Supernovae: One Of The World’s Most Energetic Occurrences

March 17, 2014
Colorful Supernovae Remnant

Source: Wikipedia

Few sights are more phenomenal than a supernova. These flashes of brilliant light mark the explosion of a dying star. Supernovae are so brilliant that they can radiate as much energy as the sun will in its entire life, and can easily outshine whole galaxies for brief periods of time. Eventually, over a period of weeks or months, the brilliant supernova will fade from the sky. The images shown here represent different stages in a supernova’s lifecycle.

Young Galactic Remnant

Source: SciTechDaily

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Berndnaut Smilde’s Incredible Indoor Clouds

March 17, 2014

Imagine working numerous hours to accumulate the perfect combination of both moisture and dust. Eventually, a faint white fog forms, and you snap a photo of the pale indoor cloud. Moments later, the formation is gone, and you’re left in an empty room. Although meticulous and drawn out, this is life for Berndnaut Smilde, the brilliant artist who is well known for his stunning indoor cloud formations.

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An Astonishing Map Of US Economic Activity

March 16, 2014

US Economic Activity Map

The economic activity New York City conducts in a day is what many other cities see in a year. The country’s biggest economic region and the world’s second largest city economy outside of Tokyo, as of 2010 the city had a gross metropolitan product of $1.28 trillion.

Jellyfish Lake And The Daily Dance of 10 Million Golden Jellyfish

March 15, 2014
Millions of Jellyfish

Source: GrindTV

Each day, more than 10 million golden jellyfish perform a habitual migration within Jellyfish Lake, a remote marine lake on the island of Palau. While jellyfish are often know for drifting aimlessly at sea, these golden jellies propel themselves forward by pumping water through their golden bells. This daily dance draws numerous visitors to the Pacific Island’s Jellyfish Lake each year.

Jellyfish Lake

Source: GrindTV

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3 Places You Don’t Ever Want To Visit

March 13, 2014
Three Places Centralia Abandoned

Source: WordPress

The world is full of exciting and exotic vacation getaways. Big skies, vast expanses, and vistas that will take your breath away if you’re ever lucky enough to see them firsthand. And then there are places you’d sell your watch to get out of. Some areas on Earth are so awful, so inhospitable to human life, that you’d swear they’re the result of a half-finished effort at terraforming by alien life forms. Some of the places on this list have been awful since the beginning of time, while others started out okay only to be ruined by human activity over the years. Whatever the reason, here are three places you’d have to be crazy to visit.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

You know how some real estate is so cheap, you jokingly ask the realtor if it’s on fire? In Centralia, Pennsylvania, the answer to that question is invariably “yes.”

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The Intricate Worlds Within Magnified Sand

March 11, 2014

Sand. For some, it conjures images of tropical beverages and pristine waters. For others, it’s little more than a ubiquitous pest. Either way, we seldom think of those little granules unless we’re surrounded by them.

Magnified Sand Rock Candy

Source: Blogspot

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