality, though, the South Pole is endowed with several non-ice landmasses and lacks any Coca-Cola swigging bears of any kind (you should come here for the penguins). Above is the otherworldly terrain of Barrientos Island, an ice-free part of the Shetland Islands, which was first visited by early 19th century sealers.

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